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Leeds J30 planning meeting - Mon 6th

30-05-2011 12:42

On Mon 6th LEEDS is having it's planning meeting for J30, as part of a national tide to agitate around June 30th, with and beyond striking action!

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From Hiroshima to Fukushima

30-05-2011 12:40

From COMMUNIST LEFT review of International Communist Party

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Kroll and Police spend £1m to Gag plumber Ian Puddick

30-05-2011 12:18

Abuse of Power - Kroll and City of London Counter Terrorism Directorate spent £1m of tax payers money to gag whistle blower Ian Puddick who exposed corruption and cronyism.

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Facebook Twitter on Trial 15 June Westminster Magistrates Court

30-05-2011 11:33

Cuts Cuts - Kroll and City of London Police Counter Terrorism Directorate spend £1,000,000 in 'Operation Bohan' on a civil matter

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Mass Seedbombing - Brighton Mound

30-05-2011 10:08

Seed-bombers gather at Brighton's Mound
More than 20 guerilla gardeners seedbombed the community garden they were evicted from recently in a show of defiance and creativity

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Coalition Govt. caught out re: circus animals

30-05-2011 01:55

The Tory/ LibDem coalition have been exposed as lying about their decision not to ban the use of animals in circuses due to a current court case in Austria brought by circus companies to overrule a ban there.

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Return of the Big Society Hospital

29-05-2011 23:30

The Big Society Hospital returned to Oxford on Saturday as activists fro Oxford Save Our Services, Keep Our NHS Public, and several other groups converged on Cornmarket to highlight the disastrous implications of the NHS reforms & cuts. Would you let a Big Society volunteer operate on you?

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Cambridge Uncut comes out in defence of the NHS

29-05-2011 21:34

On the afternoon of Saturday, 28th May 2011, as part of a national day of action around 40 activists from Cambridge UkUncut donned surgical costumes and occupied several banks around Cambridge in protest against the government’s austerity cuts to the NHS as well as highlighting the figures that had been spent bailing out the banks.

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Come to Peace News' 75th Birthday Party on 4 June!

29-05-2011 17:22

Inviting all past and present staff, readers and friends of Peace News for a feast of conviviality, sharing food, drink, memories and entertainment. Bring instruments, friends and party pieces.

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Demonstrate tomorrow against Chinese state crack down in Southern Mongolia, and the killing of Mongolians by coal companies

29-05-2011 16:55

Demonstrate against the killing of Mr Mergen by Chinese coal companies, and against the crack down by the Chinese State on Mongolian protesters. Monday the 30th, 12pm, the Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh (see here for a map).

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** j30 - Generalise the Strike - Day of action against the cuts **

29-05-2011 16:13

30th June 2011 may well turn out to be the most important step forward in a mass fight against public sector cuts. Hundreds of thousands of workers could be involved in strike action, from as many as four or five different unions including NUT, PCS, UCU and ATL.

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Fans and protesters united in Barcelona

29-05-2011 15:47

PRO-DEMOCRACY protesters and celebrating football fans merged convivially in Barcelona this weekend, despite scaremongering by the authorities.

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Rossport: The Pipe Film Screenings

29-05-2011 14:47

'The Pipe', a documentary film which charts the battle between the tiny village of Rossport and the Oil Giant Shell, is coming to cinemas in the UK.

The film is also available for screenings at social centres, gatherings and festivals.

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New School Curriculum is 'Anthropometry' (eugenics) now active in schools.

29-05-2011 12:38

The 'Opening Minds' school curriculum is eugenics, (anthropometry) devised by the Royal Society of the Arts, and now in schools in the UK, and elsewhere.

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Cardiff Uncut occupy Top Shop, Queen street

29-05-2011 12:05

Saturday 28th May, Top Shop in central is occupied by Cardiff Uncut, and then shut down by Top Shop themselves

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Eat the Rich!

29-05-2011 11:55

Yesterday some anarchists joined the UK Uncut demonstration in Nottingham with an EAT THE RICH banner and our own leaflets. The banner went down well with the public and started a few interesting conversations. We got rid of all of the leaflets we took (a few hundred) and found a fair amount of support for our ideas.

Eat the rich

The current cuts being administrated by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat government are already having an affect on our everyday lives. We’ve become so accustomed to having certain services provided to us by our oh so kind government, that when they begin to go away we feel the loss. When they go we also notice that other things have gone, our ability to control our own lives, our ability to live a life we think is worth living.

Heavy policing in our communities, CCTV cameras, credit card bills we have to pay off, housing situations which leave us at the mercy of the banks and property owners, all these seemed bearable as long as there were good schools for our children, healthcare for our families, and financial support when we could not get work. Now though we see the prices weren’t worth paying, that we were lied to. First by a Labour government who sold ideas of prosperity and equality, and now the Con-Dem coalition who pretended they would bring security to all. Between them and their counterparts in previous decades, they have helped the rich to steal our lives.

Does it appear to us now that the whole idea of democratically elected government has been a lie? Yes, it does.

Does it appear to us now that every government this country has ever had has had as its goal the protection of wealth and power that the rich call their own? Yes, it does.

Does it appear to us now that the government and the banks are lying scum that are in it for themselves, and hell bent on keeping everyone else down and in line? Yes, it does.

Does it appear to us now that we need to take control back? That we need to force the government and their friends out of our communities and make sure they never come back? Yes, it does.

Does it appear to us now that no political party will ever represent our interests, whether the party calls itself Liberal, Conservative, Labour, socialist or nationalist? Yes, it does.

Does it appear to us that the cuts currently taking place are just the same old politics of attack against those who don’t own property, those who don’t have rich parents, those who are just trying to get by? Yes, it does.

We think there’s only one choice now. Eat the rich.

Eat away at their power by working together, building communities, and learning to look after each other.

Eat away at their control over us by striking, occupying, stealing, destroying everything they ever claimed as their own. If we want we should take it. If we don’t want it we should destroy it so they don’t use it against us again.

We already know that everything is ours, the only thing we need to do is make sure we and they never forget this.

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Laser Assault On Town Hall

29-05-2011 11:55


On Saturday night, the laser unit of Nottingham Animal Rights powered up in the city centre and projected "Meat is murder" and the Angry Bunny (the NottmAR mascot) onto the town hall.

Across the country, awareness is growing of how damaging animal agriculture is to the environment and of the extreme savagery and animal suffering inherent in the meat industry.

With strong links to both heart disease and cancer (the two biggest killers in the western world) meat is considered by many doctors to be the "smoking" of the 21st century, and totally unnecessary with a balanced plant based diet.

Saturday marks the climax of National Vegetarian Week 2011 (, the UK’s annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle.

Around the country, vibrant, progressive cities have boasted colourful, health promoting attractions and the spirit of carnival in their town squares - events such as "Meat free in Manchester!" and the huge "Bristol Vegfest!"

Nottingham is sadly left behind though.
At one point the town hall hosted the East Midlands Vegan Festival, a seasonal event overwhelmingly popular with Christmas shoppers and the second largest festival of its kind in the country... but the city council have now scrapped it and instead rent public space to all manner of meat markets, including stalls selling the most controversial of foodstuffs like Foie Gras (an 80% fat pate made from the massively swollen livers of force fed, factory farmed ducks and geese).

Some hoped that when the city council of Ghent, our sister city in Belgium adopted a meat free day recognizing the health and climate change benefits of cutting down on meat (, Nottingham might follow suit?

It was not to be however, the decision makers seeming to have ears only for the schmoozers of lucrative, corporate, leisure franchises, not for the trickle of melting ice and not for the health complaints of the community that elected them to their ivory tower.

The laser used in these projections is no more powerful than the kind one would find in a modern DVD player (just radiating at a different frequency), but with a high degree of spatial and temporal coherence, a visible beam from a pen size semiconductor laser dims and diverges little over tens of kilometres facilitating all manner of creative and educational applications.

Lasers are a 60's sci-fi dream that has made it to mass-produced, cheap ubiquity, yet there remains nothing ordinary about laser light...

But then, in a city with such an anti-vegetarian council, perhaps the message of Nottingham Animal Rights found old walls in no ordinary darkness.

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Anti-Tesco Flyer

29-05-2011 11:55

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Trouble at Brook House IRC

29-05-2011 10:55

Continuing harsh relation between staff and detainees, has once again lead to protest

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Manchester students chase arms company off campus

29-05-2011 10:12

A presentation by arms manufacturer BAE Systems at the University of Manchester was abandoned last week following protests by staff and students angry at the company’s presence on campus.

Representatives of BAE were invited by the Mathematics Department to take part in an “industrial maths workshop” , intended to provide students with “experience in engaging with industry”. An email sent around the department also noted that another intention of the day was for the arms dealer “to fund a (sic) MSc project in which the supervisor will receive £500 to his/he r research budget”.