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Call for a popular assembly at the liberated town hall of Agios Dimtrios in Athe

13-12-2008 12:37

It should be evident to all by now that this uprising is not merely an honorary response to the death of Alexandros. Ever since, there has been much talk about theft, burning and looting. For media and politicians, violence is understood only in terms of what disturbs the public order

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Notts' Mayor Xmas fund for twin city Harare

13-12-2008 12:11

A SIZEABLE number of people turned out for the Nottingham Mayor Christmas Cheer fund, earlier Regis Manyanya had interviews with various radio stations. The message was clear and straight forward Zimbabwe is in dire need of aid.

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Teachers of Terror: Headquarters of the LeT

13-12-2008 11:52

Welcome to the Headquarters of the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba think a terrorist organization would be based a few meters from the Grand Trunk Road? - By Harinder Baweja - The first Indian journalist to enter its gates.

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Greek Solidarity Demo in Leeds

13-12-2008 11:30

Saturday 13th Dec 2008 11.30AM
Millenium Square, Leeds

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The myths about the economic crisis, the reformist Left and economic democracy

13-12-2008 09:27

If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (The Leopard, 1958)

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who is using cctv access via councils in London and for what?

13-12-2008 07:08

What London councils are running cctv to operate No Go areas?

And how many actual offences being committed against ordinary people. And perhaps against activists in campaigns across London?

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Greek Riots: Dear parents

13-12-2008 03:22

[ I'm speechless. Could we possibly be bringing up a generation with such potential? ]

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13-12-2008 03:21

Amsterdam – Antonio Maria Costa, the Italian Executive Director of
the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, is seriously embarrassed because of
a solo-action by Amsterdam psychiatrist Fredrick Polak. In an open
letter published today, Polak demands an answer to a simple question.
Despite earlier promises the global drug czar has been dodging the
question for exactly one year.

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neo-Nazi Nathan Worrell jailed for 7 years

13-12-2008 02:06

neo-Nazi Nathan Worrell from Grimsby has been jailed for 7 years for possession of bomb-making materials and for harassing a mixed race couple. ("possession of material for terrorist purposes and racially aggravated harassment.")

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3 Bank of Americas Attacked in Santa Cruz, USA

13-12-2008 01:31

Last night rocks were thrown through the windows of 2 Bank of Americas and another ATM location.

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Greek riots: Getting even.

13-12-2008 00:43

This is the condition in which the youngster was taken to the magistrate.
[ How the greek police treats its arrestees - certainly not with milk & cookies. Translation of an article from,id=67224308 . Some legal terms might make no sense, so be careful with them. ]

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Greek Riots: Terrorism law in action

13-12-2008 00:39

[ & here we go: the first parodies of Justice have started... Translated from . Some technical terms below probably make no sense, be careful. ]

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new-updated Communique by the Polytechnic University Occupation, Athens 12/12/08

13-12-2008 00:38

Communique by the Polytechnic University Occupation,
Athens, Friday 12th December 2008

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Thursday at the Greek embassy-photos

13-12-2008 00:27

Journalist being searched 1
Few people wanted to show once more their solidarity to the struggle of the Greeks against a brutal government, but were outnumbered by intimidating police officers.

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UAF- how NOT to fight fascism

12-12-2008 23:59


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US report claims Rumsfeld guilt for torture

12-12-2008 23:00

A report released on Thursday by the Senate Armed Services Committee in the US says Donald Rumsfeld authorized abusive interrogation methods at Guantanamo Bay on December 2nd 2002.

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Iraq charter flight not allowed to land

12-12-2008 22:47

Wednesdays Kurdish Charter flight was not allowed to land @ Hawler International Airport, Erbil

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15 year old boy killed by cops in Australia

12-12-2008 22:43

"Gunned down by idiot cops. That's life hey?" the message left on the myspace page of a 15 year old boy killed by police in Australia.

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Camden Councillor speaks out against deadly Camden Bio Lab

12-12-2008 21:34

Camden Councillor Roger robinson has written a heartfelt letter on behalf of the people in his ward in Somers Town, Camden London who will be affected by plans to build the World's largest ever virus containment facility and animal testing lab which could contain anthrax and Bird Flu on a Camden Council house estate. Local residents and businesses are opposed the plans.