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Call out for day of action: Shut Down BMI Airlines- 20th Nov

18-11-2008 20:18

A call out for a national day of action to demonstrate against BMI Airlines' participation in the forced removal if migrants from the UK

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Germany: how to block a nuclear waste train in 3 easy days

18-11-2008 19:42

Nature walks
//some personal experiences at the Castor blockades, plus summary of actions

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100,000 school students strike in Germany

18-11-2008 18:50

demonstration in Berlin
100,000 school students across Germany went on strike on Wednesday, November 12. In more than 40 cities there were rallies and demonstrations instead of classes. In many places, university students and teachers expressed solidarity. The walkout was directed against overcrowded classrooms, the lack of teachers and the reform of the "abitur" program (the high school degree which qualifies for university), shortening it from nine to eight years. The strike was also against Germany's three-tiered school system, which leads to education levels in Germany being more closely tied to social status than in any other developed country.

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Occupation is shit

18-11-2008 18:42

A truck load of horse manure was left at the front gate of the premises to symbolise growing discontent with the company’s intimate connection to violence against Palestinians living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

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Obama's Intelligence Agenda

18-11-2008 18:24

While expectations may be high that the incoming Obama administration will
reverse many of the worst features of the Bush regime--from warrantless
wiretapping, illegal detention, torture, "targeted assassinations" and
preemptive war--now that the cheering has stopped, expect more of the same.

According to The Wall Street Journal [1], "President-elect Barack Obama is
unlikely to radically overhaul controversial Bush administration
intelligence policies, advisers say, an approach that is almost certain to
create tension within the Democratic Party."

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BNP Membership List Leaked

18-11-2008 18:06

The full BNP Membership List has been leaked online to an anonymous blog.

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Why Human Rights? 10th Dec 6pm LSE

18-11-2008 16:52

On International Human Rights Day 2008, After 60 Years..
Why Human Rights?
Public Meeting

Wednesday 10th December, 6pm
New Theatre, LSE Houghton St WC2 (nearest tube Holborn/Temple)

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New Gloucestershire and Cotswold Hunt Sabs group plus shoot reports!

18-11-2008 16:11

We are proud to announce the formation of a new Hunt Sab group in Gloucestershire which will cover the surrounding fox hunts and shoots in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Cotswold countryside. Our group plan on targeting mainly the shooting industry which has maybe not had as much attention as it deserves in recent years.

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BeyondTv video activist festvial this weekend

18-11-2008 15:40

Takes place in Swansea this Saturday November 22

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Support possible airport ID strikes

18-11-2008 15:07

UK pilots consider possibility of industrial action over ID cards

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Palestine Today 111808

18-11-2008 14:42


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday November 18 2008

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15 Palestinians & 3 Internationals abducted by Israeli Navy

18-11-2008 14:06

Fifteen Palestinian fishermen along with three internationals have been kidnapped in Palestinian waters by the Israeli Navy. They were fishing seven miles off the coast of Deir Al Balah, clearly in Gaza fishing waters and well within the fishing limit detailed in the Oslo Accords of 1994.

The fishermen and the human right's observers were transferred from 3 separate boats to the Israeli warships. Other Palestinian fishermen reported that the 3 boats were seen being taken north by the Israeli Navy.

The three internationals are Andrew Muncie from Scotland, Darlene Wallach from the United States and Victor Arrigoni from Italy. The U.K., U.S. and Italian embassies in Tel Aviv have been contacted and know about the abductions.

Please call the Israeli Ministry of Justice at +972 26 46 66 66 and register your outrage over these illegal actions by the Israeli Navy. Then call the Embassies in Jerusalem and make sure they know that many of us are appalled by Israel's illegal search and seizure.

Stephen Brown, UK Consulate +972 25 41 41 00
U.S. Consulate General + 972-2-6227230
Luigi MATTIOLO, Italian Ambassador +972 3 5104004

Caoimhe (Gaza) + 972 598 273 960
Donna (Gaza) + 972 598 836 420
Fida (Gaza - Arabic) – + 972 599 681 669
ISM Media Office - + 972 2-2971824

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Woolas fuck off

18-11-2008 12:54

In an interview with the Guardian, Border and Immigration minister Phil Woolas has accused the many volunteers, NGO workers and human rights lawyers who work for asylum charities as "an industry with a vested interest". He even asserts that immigration lawyers are undermining the law and are "playing the system".

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Bob Geldof paid $100,000 for poverty speech

18-11-2008 12:35

Anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof charged $100,000 to go to Melbourne and give a speech about world suffering. Geldof, 54, spoke about the tragedy of Third World poverty and the failure of governments to combat the crisis, at a Crown casino function on Thursday night.

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France pulls out from mass deportation to Afghanistan on joint charter flight

18-11-2008 12:13

...But the flight will still go ahead this evening for the Afghanis detained in UK, currently held in Colnbrook deportation centre.

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Opposing the Launch of ID Cards, Nov 25th

18-11-2008 11:46

Biometric ID cards will come into force for non-EU students and spouses from 25th November and will be issued from offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, London(Croydon), Glasgow, Liverpool, and Sheffield.

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N16 Reports *N21-23 Shut Down S.O.A. Ft. Benning, Georgia, USA

18-11-2008 10:14

Photos/Reports - N16 U.S. Embassy Dublin/Ireland "Shut Down the S.O.A.", Colombia Report, Arrests at Ft. Huachuca, U.S.A

*Photos N16 "Shut Down the SOA" Vigil U.S. Embassy Dublin, Ireland

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Demonstrate: No Deportations to DR Congo

18-11-2008 10:14

19th to 20th November 2008 there will be a Country Guidance case aiming to show that 'failed' asylum seekers who are returned to the DRC are at serious risk of ill-treatment, imprisonment, torture and forced disappearance. Strong evidence of this is already lodged with the Home Office. We therefore urge the Home Office to HALT all deportations of failed asylum seekers to a deadly regime of the DR Congo.

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Jonestown: The Avoidable Tragedy

18-11-2008 09:02

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre, in which nearly a thousand people died in the People's Temple compound in Guyana. Jonestown was a double tragedy. The first is the massacre. The second is that it was so utterly, utterly preventable.