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2nd Annual Nuclear Free Future Run

14-07-2004 13:10

We run and walk to bring focus not only on the horror of
nuclear weapons but the damage caused to the Earth by the
production not only of these weapons but also by the use of
nuclear energy.

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INVITE: Autonomous During ESF - Organising meeting Sunday 18th July

14-07-2004 13:00

INVITE: Autonomous During ESF - Organising meeting Sunday 18th July

The next organising/networking meeting will be held at:

2pm, July 18th
Occupied Social Centre "Ex-Grand Banks"
158 Fortess Road
London Nw5

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Activists occupy Australian consular offices over logging

14-07-2004 11:34

Outside St Peters House, Manchester 1
Activists have occupied the Australian Consular Offices in Manchester, England in a protest against old growth logging in Australia

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14-07-2004 07:30

A Secret Conference Thought to Rule the World
Here we go more from the so called conspiracy theorists camp site , you know the ones you all love to hate , right wing anti jewish nutters (or so "THEY" say) no surprise that then that the other 95% of the UK population are quite simply SHEEPLE are still doing what they are supposed to. Bleating widely about shit !!!!
lets all go and protest about the G8 and forget about the real string pullers BILDERBERG !!

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14-07-2004 06:04

written by some comrades after the Mayday in Dublin

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Andy Stern and SEIU Offer the Same Worn-Out Policies

14-07-2004 06:02

To Many young activists, SEIU is considered the progressive Union. But, in the last analysis, the policies of SEIU's leadership are no different from those of any other AFL-CIO Union. They fail to take on the employers in a serious way and refuse to break politically with the Democratic Party.

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Spanking-ban critics offer compromise?

14-07-2004 03:39

UK: David Hinchliffe, the labour MP who plans to push for a full ban on smacking when the bill returns to the House of Commons said, "it's a recipe for lawyers to print money because they will still be arguing over whether an assault has been committed or not".

But more importantly a partial ban on smacking condones other physical punishment, says experts!

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Support Self-Determination for African People!

14-07-2004 03:11

ASI Conference
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 July - Africans Worldwide, Unite to Liberate Africa!

Conference to build a Worldwide African Revolutionary Organization: The African Socialist International

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ICJ Condemns Israel's Apartheid Wall

14-07-2004 00:49

The International Court of Justice has ruled in an advisory opinion that the construction of Israel's Apartheid Wall deep in Palestinian territory is illegal and unjustified by military necessity.

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Building Bridges Radio - The CorporationThe Pathological Pursuit of Profit and P

13-07-2004 20:27

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Reports presents this 58 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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Swastika attack woman 'lied'

13-07-2004 19:29

The reported assault follows a rise in anti-Semitic attacks
A French woman who alleged she had been the subject of an anti-Semitic attack invented the story, police sources say. Is this an isolated case I wonder ? it seems that some people are prepared to go to any lengths to get the result they want. rather un sporting rather like taking a dive in the penalty area, the original article made a lot of headlines i wonder weather the new twist of events will receive the same level of attention from worlds media manipulators .

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Another Blair Whitewash: Butler Report Likely To Be As Bad As Hutton Report

13-07-2004 19:27

It is known that Blair lied with his pre-ar about WMDs and the use of the 45 min claim that he knew to be a manipulation of facts. The only result of these inquiries has been the punishment of the news media for reporting the truth! Don't let Blair get away with this. He is more to blame for the Iraq war than Bush since he went against public opinion while Bush was able to get majority support.

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There's not enough unemployment

13-07-2004 18:33

This article offers an alternative analysis of the business success story of Greyfriars UK, as reported by North East Tonight (ITV) and the Yorkshire Post.

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Activist Wife Swap

13-07-2004 17:45

Swapping your activist Wife!

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13-07-2004 17:22

A former member of the British National Party who hurled racial abuse at the owner of a fast food outlet has been given a night-time ban from every takeaway in Plymouth for the next five years.

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The Diallo Incident: One Officers Perspective

13-07-2004 17:01

In the quiet post-midnight hours of February 4, 1999, 41 shots rang out in the entry vestibule of a South Bronx apartment house. Within seconds, a young man laid dead, four policemen standing over his lifeless body.

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13-07-2004 16:56

Blair rattled by Butler report as Brown moves in for the kill.

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Film showing on Strike Action and State Repression in Lebanon - Beirut IMC

13-07-2004 16:05

Strike action and state repression in Lebanon - come and see the film at Marxism

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Big Brother - Now in our schools??

13-07-2004 15:58

Will Big Brother cameras be introcuded into schools???

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Rosia Montana: The war for gold is killing people

13-07-2004 15:16

The Mining Company S.C. „R.M. Gold Corporation” offered the amount of 840,000,000 lei to the family physician Florin Georgescu, so that he would leave Rosia Montana . For a year, the largest commune in Romania was left without medical assistance. Many of the local inhabitants claim that doctor Georgescu was paid to leave, because he held certain medical files of patients who had died, or became gravely ill, because of the powerful psychological pressures they were subjected to, for several years, by the mercenaries of the Company.
The war for gold has begun to kill people.

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