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Eye-Witness Reportback from Occupied Iraq and Palestine

30-03-2004 22:20

Resistance and Solidarity Struggle in Occupied Iraq and Palestine
Eye-Witness Reports from Jenin, Nablus, Rafa, Baghdad, Basra, and beyond
Monday 5 April 2004 7.30pm
London Action Resource Centre -
62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES.

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Bayer withdraw Commercialisation of GM Maize

30-03-2004 21:47

Bayer Cropscience is giving up attempts to commercialise GM maize - the only transgenic plant to have approval for widespread cultivation.

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banner hang for miscarriage of justice in Manchester

30-03-2004 19:22

man & banner in Manchester - miscarriage of justice

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May Day Festival in Lancaster: come join in!

30-03-2004 19:20

Spectacles come and go; some things never change, some do. They may shift, they may hibernate or migrate, but Mayday is here to stay, ehh?

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Ann Clwyd: The Vicar of Cynon Valley

30-03-2004 18:25

If the Vicar of Dibley is the nation’s third favourite comedy (appropriate enough, as it’s a third rate show), Ann Clwyd’s sermons ought to studied more carefully by scriptwriters and cast members alike. Comedy abounds in her latest Guardian elegy to Iraqi "freedom" , a dazzling commixture of imprecation and implication, hosannah and high praise, invocation and intimation. Clwyd, in a curious way, makes the war on Iraq seem the result of desperate appeals by Indict, the commission she headed to try and get Saddam Hussein and his band of thugs nailed in an international court of human rights, in absentia. Those attempts, she explained, were blocked by Russia, China and France – and further adds (perhaps with a Welsh cackle?) that Hussein is now to appear in court, defended by a French lawyer. French and a lawyer! Where will the perfidy end? Well, even the devil must have an advocate you know...

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EU Fortress Europe / No Borders No Nation / Dublin Mayday

30-03-2004 18:10

The consolidation of the EU's immigration policy has led in one direction: Fortress Europe.

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Today in Palestine the 29th of march

30-03-2004 17:35


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WHO RULES IRAN ? A must read article !

30-03-2004 17:21

'Godfather of Terrorism' - D e c o d e d:

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American website threatens to shut itself down in protest contra FBI harassment.

30-03-2004 17:15

After two years of harassment, attempted frame-ups and death threats from the FBI, the American website "Stop Fascism!" threatens to shut itself down and take the FBI to court for civil rights violations.

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Civil Liberties under attack - public meeting in Swindon

30-03-2004 16:59

This is the press release from Swindon Stop the War Coalition:
meeting 6th April, 7:30 pm - Friends Meeting House

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more video from the lantern carnival

30-03-2004 16:14

part 2 of the sharrow lantern carnival

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Marks & Spencer Picket Under Attack!

30-03-2004 15:50

Two comrades from the Manchester M&S picket recently attended court to face charges regarding the way in which we conduct our protest. The case was brought against the picket after constant harassment from the labour council. THE PICKET NEEDS MORE PEOPLE TO HELP OUT REGULARLY!!!

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Emergency appeal for Haitian workers' union

30-03-2004 15:29

We need immediate funds to support the workers assembling Levi jeans in Haiti. Thirty four union members were sacked on 1 March. Without pay for over four weeks, the living situation of the fired workers and their dependents is critical. In order to help those workers carry on the fight for re-instatement and for recognition of their right to form a trade union, the Haiti Support Group wants to provide a donation of US$1,000.

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Traveller Info Nite

30-03-2004 15:25

1 April @ 7pm is a Traveller Info Nite at the occupied scoial centre at 156 Fortess Rd in North London.

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video from sharrow lantern carnival

30-03-2004 14:57

some footage of sundays carnival

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30-03-2004 14:27

Indignation took hold of the whole world as soon as news transpired of the cold-blooded murder of Transylvania’s spiritual leader, Count Dracula. The militant and founder of the local anti-imperialist movement was a victim of what both human rights organizations and specialists in International Law called an “extra-judicial execution”.

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Israel prevents UN food aid reaching Gaza

30-03-2004 14:24

Israel has placed restrictions on UN food aid activities in Gaza leading to the suspension of food aid. Ridiculously, Israel has blamed the killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, by Israel, for the restrictions.

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Nominations now open for World Stupidity Awards!

30-03-2004 14:00

World Stupidity Awards announced on BBC.
Nominations now open.

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Peace in Palestine? Something to Debate.

30-03-2004 13:33

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -
In the following you read how Uri Avnery places the assassination of
Sheikh Yassin in context, and in the four forwarded articles of the
Israeli-Palestinian email magazine Bitter Lemons
[(Assassinations and
conflict - Ed.12) you find the subject approached from several
significant angles.]

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Chomsky March 20 / 04 speech

30-03-2004 13:21

31:42 Mp3 (9MB) of Noam Chomsky's speech on March 20th 2004 in Vancouver, Canada.