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general report from Annemasse, Lausanne, Geneva

01-06-2003 01:08

travelling this morning from Annemasse to lausanne and then finally staying in Geneva

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Latest update from Peru

31-05-2003 19:31

(all links in Spanish) - translated from The declaration of the third of State of Emergency was met with protests against the government. In Trujillo the teachers confronted the police. They are planning a general strike within the next few days to protest against the state of emergency decreed by the central government. The aim of the strike will be the resignation of Alejandro Toledo.

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National Conference 21st June : NOT RECOGNISED

31-05-2003 18:52

To join our mailing list send a blank email to:


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Jamming Evian

31-05-2003 18:47

no roads lead to Evian

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French Police Teargas Anarchists in G8 Eve Clash

31-05-2003 18:32

French Police Teargas Anarchists in G8 Eve Clash
French police fired teargas on Saturday to disperse several hundred anarchists in the first major disturbance ahead of a summit of the "Group of Eight" leading industrialized countries. (article 1)

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Italian delegation to Iraq summary of day's events

31-05-2003 18:10

Translation from

An delegation from Ya Basta! in Italy is travelling to Baghdad and Palestine to make contacts with civil society groups there. They have been harassed and turned back from Iraq by American military units at border checkpoints, their cameras seized and videotapes destroyed.

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Broad left win T&G GS vote

31-05-2003 17:08

by good by blair - T&G Sat, May 31 2003, 4:52pm
Broad Left candidate Tony Woodley has romped home in the T&G election to elect a new General Secretary beating three other candidates’ the results was (1) Tony Woodley 66.958 votes (2) Jack Dromey 45.136 votes (3) Campfield 28.346 votes and in a humiliate last place was Jimmy Elsby "SCAB BASTARD" with a poultry 13,336 votes. Happy Day’s…………………………………………………………………… F..k you Bill Morris This is our UNION

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Report Annemase 31/5

31-05-2003 15:57

Report from the Intergalactic village, debates, general situation

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What We're Doing in Annemasse

31-05-2003 15:55

Getting gassed in Annemasse

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[anti G8] Annemasse Protest teargassed

31-05-2003 13:08

This Saturday morning, May 31., people from the VAAAG went to protest against a conference of the socialist party in Annemasse. The police drove them back with teargas.

Timeline translated from Indymedia Paris, here's the original link:

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IWPS: Mas‚ha Peace Camp Given 24hrs By Israeli Army

31-05-2003 12:44

News From Mas‚ha Village, West Bank.

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Hear Palestine: News From Across Palestine

31-05-2003 12:04

Khan Younis: 200 Olive Trees Uprooted
Salfeet: Deir Ballout Closed with Cement Blocks
Hebron: New Settlement Units West of City
Nablus: Israeli Army Invades Villages, Arrests Residents
Qalqilya: Home Raids and Arrests
Rafah: 5 Homes Demolished in Tel-Zu'rub
Tulkarem: Ongoing Military Operation and Curfew for 6th Day Running
Jenin: Youth Shot Dead at Dawn in Wide-Scale Military Invasion
Khan Younis: Youth Assassinated during Invasion of Al-Qarara


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[Anti G8] Bike Caravan Manifestation at Néstle HQ, thu

31-05-2003 11:56

Vevey Thu 30.05.2003 17:00 MEZ. The bike caravan from Bern reached Vevey at 2pm. Together with a bike demo from Lausanne, they protested against the practices of Nestlé. here's the link to the original article on imc Germany:

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'Torture' soldier's father proud of son . Mother says'He does not belong to us'

31-05-2003 11:17

Curious article froma local(corporate) newspaper in Tamworth, UK.Amongst stories about missing puppies.
It reminds us of those 'suicide bombers mother proud of son' stories you always get in the israeli press.

Question: Who are the real terrorists?

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But is it possible? : Blockading the g8

31-05-2003 10:35

Intergalactic Camp, Annemasse May 31, 2003
Last night and again this morning the question that people are all asking is the same. "What should we do to disrupt the g8?"

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update on the delegation to irak and palestine

31-05-2003 10:00

have been on the phone to a friend who is part of this human rights delegation to bagdad and palestine

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short G8 camp report

31-05-2003 08:46

Sitting in the IMC tent at the intergalactic village in france; just outside of geneva. They tent has around 12 computers going running on linux and wireless net connection functioning mostly as a place to check email and write stories.

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No to Blair Forever

31-05-2003 06:55

Instead of being strung-up like Mussolini after his war crimes, Blair is still trying to remain legitimate while he is guilty of murder, piracy and other crimes against humanity.