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Anti-Imperialist Resistance Against the EU-Summit in Copenhagen

21-11-2002 13:16

a space for radical feminist, transgender, bisexual, and/or heterosexual women in the anti-imperialist activities that are to take place at the Summit in Copenhagen between December 13th and 15th.

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Call to action to stop UK troop mobilisation in Germany

21-11-2002 12:18

British troops likely to leave from Germany within the next month. Act now against Gütersloh base - details below.

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21-11-2002 10:45


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White Collar Terrorists

21-11-2002 10:34

Vaccine damaged? Tough Luck! Pharmaceutical Corps don't care... it's part of the "genocidal policy."

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Anti-Nato Demo in Prague get nasty

21-11-2002 03:40

12 000 riot police ready to crush tomorrow N21 Anti-Nato Demo

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Onlineprotest N23 against repression in Italy

21-11-2002 02:43

Onlineprotest N23 against repression in Italy
Netactivists call for International online-protest against repression in Italy on November 23rd - globalise solidarity!

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Big Oil is PART of Big Cig Industry!

21-11-2002 02:04

Euro Parliament plans to "crack down" on what they call "tobacco" ads...but there is no action whatever about oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, etc., parts of typical cigarettes. And they've ignored the FRAUD of ads that say or suggest that the products are just made of tobacco. Far From It.

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This is the brave new world and its prestige

21-11-2002 01:11

This is the brave new world and its prestige their fleet will sink.

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Indymedia Cinema Launch, London Thursday 21 Novembre

21-11-2002 00:53


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Firefighters Stopping the War

20-11-2002 22:38

British soldiers saviing lives at home: too busy to end lives abroad.

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Bollocks! Blockade fails at Devonport (video)

20-11-2002 18:56

1min 16sec RealVideo format video

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Prague Anti-NATO Dinner Protest (wednesday)

20-11-2002 17:28

The area where the delegates from the NATO conference is sealed behind a whole load of barriers blocking off several streets, lined with police, some wearing riot helmets, protecting the posh nosh arms dinner. Meanwhile....

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Mau mau rebels tortured and murdered slowly under brit colonial rule in kenya

20-11-2002 14:35

Correspondent reveals over 50,000 Mau mau were brutally tortured and murdered during the 1950's rebellion, against brit colonial rule

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IMC UK on Resonance FM

20-11-2002 13:39

IMC UK show on Resonance FM from November 20th, 2002.

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Broadcast Ruse

20-11-2002 13:18

"Word got around the department that I was a good Arabic translator who did a great Saddam imitation," recalls the Harvard grad student. "Eventually, someone phoned me asking if I wanted to help change the course of Iraq policy."

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YOU MUST READ THIS! Colombia and the New Latin America

20-11-2002 12:50

The triumph of Lula in Brazil and leftists in South America marks a new era. The vast machinery of lies and broken promises - of the US, FTAA and the corporate media - lies in ruin.

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Asylum Rights are Human Rights!

20-11-2002 12:44

Public meeting on Human Rights Day, 10 December:

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North America Protests War!

20-11-2002 11:51

Ongoing Anti- war demonstrations in major cities throughout the U.S and Canada.

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Blair Gets Burned

20-11-2002 11:23

However it is resolved, he is the loser in the firefighters' dispute. The only way is down now for New Labour, it's not a matter of if but when. All hands to the pumps!