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This Week In Palestine – Week 17 2008

25-04-2008 18:49

Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for April 19th through to April 25th, 2008.

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As Predicted: Israel Rejects Hamas Truce Offer

25-04-2008 18:45

Again, we see that it is the Israeli Extremists, not the Palestinians, who reject peace.

But really, who can blame them? They've engineered a crisis which is giving them license to brutalize and weaken the entire population, while the world repeats their weak excuses and dishonest Framing, or remains silent.

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U.N. Nuclear Watchdog in 'Milestone' Iran Deal

25-04-2008 18:40

Watch for Israel and the US to reject this out of hand ...

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Antispeciesist Action

25-04-2008 18:35

In solidarity with Antispeziesistische Aktion in Germany!

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GREECE: Workers on the strawberry crops violently repressed by the land-owners

25-04-2008 17:02

Immigrant workers in Manolada, Ilia, Greece
One of the first immigrants' strike in Greece, against the humiliating salaries and the bad living conditions. Police and authorities backing the land-owners

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Starbucks v cowboy developers

25-04-2008 16:43

coffee shop looks familiar
Starbucks have had several cases recently of developers using the Starbucks brand name, corporate colours and logos in a clear case of 'passing off' to mislead the public with the intention to enhance the developer's own reputation by association.

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ALF torch Staples trucks

25-04-2008 15:50

Reported: April 25, 2008 - USA

anonymous communique:

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Liverpool May Day March and Rally 2008

25-04-2008 12:49

THURSDAY 1st MAY. The traditional May Day March will be led by the James
Larkin Band and will leave the CASA HOPE STREET at 6.p.m. and march via Hope
Street, Hardman Street, Renshaw Street, Lime Street, round the gyratory, up
Cross Hall Street, left into Dale Street and left into Castle Street and then
forward into Derby Square.

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May Day Party In Liverpool

25-04-2008 12:38

Liverpool Social Centre invites all workers & strugglers to our May Day '08 party on Thurs 1st May

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Misreporting War: Audio from the MWAW

25-04-2008 12:16


At a packed Media Workers Against War (MWAW) meeting at Westminster Universtity on April 10th, speakers addressed the audience on the topic "How the media sells war and why".

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Dick Cheney '94: "Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire"

25-04-2008 12:05

Snippet of Dick Cheney interviewed in 1994, where is incredibly says "Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire", saying it would effectively be a US occupation!!!!! Nothing wrong with that 9 years later, of course!

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London BPP Fash get slapped!

25-04-2008 09:46

Militant Anti-fascists turned over the BPP Victoria meeting. According to the BPP report on Stormfront, 'a couple of people got a good kicking, but the most serious injuries were a broken ankle and a comrade who was taken to hospital after being kicked unconcious'. The message is clear: No Platform, No Pasaran!

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Workers Memorial Day Pre event

25-04-2008 08:57

IWW members attended the pre-event outside the library last Saturday. We joined the event organised by local Unison activists. We produced our own flyer which we'd like to share with you as well as alert you to the remembrance service conducted by Rev Neil Richards, guest speakers from UNISON and other unions, and details about the forthcoming IWMD event at St. Phillips Church, in Birmingham on 28 April. are with you.

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April Biofools Day, Edinburgh

25-04-2008 07:46

Large-scale biofuels (‘agrofuels’) are causing climate change, hunger and human rights abuses. On April 15, ‘April Biofools Day’ there were protests around the UK against a new law which requires 2.5% biofuel to be mixed into all petrol and diesel. Concerned residents protested at a BP petrol station in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh.

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ALF, ARM & Countryside Resistance

25-04-2008 01:50

23rd/24th March


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Zimbabwean benefit on SAT 3RD MAY

24-04-2008 21:39

Women Together invite you to a Zimbabwean benefit on
Sat 3rd May, Coach and horses bar, 162 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, B12 9RJ
2pm - late. £3/£6 inc. food

Films 3 - 5, discussion 5 -6, food and live music, DJs from 8pm

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Strikes in Wrexham today… and zero carbon transportation

24-04-2008 20:20

Six striking workers and a dog
Report on a picket at the Department of Work and Pensions, the NUT strike, and an attempt to reclaim the streets with a shopping trolley.

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More 'Wonderfull' Climate Research Findings

24-04-2008 20:19

A team of Australian Research Scientists have concluded a month-long oceanic cruise measuring ocean currents between Australia and Antarctica.(1)

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Stern Even Sterner on Climate Change Forecast

24-04-2008 19:55

You have most likely never heard of the 'Stern Review', a 700 page document that discusses the effect of climate change and global warming on the world economy which was published 18 months ago in Europe, and shook the establishment with its stark predictions of economic havoc that will be the result of climate change around the world.(1) He was widely criticised for painting such a grim picture of the future.

Well guess what, he has changed his tune.

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Crisis in Food Prices Threatens Worldwide Starvation: Is it Genocide?

24-04-2008 19:40

Rising worldwide food prices are resulting in shortages, riots and protests, promises by governments to expand food aid, expressions of concern by international bodies like the World Bank, and stress on household budgets even in developed countries like the U.S. Did this just “happen” or is there a plan?