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GUINEA: The Trade-Unions Bosses Liquidates the General Strike !

28-02-2007 22:11

At the end of discussions during Sunday with the authorities, religious leaders and a delegation of the CEDEAO (Economic Community of the States of the area) directed by the former President-general of Nigeria, the gangster Babangida, the trade-union leaders decreed the "suspension" of the general strike which had lasted for 2 weeks, as of Sunday midnight.

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ID Cards & The Myth of Terror

28-02-2007 21:01

Thursday 8th March, 7pm, at the Liverpool Social Centre,
in the basement at 96 Bold Street (entrance is next door to the
bookshop) - all welcome

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Defend the NHS national day of action 3/03/07

28-02-2007 20:11

Sat 3rd March 2007, 12 noon, Victoria Square (outside council house), Birmingham

There will also be a demonstration against cuts, at City Hospital on Dudley Road, on the same morning, from 10am

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Roasting the Beeb

28-02-2007 19:51

The BBC's Head of News admits that they lost the tapes of the broadcast that predicted the collapse of WTC7. This is probably one story that the BBC will *not* be reporting on anytime soon.

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Hijab is not a piece of clothes, but the flag of women rightlessness

28-02-2007 19:14

Women rightlessness is a characteristic of today unequal world. In many countries, women are officially and lawfully deprived even from the little rights that men enjoy.

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28-02-2007 18:55

Growth? or Survial through Economic Collapse

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Sod Iran - Murdoch is Taking The Simpsons

28-02-2007 18:08

In the stalemate of negotiations between Richard Branson And Murdoch.Sky threaten to pull the plug

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US Govt Working Hard to Keep You Uninformed - Evidence

28-02-2007 18:07

The House Oversight and Government Reform
Committee has received a few of the documents
it has requested from the White House after
months of filing requests in their "investigation
into suspicions that the Bush White House has
edited scientific reports to downplay the effects
of global warming."

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U.S. Tactics of Containing Regional Roles in Middle East

28-02-2007 17:59

By Nicola Nasser*

Two-pronged U.S. tactics of confrontation and engagement unfolded last week and described by some media as “turnabouts” in the strategy of containment of what Washington perceives as adverse regional roles in the Middle East, but in the Iraqi context and in historical perspective these tactics are revealed only as old diplomatic manoeuvres in the drawers of the State Department.

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Save ESOL campaign lobby of Parliament

28-02-2007 17:47

Banners approaching House of Commons
Save ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Campaign lobby of Parliament and rally on Wednesday 28th February 2007, attended by about 1,000 ESOL students and teaching staff. Protest against proposed cuts to free ESOL provision. One of the biggest lobbies of Parliament for a long time.

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Get involved with Liverpool Indymedia

28-02-2007 17:20

The Liverpool Indymedia group will be meeting in the social centre next to News From Nowhere, 96a Bold Street at 6pm on Tuesday next (6th March).

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Homophobe Moscow mayor met with demo at City hall,London

28-02-2007 17:12

Moscow's homophobic Mayor Luzhkov was met with a emo outsuide City hall ,London this lunchtime...

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Police drastically under-estimate numbers at demo.

28-02-2007 17:11

Police underestimate numbers at the troops out/no trident rally. Police and media quoted figure of 10,000 reported as nonsense.

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Pavilion maisonettes contaminated with asbestos

28-02-2007 16:33

For tenants of Pavilion Housing Association living in maisonettes which they believe should be condemned and demolished, it was the last straw to learn their homes were contaminated with asbestos.

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Pavilion force tenants out of their homes

28-02-2007 16:32

Pavilion Housing Association, now owned by First Wessex, is trying to force tenants out of their homes at Firgrove Court in Farnborough.

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Against All Odds: The Iraqi Trade Unions

28-02-2007 16:06

A detailed account of working class resistance against the imperialist occupation, privatisation, insurgency and civil war from a trade unionist who works for the Iraqi trade unions.

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What Is Anarcho Syndicalism?

28-02-2007 16:01

An introduction to the basic concepts of Anarcho Syndicalism and how Anarcho Syndicalism will lead to a better world to us all.

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Prevent the US led war on Iran: Open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

28-02-2007 15:12

Dear Mrs. Federal Chancellor and EU Council President

We, the undersigned of this open letter are turning to you with the
urgent request to do anything in your power to prevent a US war
against Iran.

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Globalization And Culture

28-02-2007 15:04

Professor John Tomlinson asks whether there is such thing as a global culture.

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'Our Story: the Rossport 5' UK Book Launches this weekend

28-02-2007 14:59

Media Notice - Rossport 5 launch their book in London