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Globalise this! the other Echelon system

19-05-2006 14:40

what is IT? why will it control us?
Globalisation is a process of transformation
into a command and control grid

a corporate police state based on behaviourism

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Neo Nazi's Stalk Bristol Indymedia Collective

19-05-2006 14:00

Neo Nazi's Stalk Bristol Indymedia Collective in attempt to get the messenger.

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Photos: Parliament Square Protest (17.05.06)

19-05-2006 13:54

Parliament Square Protest (17.05.06)

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Activist Gathering - May 27th

19-05-2006 12:50

Education Not for Sale, UK Students Against Coke and Earth First Students present an Activist Gathering, hosted by the University of Sussex Students' Union.

Saturday, May 27th - 12pm-onwards.

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Global Coalition Sounds the Alarm on Synthetic Biology

19-05-2006 11:23

Today, a coalition of 35 international organizations including scientists, environmentalists, trade unionists, biowarfare experts and social justice advocates called for inclusive public debate, regulation and oversight of the rapidly advancing field of synthetic biology - the construction of unique and novel artificial life forms to perform specific tasks.

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19-05-2006 10:54

A new law is about to pass in France which will legalise so-called "chosen immigration"... In a move that terrifyingly reminds us of slaves having their teeth checked to see whether they were fit for the new world, candidates to immgraiton will now have to demonstrate that they can be profitable for the economy.

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Agrarian Violence in the Philippines Worsens

19-05-2006 10:48

A peasant leader in the Philippines was killed, following a spate of violence against activists and journalists. As political instablility heightens, the government appears unable to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice, and there is genuine fear amongst social activists that this situation will escalate.

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Dublin Afghan Hunger Strikers Surrounded by cops

19-05-2006 10:21

Latest news from the ongoing hunger strike by 40 Afghan "failed" asylum seekers is that this morning the cops have surrounded the Church in which they are in sanctuary.

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Anti M1 campaign gains momentum

19-05-2006 09:31

speakers at the meeting
Around 50 people attended a public meeting yesterday in Sheffield to oppose the widening of the M1 motorway and to demand a radical change in government transport policy to sustainable solutions.

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New issue of radical punk 'zine out now!

19-05-2006 09:05

Last Hours issue 13 is out now! The new issue of Last Hours celebrates comics, comics everywhere. Punk rock music, resistance and comics have a long and illustrious history.

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demostration mexican embassy

19-05-2006 08:33


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CHEMTRAILS - In Law, Policy, and Practice.

19-05-2006 07:09

CHEMTRAILS - In Law, Policy, and Practice.

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Benefit night for Boomchucka Circus (aka circus2iraq)

18-05-2006 23:21

The Big Event!
Roll up, roll up, roll up!!! For one night only you can run away with the circus!

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solidarity action with dublin hungers strikers 19th and 20th

18-05-2006 23:20

20 afghani asylum seekers in dublin, on hunger and fluid strike in occupied cathedral, resisting deportation.

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Banging your head against a brick Wal-Mart

18-05-2006 22:32

Do you shop at ASDA? Possibly the shiny new one on the Old Kent Road (previously a squatted community). They are owned by US super corp Wal-Mart. Find out how they keep prices so low.

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Dell Inc., Intel, Microsoft -- all will fall with Moore's Law

18-05-2006 22:26

First known graph of Moore's Law Ending
Dell, Intel, and Microsoft stocks are in freefall. (Dell is getting a dead-cat bounce today on AMD news.) Like the last Tech Wreck (in 2000), this one has to do with Moore's Law. Moore's Law is a self-fulfilling prophecy financed by Intel, his company, as long as they can afford it.

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PROJECTILE: A festival of anarchist film and culture 16-18 June Newcastle

18-05-2006 22:11

After the success of last year’s first Projectile
international festival of anarchist film & culture the organising collective are pleased to announce
the programme for the 2006 festival. The full
programme is below and on our website

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Bombs on Iran

18-05-2006 21:26

The US still needs Iran as a stabilizer in the Shiite sector of Iraq.. The most important war objective in this first phase is maximization of the acceptance of war. The impression must be first produced that no stone was left unturned to prevent war.. Be skeptical. Go the distance. Keep away from hysteria