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Brum social centre audio

08-12-2004 01:45

One of the Nursery collective talking about the squatted social centre, the eviction and the future of the collective.

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Support Greek Conscientious Objector at high risk to be jailed (again)!

08-12-2004 01:11

We are asking you to send protest letters (or to protest at greek embassies) in order to support Greek Conscientious Objector at high risk to be jailed AGAIN!

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Residenzpflicht on Trial in Germany

08-12-2004 00:26

Since 1982, Germany is the only country in Europe were refugees are criminalized by the law of the Residenzpflicht. The Obligatory Residency Law keeps refugees from seeing their doctors, their lawyers, their friends and relatives and for some of them worst of all from continuing their activities which made them flee their country. When German politicians are in uproar about how foreigners are not willing to integrate into the society, such an absurd and inhumane law and the discussion surrounding integration can only be seen as cruel and cynical.

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Ukraine Get It - If You Really Want

08-12-2004 00:13

Ukraine - Cartoon - thanks, SchNEWS
Here is a report from SchNEWS’ Ukraine correspondent. A conclusion put forward is that "the majority went to the streets not to bring Yuschenko to power, but to prevent Yanukovych from seizing it. The feeling from the people is: “With Yuschenko – we’ll be in opposition; with Yanukovych, there’ll be no opposition”."

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Sherwood Protest Camp Evicted [Photos]

08-12-2004 00:09

Well, over a year now, that folks have been living on the site, but 50 bailiffs and a hundred or so police, [including the road-blocks around the district, evicted the three people living there today. Through the course of the afternoon, I watched them saw down a 300 year old beech tree to make way for some more 'progress'.

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TOFFBUSTERS: Citizens Arrest the Hunters on Feb 19th

07-12-2004 21:19

In this struggle we think reversing the normal boundaries of legal action and protest, by trying to arrest the hunters, is deeply subversive. Also we will call an action against the Countryside Alliance in Parliament Square, central London, on Fri Feb 18th if their promised mobilisation on that day is carried out...

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radio rampART news

07-12-2004 21:01

a short abstract.. radio rampART is still going after much embittered struggle and toil from the v.minimal crew thats we got here.. wee need voluteers and donations.. we need love and we need more content. send us your stories (and your grannies and bored twenty/ thirty/ forty somethings..) come in and edit material, help produce alternative news for worldwide listenership, learn stuff.. teach stuff.. get on! now is always all th time there is!

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The TRAPESE road show

07-12-2004 18:59

Take Radical Action - Popular Education and Sustainable Everything.
The Trapese Roadshow has been on the road again.

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Letter to Blair Seeks Iraqi Civilian Deaths Inquiry

07-12-2004 17:59

Former ambassadors, senior military figures and a bishop were among 44 signatories of an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair today calling for an inquiry into civilian deaths in Iraq.

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Power of Nightmares- discussion with director

07-12-2004 17:12

Debate TV docos

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Hunt SAbs vs Essex Farmers + Union Hunt

07-12-2004 17:12

Video Terrier Hard Man
Footage and report of huntsman throwing fox to the hounds.

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Problems and Opportunities for Citizen Power in Venezuela

07-12-2004 16:43

Merely echoing the virtues of participatory democracy will do little to advance its cause.

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Occupation and Resistance in Iraq

07-12-2004 16:37

All day conference on Iraq organised by Iraq Occupation Focus. Held at University of London Union (Malet Street) Sunday 5 December 2004.

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Aznar visit was cancelled to avoid protests

07-12-2004 16:22

The planned visit of Jose Maria Aznar - the ex-PM of Spain and a strong supporter of the war in Iraq - to Oxford last Friday was cancelled "for security reasons" after anti-war protests were planned.

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Buy Nothing Month continues!

07-12-2004 16:20

While Buy Nothing Day was a success, one day is not sufficient to impact the control corporations have over our lives

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It's coming out! More on how the U.S. election was stolen

07-12-2004 16:06

People may wonder why a group of intelligence insiders would come forward to a non-major media outlet with such tantalizing information at this time. The corporate-beholden media cannot be trusted to report such a news story. A common theme from all the intelligence and ex-intelligence officials with whom I have communicated is that George W. Bush made a major mistake in attacking and purging the clandestine service of the CIA. The "agency," which extends far beyond the confines of Langley, Virginia, is having its revenge. It has willingly exposed a portion of a traditional clandestine CIA money route to expose the vote scam that was used to ensure Bush's election.

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Fairford Coaches ruling at 10am in Court 4 of Royal Courts of Justice, London

07-12-2004 15:52

Latest news on Fairford Coach Case is that there will be a ruling hearing at 10am at the Royal Courts of Justice (see below). Come out and support the right to protest by joining the one hour demo outside the courts from 9am-10am. Bring your own signs/banners/samba bands etc.

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University decides to go ahead with £12M environmentally unfriendly car park

07-12-2004 15:16

The Council of the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, yesterday, decided to go ahead with plans to build a huge decked multi-storey car park, expected to cost at least £12 million, despite a campaign by coalition of local campaign groups demanding that sustainable transport options are developed instead.

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Update (Iraq)

07-12-2004 15:05

At present, the whole world stands in "shock and awe" of the ineptitude of the US military and the whole debacle that is the Iraq intervention. Every military cadet is taught the strategies of all the great military battles of history. Napoleon, who brought the greatest ‘military machine’ (of the period) to bear on Russia was defeated by an enemy that would not capitulate – an enemy that deployed guerilla tactics and drew the world’s most powerful army into a quagmire (from which it could not recover.) The imperialism of Bonaparte was crushed soon after.

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Indymedia London Radio Show - Volunteers Wanted

07-12-2004 12:56

We're looking for support for the Indymedia London Radio Show!

If you think you can search out and edit stories from Indymedia sites
all over the world, we want your help!

If you're a solo artist or band who produce music on political themes,
we want to hear it!