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Germany: 50 universities on strike / occupied

14-11-2009 00:54

Strikes and occupations in more than 50 german universities. student strikes also in Austria.

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Morrisons forced into climbdown over Israeli Goods

13-11-2009 22:39

Around 40 protesters, facing off against a meagre 3 Zionists, successfully pressured Morrison's Head Office into accepting a delegation of campaign members, thought to be the first ever to succeed in securing a meeting with senior Morrison's managers over the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 46 2009

13-11-2009 18:35


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for November 7th to the 13th, 2009

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Photos from Smash NATO Edinburgh

13-11-2009 17:36

Photos from today's smash NATO in Edinburgh.

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Human Waste

13-11-2009 15:54

60% of Jerusalem's rubbish ends up here
Beyond the demolitions in its suburbs and the frequent, violent clashes around Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem hides a quieter shame. Southeast of the holy city live the Jahalin Bedouins, a community that has been repeatedly displaced, now enduring subhuman poverty beside Jerusalem’s largest garbage dump. An embarrassment to Palestinians and Israelis, the Bedouins' unique way of life is under grave threat.

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Direct Action; New Zealand, USA, Italy, Chile & Mexico

13-11-2009 14:24

8th-11th November


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Solidarity with the Immigrants, the situation in Greece

13-11-2009 14:20

The forced migration from the "developing" world to that of the "civilized" West is something indisputable. The anti-terrorist witch hunt by the dominants and the pounce on natural wealth in every corner of the planet, led to the uprooting of thousands of people, either by military or economic terms. One of the destinations for this migration is also Greece, which through international state agreements, is directly responsible for the economic exploitation and military conditions that led these people to imigration, trying to to escape poverty, in response to this blackmailing dilemma of death or flee.

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Smash NATO re converges at EICC at half 1

13-11-2009 13:25

A new convergence point has been announced for Smash NATO via their texting system: The Edinburgh International Conference Centre at 1:30 PM. Protesters have already started going in small groups to the centre, and protesters are still in front of the conference centre with their banner.

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Smash NATO demo location!

13-11-2009 10:46

The location for the mass demo is the West Corner of The Meadows, between Melville Drive, Coronation Walk and Londsdale Terrace. Be there at 11am sharp!

See you on the streets!

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Clinton appoints former embassy hostage as point person on Iran

13-11-2009 10:38

John Limbert, Clinton's newly appointed point person on Iran
When the Iranian Revolution exploded on the world scene three decades ago, John Limbert was a greenhorn diplomat assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. After that station was taken over by revolutionary students, he spent 14 months as a political hostage in the building that came to be known as the “Nest of Spies.”

Today Limbert is the newly appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran in the State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. That makes him Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's point person on Iran, just as pressure is building in Congress to impose more sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

While Limbert's preferred methods may differ from those of his predecessor Dennis Ross, it would be naive to think that his political goals are any less ambitious: undermining Iran's growing ability to oppose U.S. policy in the Middle East by restricting its access to alternative energy sources while promoting a change to a government friendlier to Western corporate interests.

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Sussex Uni boycott of Israel receives international support

13-11-2009 10:27

Students at the University of Sussex have received messages of support from Palestinian grassroots organisations and Israeli and Jewish academics, following a decision by ballot to boycott Israeli goods.

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BNP Apartheid Racist Not Welcome Back in The US

13-11-2009 02:34

Antifa is encouraging all US activists to call their elected representatives, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security with any information they may have about a racist criminal alien who plans to travel to the United States this month.

Arthur Benjamin Kemp, a leader in the fascist British National Party, is reportedly attempting to gain US citizenship after arranging a sham marriage with a fellow neo-Nazi and Stormfront poster, Jeannine Delp Gerace, of Mount Joy, PA.

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Copenhagen COP15 Logistics- addresses- Locations- accomodation

13-11-2009 02:22

This is a newsletter on the logistics concerning COP15, regarding what we know so far and what we are planning. Some things still haven’t been sorted out yet as bureaucracy in Denmark works very slow.

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Palestine Today 111209

12-11-2009 19:13


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday November 12th, 2009.

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Expansion of Farnborough Airport rejected!

12-11-2009 17:45

Expansion of Farnborough Airport was rejected last night by a seven to one majority.

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What do you think of the MoD?

12-11-2009 17:01

The MoD wants to know what if we think the that MoD is a force for good in the world?

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Four Aldermaston blockaders acquitted!

12-11-2009 16:23

News just through from Reading Magistrates' Court that four people who took part in the Aldermaston Big Blockade on 27 October 2008 have been found not guilty of obstructing the highway by virtue of the prosecution failing to prove that they were in fact on a highway.

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Friday Arms Dump Demo - Route Map

12-11-2009 15:36

On Friday 13th Nov, Nottingham Arms Dump is to symbolically “dump” a 25 foot model gun at the doors of Heckler and Koch (large dealer of small arms) as a gesture to say “no to the arms trade, no to Heckler and Koch” and also to highlight other anti-arms trade campaigns such as Shut Down Heckler and Koch and SMASH EDO/ITT.