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02-03-2004 07:32

Sometimes when faced with an apparently insoluble problem, I have found that the best approach was to try to prove that it was insoluble. The flaws in my proof might then give clues how the problem actually could be solved.

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The Destabilization of Haiti

02-03-2004 07:28

Some background for the Operative here who questions America's desire for a Haitian dictatorship. You have to look at the big picture, which in this case, is the monstrosity known as "Globalization". The newly-installed Canadian (Bilderberg) Government ewas entirely complicit in this crime.

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02-03-2004 00:20

We see now fascist america has perpetrated a coup in Haiti-so its evil corporations can further enslave and murder Haitian people!

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Tree Destruction at Blackwood - Pics

01-03-2004 22:41

The whole bank will be levelled
1st March, St David's Day: Pictures from St David's Wood, Blackwood, South Wales, where Costain are building a new road to link together two industrial parks - not that there isn't road access already you understand. A suspension bridge will also be built across the valley further linking the new road to the existing ones. The pictures show the scene along much of the old railway track, however the oldest trees are in the area defended by the two camps. Local support is great, it just needs more bodies on the ground

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illustration HUNGER

01-03-2004 22:31

illustration HUNGER
illustration HUNGER

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ERIO calls for urgent measures for Roma in Slovakia

01-03-2004 20:34

ERIO Press release on Roma prostest in Eastern Slovakia and call on the Slovak Government and the European Union to work towards the improvement of the situation of Roma across Europe.

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Get Down Bayer!

01-03-2004 20:21

This is from the Independent yesterday (29th feb).
All I can say is...Get down Bayer. You started the war but we'll finish it!

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Indymedia Cinema in Brixton

01-03-2004 20:11

As part of an ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalization throughout the world, distributing and screening grassroots videos, covering issues ignored or distorted by the corporate media, Indymedia London presents a night of collaborative work of alternative and radical video activism.

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Leeds Uni Students Against War present D. Shayle (ex MI5 employee) 4/3 @19:30

01-03-2004 19:36

With Leeds University Union Students Against the War Society

Stop the War * No to Racism * Defend Civil Liberties

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Callout to International Mobilization Against the FTAA/bFTA's for April 17

01-03-2004 18:47

This is a callout from the anti-FTAA campaign based in Quito, Ecuador. Recognising that bilateral free trade agreements with the United States have replaced the FTAA as the new and immediate threat for the Andean and Central American nations, we call out for an international network of solidarity to fight neoliberalist politics and mobilize on April 17 international day of peasant struggles

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S. Korea: Migrant Workers Struggle (updated)

01-03-2004 18:44

rally and deo in ansan/1
Since more than 100 days we, migrant workers from different countries, are occupying Myeong-dong cathedral's compound downtown Seoul to fight against gov't's policy of mass deportation.

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LAUNCH Leeds Social Forum

01-03-2004 17:45

On 19th Frbruary 2004, Leeds Social Forum had its first meeting at Leeds Civic Hall. Below are some of the aims of Leeds Social Forum and minutes from the meetig.

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Kirkby Swimming Pool closed after serious fire

01-03-2004 15:42

On a day when the local New Labour Party leaflet the area (more later on that) Kirkby Swimming Pool has been hit by a serious fire. The fire, according to workmen at the scene began at around 9.00am today (29th Feb 2004), the fire has caused extensive damage to the sauna/steam/workout suite and surrounding areas and as yet there is no indication as to what caused the blaze. Other facilities such as the 'suncabs' or sunbeds may also be damaged.

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Unarmed Palestinian Boy Shot in the Back

01-03-2004 15:32

WASHINGTON ( -- Yousef Bashir, a 15-year-old unarmed Palestinian, was recently shot in the back by the Israeli Defense Forces as he waved goodbye to United Nations aid workers, who were also threatened by the IDF.

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01-03-2004 15:27

Trinity students have voted by 1800 votes (aprox.) to 1600 votes aprox to boycott Coke

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Perversion for profit - big business and pornography

01-03-2004 14:39

Two films discussing the link between peddling smut and profiteering international globalist capital.

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Graduates courted by militarists

01-03-2004 12:43

Graduates are to be courted into joining militarist adventures and arms manufacturers. Perhaps someone should attend and tell these companies and organisations what they think of luring young people into such destructive occupations.

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What Hebron's Israelis do under pressure

01-03-2004 12:16

Hebron 1_400
Hebron's Israeli community as seen by photographer Jan Garup