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Taco Bell HQ sieged by Black Bloc

16-01-2002 04:45

Black Bloc sieged the Corporate HQ of the multinational corporation Taco Bell which has been exploiting its migrant workers and fast food workers for years.

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Stop Israel's War on Palestine - Protest

16-01-2002 02:11

Stop Israel's War on Palestine - Protest
- Stop The War Coalition -
Stop Israel's War on Palestine
Join the protest on Sat, Jan 26th in London @
The Israeli Embassy

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warming to the theme

16-01-2002 00:32

while still in denial of the central hypothesis of the events of 9-11, because acceptance of the 'conspiracy' theory or reality vision, and the 'madness' involved in such acceptance would presumably destroy their neatly constructed 'socialist' and materialist weltanschauung, and this way leads to 'madness', at least the coterie of 'radical' journalists are warming to some of the circumstantial but undeniable evidence surrounding the precursors and consequences of the events

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Anyone know what has happened to GA?

15-01-2002 23:22

Does anyone out there know what the latest is on the Green Anarchist magazine split?

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Terrorists funded by Birmingham based charity worker

15-01-2002 22:47

A Birmingham based charity worker is currently being investigated by the Charity commission for diverting public funds to terrorist networks. Is currently involved in securing over £600,000 from running pilgrimage business to Saudi Arabia.

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15-01-2002 21:57

A new initiative to establish a community and workers coalition plans a community conference in March; pamphlet available in PDF format.

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15-01-2002 20:40


Five people from Brighton were charged today following a peaceful protest at
Euromin's Shoreham docks on 3rd December 2001. (article 1)

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Harry and the Philosopher's Stone

15-01-2002 20:33

In which young Harry discovers the real secret of the Philosopher's Stone

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15-01-2002 20:24

Council of European Union says it has no choice but to back US veto
- Refusal of access follows two successful complaints to the European
- Decision would exclude from access any document on international policy
vetoed by third parties

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Q&A ----- Argentina .the situation

15-01-2002 19:33

Popular Revolt in Argentina Demands
Economic as Well as Political Change
Interview by Scott Harris.

*Interview with Beverly Keene,
coordinator of Dialogue 2000 in
Buenos Aires
from the nationally syndicated radio newsmagazine
"Between The Lines"

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Civil action served on US military personel and US Air Force

15-01-2002 19:11

Press release by Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases.

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The Loombreaker - Issue 25

15-01-2002 19:05

Coming at you from Manchester, England - the cradle of industrial capitalism, and home to the Loombreakers who in 1826, smashed over 1000 looms that were ruining their livelihoods and leaving their communities in misery. This month's issue brings you tales of party and protest, an Manchester and around the world. The Loombreaker can be downloaded and printed as a PDF file.

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Plaintext of the police monitoring in Indymedia

15-01-2002 17:43

Plaintext of the article manipulador.Extraído of ' hainé.

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Biotechnology Newswire January 15, 2002

15-01-2002 17:26

The following stories were posted to the biotechnology newswire at

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Day of action for imprisoned Korean unionists

15-01-2002 17:00

Reposted from KCTU website. Perhaps people could at least write letters to the Korean embassy or President (and Nobel prize winner!) Kim Dae-jung or find some other way of showing solidarity. If only British union leaders were this brave.

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15-01-2002 15:16


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hackney Councillor Pied

15-01-2002 15:07

This morning saw Cllr. Jules Pipe, Leader of Hackney’s Labour Council hit in the face with a large carrot cake.

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Open Letter to all Irish Students...

15-01-2002 13:28

A call to arms for the EU wide Days of action against attacks on education...

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Death penalty for the rich

15-01-2002 13:22

Petition the European Parliament, to introduce the death penalty for the rich (possessing over 1 million Euro).

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"An angel appears at the National Press Club"

15-01-2002 12:43

(YellowTimes.ORG) – This morning, an angel - yes, that's right, an angel - appeared to a gathering of reporters at the National Press Club in Washington. The stunningly beautiful creature with satiny white wings and glowing pink skin announced that it was appearing on behalf of...