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Tommy Sheridan looks beyond the fringe

07-08-2002 17:22

Scottish Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan is to tread the boards at the Edinburgh fringe festival, making his acting debut in a black comedy about an Irish wake.

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07-08-2002 17:04


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Last night: subvertising in Central London

07-08-2002 16:14

Last night around Central London 3 people went out for a few hours, subvertising 15 billboards, loads of bus stop ads, one corporate lorry and a McDonalds outlet.

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independent media center during the wef-summit in salzburg (austria)

07-08-2002 15:45

For the World Economic Forum, taking place in Salzburg fron 16th to 17th August 2002, we offer independent journalists from all over the world to use our infrastructure and invite them to work with us in our independent media center.

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Washington, DC: Olive Branch Evicted from 1006 M Street NW

07-08-2002 15:28

Four federal marshalls and a few MPD officers came at a little before 9:00 this morning, August 7. They came to the door with shotguns drawn. The marshals presented eviction papers, asked for residents' identification and photographed the residents, including some rudely awakened and still in their pajamas.

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Jenin, Arabia and Afghanistan

07-08-2002 15:13

Today in Global Observer you can find
articles about Un report on Jenin, US-Saudi Arabia relations and afghan

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Why so much slagging towards SWP?

07-08-2002 14:17

Why oh why?

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Washington, DC: Olive Branch house evicted!

07-08-2002 14:00

The Olive Branch House, which has served the hungry, poor and homeless for over two decades, is being evicted this morning, on personal orders of the Mayor. Mayor Williams has been hurt politically by the homeless campaign waged for the past year by Olive Branch activists and many others.

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Will financial markets benefit from war with Iraq ?

07-08-2002 13:26

Astonishing article by Sunday Times on CSFB bank report needs more coverage

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Newsletter of the Salzburg-antiwef-coordination

07-08-2002 13:15

This newsletter summerises the International meeting from activists to prepare the activities against the WEF in Salzburg (12th to 19th september). The meeting took place from the first to the second of July in Vienna
The people who came to the meeting came as well from eastern european countries as from EU-countries.
The next international meeting should be in early August in Salzburg. Invitations will be spread through the mailinglists (look for point 6 Communication).

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In Ireland Marcos is a Traveller. Letter to EZLN and Mexican Civil Society

07-08-2002 13:12

From an Irish Citizen involved in the No to Nice Referendum Campaign.

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DAY 3: 32 arrests so far at nuclear bases on the clyde!

07-08-2002 12:29

The two week long annual International Disarmament Camp run by Trident Ploughshares is going very well, with 32 arrests so far!

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07-08-2002 12:16

It can be found at

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You are SWP, we are not fooled.

07-08-2002 11:58

Jonathon Neale from the Socialist Workers Party/Globalise Resistance gives some revealing facts about being a socialist.

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Report from Monday's Blockade of Faslane Nuke Base

07-08-2002 11:34

Report from the first day's blockade.

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US training Philippine troops

07-08-2002 11:26

First it was just an american training excercise, now they are training Philippine troops AND going into combat with them. It is like a little quiet war they are having over there, with real bullets being used against real children, but its just a training excercise. So thats okay then.

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07-08-2002 11:24


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Woman sacked for revealing UN links with sex trade

07-08-2002 11:14

How a tribunal vindicated an investigator who blew whistle on workers in Bosnia

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Why Socialism? By Albert Einstein

07-08-2002 11:01

Clarity about the aims and problems of socialism is of greatest significance in our age of transition.

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European Federation of Journalists condemns NoBorder Camp Cops

07-08-2002 10:19

EFJ condemns french cops who were well over the top during the protests around the NoBorder action camp in Strasbourg (for coverage of the camp see