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ID Cards & The Myth of Terror

Liverpool Defy-ID | 28.02.2007 21:01 | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | Liverpool

Thursday 8th March, 7pm, at the Liverpool Social Centre,
in the basement at 96 Bold Street (entrance is next door to the
bookshop) - all welcome

Does the threat of terrorism really justify the introduction of ID
cards? Or are news stories about terrorism arrests over-hyped to scare
us into surrendering our civil liberties and our privacy? ID cards
aren't the answer - don't give in to the fear. Come & find out the
facts and discuss these issues

"I accept that it is important that we do not pretend that an
entitlement card would be an overwhelming factor in combating
international terrorism" (David Blunkett, former Home Secretary)

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" (Benjamin Franklin, co-writer
of the United States Declaration of Independence)

The Liverpool Defy ID group meets on the second & last Thursdays of the
month, 7pm at the Liverpool Social Centre.
Contact us c/o 96 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HY
or email

Liverpool Defy-ID
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  1. Why do you need ID you have CCTV — Average Joe
  2. Just curious — Not a wet blunkett
  3. Well come along and find out! — Neon Black