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Occupation creates disaster in Iraq

05-09-2007 19:48

There are more than 4 million Iraqi refugees and more than 1 million dead. Seventy percent of Iraqi children are not in school. Yet these reports and statistics do not begin to tell the story of destruction and violence caused by the U.S. occupation.

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Free Screen Is Back! And We're Regular!

05-09-2007 19:48

Liverpool's only place for radical film screenings, Free Screen @ The Liverpool Social Centre, 96 Bold Street Liverpool is launching its autumn program this September 23rd at 7pm.

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Indigenous women murdered in Ecuador.

05-09-2007 19:35

Puyo, Ecuador

Gloria Ushigua and Rosa Gualinga, two indigenous leaders, were attacked on Sunday August 26, after months of receiving death threats for their efforts to protect the territory of the Zapara people in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They were beaten until unconscious, thrown in the trunk of a car, and later, apparently, left for dead.

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The Speech of the Chief - Nuclear Energy on indigenous lands:

05-09-2007 19:11

Brazil wants to invest in nuclear energy: new mines and new power plants. But they do not ask the indigenous peoples. This is a documentary - DVD - about the Guarani Mbyá who as to live with two nuclear power plants on their land.

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Red and Black Fest- Saturday 29th September 2007

05-09-2007 17:39

A day of bands, DJs, campaign stalls, food and booze

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Tara Tara Tara- 'avinit new film on schmovies.

05-09-2007 17:05

A film of recent Tara activity from an activist recently returned-WATCH IT NOW.

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Union claims victory as Metronet strike ends

05-09-2007 15:55

The RMT has claimed victory over jobs and pensions defence following a solid strike of Metronet engineers.

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RMT union suspends strike by London Underground maintenance workers

05-09-2007 15:50

As we go to press it is reported that the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) has suspended the strike action taken by some 2,300 London Underground maintenance workers. The planned 72-hour strike began at 1800 hours on Monday in a dispute over jobs and pension rights following the collapse of rail maintenance company Metronet.

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Cambrian Snooze 11 Out Now

05-09-2007 15:15

The 11th issue of West Wales' very own alternative magazine is out now.

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Oxford Lord Mayor Welcomes Peace Activist (press release)

05-09-2007 11:04

Bruce Gagnon & John Tanner
On Sunday 2nd September 2007, John Tanner, Lord Mayor of Oxford, welcomed US peace campaigner, Bruce Gagnon, to Oxford. Also a call out for a demonstration at 'RAF' Croughton, Saturday 6th October.

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Darfur Regugees To Be Given Asylum In Israel

05-09-2007 10:16

Israel intends to grant citizenship to several hundred refugees from Darfur who are currently in the country

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Sehabden Family Need Urgent Help

05-09-2007 10:16

Currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, the family are due to be forcibly removed this evening Wednesday 5th September 2007 on Sri Lankan Airlines Flight UL504 from Heathrow To Sri Lanka at 21.45hrs.

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Protest at Dawn Raid on Tyneside 05.09.07

05-09-2007 09:05

This morning a Sri Lankan family was snatched by immigration from their home in Benwell, Newcastle. They have been active with TCAR standing up for the rights of all against the Home Office. TCAR members mobilised through the Pledge of Resistance to protest against the dawn raid, but regular cops were already on the scene and prevented other members of TCAR from even entering the street.

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No Border Camp Meeting VI

05-09-2007 08:49

The camp is coming closer. :)

We invite all people who want to get be involved /are involved allready
to another meeting to plan the camp:

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Brighton Volunteers to Help Build School in Palestine

05-09-2007 08:12

Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Press Release:

Brighton Volunteers to Help Build School in Palestine

For more info tel. 07845039980 or email

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Why Bush Can Get Away with Attacking Iran

05-09-2007 07:26

Many people in the antiwar movement try to reassure themselves: Bush cannot possibly attack Iran. He does not have the means to do so, or, perhaps, even he is not foolish enough to engage in such an enterprise. Various particular reasons are put forward, such as: If he attacks, the Shiites in Iraq will cut the US supply lines. If he attacks, the Iranians will block the Straits of Ormuz or will unleash dormant terrorist networks worldwide. Russia won't allow such an attack. China won't allow it -- they will dump the dollar. The Arab world will explode.

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Two Pensioners Spend Two Hours Inside Nuclear Weapons Storage Base

05-09-2007 06:48

Two pensioners this morning spent over two hours inside RNAD Coulport, where Britain's Trident nuclear warheads are stored. Joan Meredith, who will be 78 next week, and Irene Willis, 62, entered Coulport shortly after midnight and were only arrested at 0230 when they approached police on the main gate from the inside.

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What the case of Pegah Emambakhsh teaches us

04-09-2007 23:12

The case of Pegah Emambakhsh has revealed that Europe has abandoned a long time ago the road of the respect for human rights. The fear for the fight between the different culture and the suspiciousness towards the others has slowly sunk our civilisation in a cultural and social swamp. People see enemies everywhere. The values of the freedom have been replaced from those - ambiguous and dangerous - of the security.

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US Presidential Candidate 2008 Visiting Leeds & London, 9 & 10 September

04-09-2007 23:00

Former Congresswoman and US Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney is visiting the UK as part of a European tour and will be presenting a talk entitled ' Confronting Empire ' in Leeds and London on September 9th & 10th respectively.

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Lewisham '77

04-09-2007 21:42

A series of events to mark the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham

Where were you on Saturday 13th August 1977?