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contact details for dsei organisers

22-08-2003 11:13

email addresses of people from companies organising the arms fair

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Take Action to Support Sacked Mexican Garment Workers

22-08-2003 11:00

Just follow this link to send a message to the manager of Tarrant Garments in Mexico, protesting at his harassment of union members and sacking of activists.

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A message from WOMBLES collective and Saloniki solidarity event

22-08-2003 10:54

No doubt many people have been away enjoy the sun (counter revolutionaries!)
and perhaps enjoying whats left of this planets natural environment

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Mumia Abu Jamal needs your help + message from Leonard Peltier

22-08-2003 10:22

Mumia needs your help urgently plus a message from Leonard Peltier "in the spirit of crazy horse"...

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Burundi's forgotten victims - online petition for an end to impunity

22-08-2003 06:56

My sister Charlotte was one of more than 300,000 civilians killed in Burundi's vicious civil war. Her death was exceptional only for the fact that it was noticed by the international media (ie. By and large, the world ignores Burundi. By and large, Burundi's elite is content to allow the killers to kill with impunity. My family is campaigning for justice for all of Burundi's forgotten victims.

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Bird and Thatcher

22-08-2003 03:51

Dragon boat Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 8/22/03 ¡Listen Globally!

21-08-2003 23:21

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Russia, Spain, and Cuba.

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New video resources for activists

21-08-2003 22:38

Hot of the press (or out of the burner) are a series of copyleft video collections on CD and distributed under the Undercurrents Ruffcuts banner...

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Manchester DSEi benefit screening

21-08-2003 22:13

Manchester DSEi benefit/screening on September 3rd

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Decoding Media Lies About The Bomb at Baghdad UN HQ

21-08-2003 22:12

Exposing the crap about yet another Hegelian P-R-S manouevre

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Chemical Kelly and the woods

21-08-2003 21:42

Did the pig have some banned chemical substances stashed there?
Was he a pervert up to no good?

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Boy,12, 'Manhandled' for Speaking Irish

21-08-2003 20:49

Boy harassed by Northern Irish police for speaking in Irish Gaelic.

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Environmentalists Angry at Daily Post and Echo’s ‘Fight for a Flight’ Campaign.

21-08-2003 20:45

An aeroplane
Environmentalists were today expressing concern at the Daily Post and Echo’s latest campaign. The campaign, named ‘Fight for a Flight’ asks readers to ‘vote ‘ to show support for government tax cuts to the airline industry in order that a cheap direct flight link may be established between Liverpool and London.

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Fight back against british waterways

21-08-2003 19:31

Your freedom to roam the waterways of britain is about to be curtailed by a new law.

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Pictures from DSEi Organiser's Occupation

21-08-2003 19:20

The die-in on the steps of Apex Tower - many police vehicles led passers by to b
Some pics from the occupation and die-in at DSEi organisers - Spearhead's premises - 8th Floor, Apex Tower, New Malden.

While some of the protestors occupied an office inside Spearheads premises, a die-in brought attention to the nasty business of the company outside.4 arrests were made - 3 suspected attempted theft and criminal damage and 1 criminal damage. The protestors were all released after DSEi declined to make a statement.

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21-08-2003 15:57

LONDON (Reuters) - Tony Blair will testify next Thursday at the inquiry into the death of Iraqi weapons expert David Kelly, whose death has plunged the prime minister into the worst crisis of his six-year rule.

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Music Website Invited to DSEi Arms Fair!

21-08-2003 14:47

In a shocking display of ineptitude it seems that Ammo City, the alternative music entertainment and news website / forum, has been mistakenly invited to the DSEi arms fair!!

See text from the site below

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"Protestors and Police Are Ready" - DSEI article from Newham Recorder

21-08-2003 14:33

Article from Newham Recorder (20/08/03), the local newspaper from where DSEi arms exhibition will take place:

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NVDA Training for DSEi anti-arms fair protests (London Sept)

21-08-2003 13:37

There are several training sessions being held on Non Voilent Direct Action (NVDA) in the run up to and during the protests against the DSEi arms fair:

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Pipeline Politics

21-08-2003 12:57

US foreign policy is determined by access to and control of resources, mainly oil, but not exclusively so, and access to markets. Dependent as it is on Middle East oil, US has sought to diversify supply. The Caspian is of growing importance, but in the absence of a pipeline through Turkey, which may yet not be built, the US has to look to other areas of the world, in particular Latin America.