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Paddy's Day of Action Against shell (Meeting & Update)

14-03-2008 13:36

This Saturday (15th March) @ 5pm there will be a meeting and info night hosted by people from Ireland about the struggle of the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland, to stop shell from destroying their beautiful & pristine environment by building a high pressure gas pipeline through their land.

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Party Fun-Raiser with 2012 Show

14-03-2008 12:53

2012 Show Fun-Raiser
A Fun-Raiser for The Hackney Social Centre Saturday 22nd March

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Weapon Inspectors enter Depleted Uranium Site

14-03-2008 11:43

Direct action against DU

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Action at World Biofuels Market, Brussels

14-03-2008 11:41

activist blocking inside
Thursday morning, 08.00. Activists make an attempt to block all 7 sets of entrance doors and 2 gates to the World Biofuels Market held in Brussels this week. All but one set of doors succeeded. The action ended after 3 hrs with three people arrested, who were released after a few hours.

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Around the Campaigns, Friday 14th March 2008

14-03-2008 11:06

Londoners protest against blind injustice of removal to Cameroon

Mixture of good and bad this Friday

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Tara Defys Corruption

14-03-2008 03:20

What the interchange will look like at Tara.
Here's some background history and up-dates on what's happening at Tara, Ireland.
Whatever you dream you can do begin it.
Boldness has genius,power & magic in it.
Begin it now.

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VIDEO - War On Terror media lies challenged at the BBC and on Oxford Street

14-03-2008 02:00

We Are Change UK consists of a mixed group of talented, educated, intelligent and most of all, passionate people who are sick and tired of the way things in the world are developing and are looking to make a change for the better.

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Mehdi Kazemi is safe.

14-03-2008 01:50

Seyed Mehdi Kazemi
EveryOne Group celebrates with its allies and annonces new human rights campaigns

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SOCPA - a plea from barbara tucker

14-03-2008 01:19

police tried this afternoon to arrest brian haw and remove the tents that are home to him and several supporters. they backed down in the face of legal argument, unsure that they would get away with yet another illegal act. they did however arrest 'ant' (again!) for alleged public order offence. although a minor offence, he has been held at belgravia for nine hours already and refused contact with his lawyer

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Text Of SPGB Leaflet For 15th March Anti-War Demo In London

14-03-2008 00:27


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The Shortwave Report 3/14/08 Listen Globally!

14-03-2008 00:11

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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Ilan Pappé: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

13-03-2008 23:08

Audio Ilan Pappé
Attached is a recording of Ilan Pappé addressing a public meeting entitled The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and the Current Situation which was organised by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign and took place in Sheffield on 13th March 2008.

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Kurt Cobain Back From the Dead

13-03-2008 21:52

Kurt Cobain's identity has been stolen 14 years after he killed himself at the age of 27.

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Firebrands of Liverpool

13-03-2008 20:43

Radical workers' struggle on Merseyside: still relevant or matter of the past? Reading and disscussion

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Marie Mason - another potential victim of US Green Scare

13-03-2008 18:47

Below is a message from the Friends of Marie Mason. Marie is a long-time environmental, community and labour union activist based in Cincinnati, whose house has been raided by the FBI on charges relating to her environmental activism. Environmentalist prisoner support groups, and activists with the IWW (the radical union she belongs to), are asking for urgent support.

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Discussion Forum - Pakistan and The War on Terror

13-03-2008 18:45

Discussion forum organised by Pakistan Solidarity Campaign on the proxy war waged by the imperialist forces against the people of Pakistan.

Sunday 16th of MARCH 2008, 2.00 pm
The Drum, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham B6 4UU

Political groups, parties and concerned individuals will come together to discuss the situation in Pakistan and explore ways in which we can provide help and support.

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tara spring offensive

13-03-2008 18:12

calling all activists to tara ireland

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Eviction At Tara!!!

13-03-2008 17:29

The M3 Motorway is cutting through one of the most beautiful ancient places in Europe.
Help is needed to support the protesters in County Meath, Ireland who are currently sitting in tunnels, after an illegal dawn raid on the direct action camp this morning!!
UK activists going to Tara this Saturday, for more info contact,
Week of solidarity action starts Paddys Day 17th March, read more....

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UK Returns to Colonial Slavery with Terminal 5

13-03-2008 16:14

Investigations show that British Airways felt that Black and Asian Males were not good enough to have usefull jobs on the T5 project. They were employed more like 'go for's' and used to carry out mundain tasks. Thhere was not a single black fulltime employee involved in T5 by BA. So what are male ethnic minorty qualified staff worth to the UK? and why do so many black and asians support this kind of a regime by continueing to fly with BA?

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Palestine Today 031308

13-03-2008 15:53

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday March 13th, 2008.