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Celebrate International Women's Day @ The Working Class

03-03-2007 15:31

Celebrate International Women's Day @ The Working Class
Movement Library

Saturday 10th March 2007 2pm

Speakers: Nes Brierley, Bernadette Hyland, Imra Shoaib

Songs from Claire Mooney

plus exhibition, displays and refreshments. All welcome

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STOP THE PIPELINE! Benefit party, Cardiff, March 3rd

03-03-2007 15:19

A benefit gig/party at Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff, to raise money for the protests against the LNG Pipeline being built across south wales and to support those arrested for trying to fight the pipe

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US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse in Iraq

03-03-2007 14:47

Define "win." Winning cannot be finding Saddam's WMDs; he had none. Winning cannot be punishing Iraq for 9-11; they had nothing to do with it. Winning cannot be punishing Iraq for aiding Al Qaeda; they weren't. Winning can't be defined as liberating the Iraqis. They're trying to do this themselves, but we won't let them. Define "win".

Why hasn't Bliar been run out of town on a rail? Doing nothing will only embolden his kind.

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Canadian Government Embraces Zionist Lobby

03-03-2007 14:46

Is such a thing not Treasonous?

Prime Minister Harper has, despite popular outcry, reversed every traditional Canadian position on Zionism's war to wipe Palestine off the map. The reasons can be found in his personal, reactionary ideology, and his close ties to the Lobby groups themselves and the Bush/PNAC Cabal.

Has the same occured in Britain?

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Western Jews Revolt Against Zionist Bully Tactics

03-03-2007 14:44

This is the result of Zionist "Emergency Cabinets" being placed in control of the most of the formerly Jewish organizations throughout much of the West, creating powerful Zionist Lobbies, instead of organizations acting for the good of the Jewish communities in those countries. These efforts, while exonentially altering Government policies (exposing the effect Lobbyists have on politicians), have alienated and angered Jews throughout the West.

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Do You REALLY Love Hackney?

03-03-2007 14:33

How to influence local, national, and global planning policy using a simple criminal law argument....

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Defy the ID card:

03-03-2007 13:55

a short film related to ID cards

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Saturday in Copenhagen - Timeline - Demonstration at 14!

03-03-2007 12:39

The day after even more riots, barricades and fighting friday night the police has now searched several locations in Copenhagen and arrested everyone present. Parts of Anarchist Black Cross has been arrested and also a highschool has been searched. A demonstration will start in 2 locations at 14:00 and meet at 15:00 from when it will move on as one to Norrebro

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Rospuda camp of road protesters temporarily suspended

03-03-2007 10:07

Due to egg-lying time by birds.

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Who is the threat? US military budget 500 times Venezuela's

03-03-2007 09:25

Using dubious figures, and fallacious comparisons, the New York Times has published an article trying to make it appear that Venezuela is a military threat to security in the Americas. Actually Venezuela spends less than Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and, of course, the US-- Washington spends about 500 times as much as Caracas.

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Iraq's 4 million refugees - does anyone care?

03-03-2007 04:37

Breaking through the media silence on Iraqi civilian suffering.

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Hicks, Howard and Rogue USA

03-03-2007 02:02

Anyone familiar with the criminal tactics of thoroughly corrupt State Institutions would not be surprised to learn of the plea bargain offered Guantanamo Bay detainee, David Hicks. After five years of torture and various other forms of physical and psychological abuse, the U.S. has offered a deal that would see Hicks released from Guantanamo but not necessarily from continued incarceration.

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Poltergeist Osama Makes His Return

03-03-2007 01:05

Isn’t it curious “al-Qaeda” has decided to “open new fronts” in countries that figure on the neocon target list?

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AUSTRALIA: NSW: Mardi Gras 2007

03-03-2007 00:17

Love Justice for David Hicks we know you're part of the crowd. Thanks!

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9/11 Truth: Michael Moore Questions the Pentagon Strike

02-03-2007 22:19

Michael asks why given all the video cameras that are at the pentagon, weve not seen any footage of a 757 striking the pentagon on 9-11.

Its about time hes asking the hard questions!

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Two East Timorese protestors killed by Australian troops

02-03-2007 20:30

neo-colonial operation
The entire political and media establishment is complicit in the Howard government’s neo-colonial operation in East Timor, and the latest killings have, predictably, produced not a word of protest. While posturing as opponents of Australia’s participation in the occupation of Iraq, the Labor Party and the Greens back every military intervention in the Pacific to the hilt—from East Timor in 1999, to the Solomons in 2003 and 2006, and the Timor operation last year.

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Identity Cards Propaganda on Channel 4 - please complain

02-03-2007 20:11

I am disgusted to have just seen a half hour programme on Channel 4 hosted by Charles Clarke where he made the case for why we need identity cards. The programme offered no arguments against their introduction beside a brief interview with the face of Liberty.

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de Menezes Judge Flasher

02-03-2007 19:47

The judge in the de Menezes case cahrged with indecent exposure.

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Rural Workers in Uruguay occupy land and call for solidarity

02-03-2007 19:34

On January 14 of this year, Mandiy� � a group of small dairy farmers � occupied a 388 hectare section of the Eduardo Acevedo Estate in the area of Bella Uni�n, in the north of Uruguay. This is the second land occupation in the country, following the group of �peludos� (sugar cane workers) in their occupation one year ago of another 32 hectares that had been abandoned for more than ten years.

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Yorkshire Quakers launch Faslane actions

02-03-2007 19:07

Quakers in Yorkshire are going to Faslane this weekend 3/4/5th March, they held a launch event outside Leeds Art Gallery today.