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Ode' to George W.

27-10-2003 10:13

Just a little something I jotted down as I watched in amazement as our Aussie Politicians either lapped up the address made by President Bush or were to afraid too rock the boat!

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Poster for Shebab Daiya film

27-10-2003 10:02

JPG of poster
This is the poster for "Shebab Daiya: Life in the Promised Land", which will be shown in Cambridge at the next Indymedia film screening on 2 November 2003.

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Iraqi resistance kicked Wolfowitz's ass out of Iraq (by Latuff)

27-10-2003 02:49

"...The effect of the 6:10 a.m. volley of rockets was dramatic: U.S. officials and officers fled from the Al Rasheed, some still in pajamas or shorts to a nearby convention center..."

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Halloween Animal Liberation Demo

27-10-2003 00:10

Smash Sequani: Halloween Demo:
Meet: 4.30pm Ledbury Train Station.

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SWooPees Are Everywhere

27-10-2003 00:04

The SWP are now behind another new party according to this Green Party report.

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Accepting the reality of Islamic anti-Semitism

26-10-2003 23:42

More on the bloodthirsty, inhuman neo-nazi jihadi scum bringing disgrace to Islam.

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interview with Leeds' anti Bayer campaigners

26-10-2003 23:02

An interview with Leeds' anti Bayer campaigners.

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Those who seek ''the death of the United Nations''

26-10-2003 22:07

While the United Nations is seen by many as merely a talk shop that gets little done, the truth lies elsewhere. For example, UNESCO has done a great deal for education and the work of UNICEF has been phenomenal.

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MONDAY October 27th - Demonstration at Greek Embassy

26-10-2003 21:47

MONDAY October 27th - Demonstration at Greek Embassy

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That Dangerous Cult

26-10-2003 19:17

Rape and Murder, by Royal Appointment.

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26-10-2003 17:21


An invitation from the West Midlands Anarchists

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Can we change the bookfair location?

26-10-2003 16:45

Thanks to everyone who put so much effort into the anarchist bookfair at the University of London this weekend but can we have it at another venue next year?

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Live ammo goes through walls, Nablus

26-10-2003 16:25

Friday night, two Palestinian boys and two Nablus ISMers were shot in Balata Refugee Camp by soldiers.

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Join the George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel Campaign

26-10-2003 15:52

Join the George W. Bush NOT WELCOME on-line Pretzel Campaign

Protest against Bush's visit to the UK in late November by taking part
in this campaign. It will add an on-line dimension to the various protests
taking place and will increase our visibility.

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US Soldiers in Iraq

26-10-2003 14:43

President Bush is trying to convince the world that those who have been to Iraq realize that situation is not as bad as 'media' portrays it to be. Growing evidence of low morale and lack of committment to the Iraqi invasion, among the americans actually spending time in iraq, the US soldiers, will help build pressure against the occupation. However, history cautions us against looking for a quick resolution.

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ISM Reports: Activists Shot In Nablus. Israeli Forces Invade Hospital

26-10-2003 14:08

Nablus Update!

More news about the 2 ISM activists and 2 Palestinians that were shot and injured yesterday in Balata Refugee Camp Nablus.

Activists Journals

1) Jayyous Women's March Report
2) Gun to My Head, Saved on a Whim _ Radhika in Tulkarem
3) Day Off _ Ben J. in Jenin
4) Words Leave My Heart Dry _ Laura G in Rafah

+++ New Palestine Film and Photography Now Online ++++

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Monday Hunger Striker Demos

26-10-2003 13:20



LUNCHTIME 12am-2pm & EVENING 4pm-7pm

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about 35-40,000 of anti-war demonstrators marched in WASHINGTON Oct. 25

26-10-2003 12:21

On a gorgeous fall day, about 35-40,000 people rallied and marched for the Iraq war protest called by 2 big coalitions, UFPJ & ANSWER. The mood was celebratory and happy, especially since it's been a long time between giant protests, even while daily news reports tell of GI deaths and Iraqui deaths from the US Occupation.

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Mayor of Hiroshima speaks in Manchester

26-10-2003 12:16

Mayor Akiba speaking in Manchester
On Saturday 18th october 2003, the Mayor of Hiroshima spoke at a CND meeting in Manchester.

You can see a dial-up encoded video clip of mayor Akiba's speech at: