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08-08-2001 12:44

A picture from the disobedients' march from Carlini. Genoa 20.7.2001.

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Welsh Green Gathering - Action Site Launched

08-08-2001 11:01

The Welsh Green Gathering has been cancelled and we are all a little less happy because of it... well why not make your feelings heard and at the same time annoy and tie-up the collective plonkers irresponsible enough to have contributed to this sham!!

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08-08-2001 10:54

Call in support of a People's Tribunal on Oct 20-21 in Genoa and analysis.

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Refugee camp revolt picture

08-08-2001 09:52

Refugee camp revolt picture
02/08/01. Refugee with his sick child gets a friend to translate about his treatment at the hands of the authorities, Sangatte Red Cross refugee camp, nr Calais

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Volxtheater Karawane members tortured 4 sure

08-08-2001 09:18

The austrian government has demanded the release of the 25
performance artists held on trumped up charges by the forces of evil , in fascist Italy

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G8:Casarini(italian leader white overall)20/08 we will not go back on the street

08-08-2001 00:04

20 august we will not go back on the streets.

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Refugee camp revolt

07-08-2001 23:41

Hundreds of refugees wanting to seek asylum in Britain hold a protest against human rights abuse by the authorities, Sangatte Red Cross Shelter, nr Calais. Due to the British Government policy they face death by clinging to Eurostar trains and have been battered, gassed and attacked with dogs by the French riot police.

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BNP leaders home number

07-08-2001 23:21

Here they are give him a little call

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Rout of the small farm

07-08-2001 21:54

Lord Haskins has been chosen to spearhead the assault of the agro-industrialists.

The website link is the Guardian's special report on "What's wrong with our food?"

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Video surveillance

07-08-2001 18:28

An advance in video surveillance - with a view to sustaining better privacy and ethics. There are alternatives to the status quo.

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An Appeal to all people of good faith in the SWP:

07-08-2001 17:41

An Appeal to all people of good faith in the SWP:
Stop the mis-representation and vilification of anarchist activists by the Socialist Worker Paper.

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ExxonMobil are not the only ones we should target.....

07-08-2001 17:37

PR firms such as Burson-Marsteller deserve more attention from activists concerning their role in lobbying governments on behalf of big business (ExxonMobil for example)

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The Weekly Worker, Anarchists and Genoa

07-08-2001 17:18

An Anarchist critique of the CPGB's
"Weekly Worker" account of anarchism
post-Genoa. Indicates the fundamental
differences between anarchism and Bolshevism.

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Post-Genoa Police Repression in Ljubljana, Slovenia

07-08-2001 16:26

House searches and repression against Lithuanian activists after Genoa

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Statement of imprisoned Publixtheatre Caravan

07-08-2001 15:46

This statement is written by the PublixTheatreCaravan in jail in Alessandria. Please spread wideley - put it on websites and mailinglists...

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Personal Account of Genoa

07-08-2001 13:47

Personal Account of Genoa

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NoGlobal contro il vertice NATO a Napoli

07-08-2001 13:23

26 e 27 settembre vertice NATO a Napoli

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BBC Newspeak

07-08-2001 12:56

BBC give in to pressure from state assasins

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Channel 4 News wants your film.

07-08-2001 12:53

Info on the 'Indy fund' from the Channel 4 News site.

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Jam Echelon Day - October 21, 2001

07-08-2001 12:49

Mission Statement

The primary goal of Jam Echelon Day 2001 is to raise public awareness of the existence of Echelon and stimulate scrutiny of the world's government agencies that operate it.