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Cambridge film showing poster

02-06-2004 11:27

Poster for screening of "Women Resist the Occupation" and "The 4th World War".

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02-06-2004 11:15

Press Release*** Press Release***Press Release



WEDNESDAY, 2ND JUNE 2004, 7 TO 9 p.m.

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OFVM Shooting Video course - only £15 for claimants

02-06-2004 09:41

Shooting Video Intensive - 6-day course at OFVM - £15 for people on benefits

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OCSET Meeting - June 2nd

02-06-2004 09:31

OCSET Meeting - June 2nd, 6.00pm - Sunset Cottage, 78 St Clements

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police move finsbury anti racist festival

02-06-2004 09:24

Police in london are making it impossible to have carnival in finsbury park and forced it indoors.

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U.S. Senator Hollings Statement Re: Israel and The Iraq War

02-06-2004 03:22

Long-winded, but good,
+ ================================================================ +

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Schools are BNP target

01-06-2004 23:57

"He would say things you couldn't argue with - not that he was right, but you couldn't argue, like, when Europe got the Euro the Jews put the prices up. You didn't know any different.

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BBC passive on BNP

01-06-2004 22:55

BBC report on parties

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If this is SPAM...

01-06-2004 20:58

This image requires no addtional script.
This image requires no addtional script.

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Revolution Anti War Forum 05/06/04

01-06-2004 20:41

REVOLUTION ANTI WAR FORUM (for school/college/uni students and young workers):

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Postal Votes Fiasco in the NW

01-06-2004 20:11

Can we publish this on Indymedia?

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Respect Sex Segregation

01-06-2004 18:54

George Galloway's Respect coalition has come into further criticism after this weekends meeting at the Leeds Islamic Centre. Although attendance at the meeting was high it was spoiled by Respect stewards insisting that muslim men and women sit on opposite sides of the room.

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Osama is a Bush

01-06-2004 18:47

i just wanteed to put this out...

what do you think?

have we been lied to to forment racism against Islam?

I think so...

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D-Day against the BNP (June 6th)

01-06-2004 16:17

Please join Anti-racist campaigners from across the West Country to leaflet Calne this Sunday (6th June) against the far-right BNP. We will be assembling at 11:00 in the car park of St Edmunds Church, Oxford Road.

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The operation

01-06-2004 16:04

The operation

remember the movie total recall:

well imagine that the 'mars colony' is planet earth as a slave plantation...

and that the Air that was being controlled in the mutant sector in the movie

is oil being controlled in the global arena

now imagine that the 'alien reactor' in the movie is the infinite resource of free energy...

Eugene Mallove [RIP] was murdered

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Stop the BNP - Neo-Nazis threaten queer human rights

01-06-2004 10:12

Lesbian and gay men are being urged to vote in large numbers on 10 June to
help stop the racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic British National Party
(BNP) gaining seats in the local, European and London elections. It
currently has only a handful of local councillors.

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The Unheard Colombia:

01-06-2004 09:14

Public Meeting: 7.30pm Thursday 17 June

The Unheard Colombia:

Voices from the Social Movements

Venue: St Matthews Rooms, Calver Street S1

Mario Angulo - Black Communities Process

Miriam Ruiz - Christian Base Communities

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Some thoughts on UNSCR 1441 and the dubious legality of the invasion of Iraq

01-06-2004 08:58

This short essay is a collection of my thoughts on the legality of invading Iraq, specifically in relation to the infamous Resolution 1441. It is largely the product of various exchanges with posters to Medialens (mostly trolls). As so many journalist, politicians, bloggers, and the like continue to appeal to 1441 (frequently distorting it), it seemed useful to collect my thoughts. I should emphasise that I am not a lawyer but I hope that some people may find it of use -even if it is decidely old news now

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Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest

01-06-2004 01:38

special project: Send us stories that focus on, are inspired by, or related to Ariel Sharon. Judges: Michele Serros, Benjamin Hollander and Andrew Wilson. First prize 50 € (Euro), all entries judged worthy will be published on

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Free Software - Free Society! Interview with Richard Stallman (+ transcript)

31-05-2004 21:59

Transcript of an interview with Richard Stallman that took place at the School of Informatics, Edinburgh University, on 27th May 2004. Full audio Interview (ca. 8 MB - 22 min.) available in ogg- vorbis audio format under