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What Happened in Iraq?

11-05-2003 23:07

Double Dealing and Compromise?

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Indymedia London Cinema

11-05-2003 23:04

What? A feature film and some shorts plus a workshop
Where? Sptiz Venue in the gallery, 109 Commercial Street E1
When? Tuesday 13th - 7.30 - onwards
How much FREE/Donations

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Weapons of Mass Destruction on the road to Coulport, North of Glasgow !

11-05-2003 22:00

Do you want to be a weapons inspector?

A British military convoy carrying illegal weapons of mass destruction is due to arrive in Scotland on Monday. The heavily guarded convoy of lorries slipped out of a top-secret atomic bomb factory near Reading on Saturday morning and travelling by road is due to arrive at its destination - a nuclear bomb store at Coulport on Loch Long on the Clyde - on Monday afternoon.
Each of the three lorries in the convoy is thought to be carrying two nuclear warheads which each have a destructive capacity eight times the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

[ report | Faslane Peace Camp | CND | Trident Ploughshares ]

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co-ordination HUB

11-05-2003 21:30

There has been a lot of discussion recently around the idea of some kind of co-ordination mechanism for the extra-parliamentary opposition movements - the Anarchists, anti-Capitalists, progressive non-Party organisations and the grassroots Left (amongst others). We think this is a very interesting discussion, but what is vital is that it moves from being a discussion into a real network for real change: the fine words must be followed by action.

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Stonehenge Acoustic Free Festival 21st - 22nd June

11-05-2003 21:08

Protest and celebrate at English Heritages decision to open the monument on the wrong day! Actual solstice on 22nd June, but officially only open on the 21st.

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Alfredo Scappatici aka STAKEKNIFE spirited out of belfast

11-05-2003 20:59

Alfredo Scappatici is the Brit army FRU agent stakeknife who penetrated the IRA GCHQ, according to the Sunday People, Sunday Mirror and other newspapers today. Alfredo was snatched from his home in the early hours of friday morning by his colleagues in the Brit army Force research unit L branch and whisked away to safety out of Northern Ireland after speculation by journalists and others pinpointed his identity.

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Starbucks sues tiny indigenous-owned coffeeshop for "trademark infringement"

11-05-2003 20:54

Three years ago, Darin Swanson and his partners christened their HaidaBucks cafe. Now the coffee shop in the Queen Charlotte Islands (British Columbia, Canada) is being sued by the Starbucks company, which says the name is too familiar to their own. "I guess they have a problem with the word 'bucks' in our name. They're letting us use the word Haida -- nice of them," Swanson said. Swanson and his partners -- all members of the Haida Nation -- insist they have aboriginal rights to the name and will not be ground down. Swanson had never set foot in a Starbucks coffee shop.

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Nuclear transport through Scotland expected on Monday 12th of May

11-05-2003 20:31

A nuclear transport is on the road, heading for Scotland.
There will be protests against these weapons of mass destruction.
The nuclear warheads are expected to arrive at Coulport, near Faslane, Helensburgh, on Monday, 12th of May 2003 in the afternoon.

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U.S. Colonel Admits 500 Tons of D.U. Were Used in Iraq

11-05-2003 19:52

"If you were watching T.V. and you saw any bombs hit there was an easy way to tell if it was D.U.
If you saw all those little secondary white fires burning in the air in the blast: that was D.U. burning off. D.U. burns with a whitish orange flame, almost looks like a firework shell burning."

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For Me

11-05-2003 19:30

Concerning job application.

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UK National Rally for Palestine, May 17th

11-05-2003 18:39

UK National Rally for Palestine, May 17th

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ISM Reports: IOF Attacks Jenin Today.

11-05-2003 18:07

IOF Attack On Jenin Today

and more on arrested internationals in Palestine.

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Stop War Coalition says Labour MPs that voted for war are anti-war

11-05-2003 15:23

Posted on an antiwar list for direct action people.

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Rave Against The Occupation-Party For Palestine

11-05-2003 15:10

Live music: Motiv, Aquilina, GM Babyz, and featuring Damask
Headlining DJ: Farook from Joi with the Joi sound system

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ISM Reports: Update On Continuing Activist Arrests

11-05-2003 14:53


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Greek serviceman refuses to serve in Gulf

11-05-2003 14:19

Greek serviceman George Monastiriotis, whose ship is to go to the Persian Gulf, refuses to go, issuing a statement that he will have nothing to do with the "relentless slaughter of the Iraqi people".

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The confinement of the elderly is legalized

11-05-2003 14:10

The confinement of the elderly is legalized in Sweden

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11-05-2003 11:18

On 8 May 2003, the Electronic Intifada obtained the text of a
document distributed by the Israeli military to foreign
dipl5{ives. The document, entitled "Form to be filled out and
submitted to IDF authorities prior to entry to the Gaza
Strip", is aimed at excluding foreign peace activists from
undertaking nonviolent direct action against Israeli military

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Miller + Kwasniewski are War Criminals - pls don't forget!

11-05-2003 10:30

What more should the Polish government do in order to be noticed?
- letter from a Polish activist to his Western friends

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Ken Loach and Jphn Rees Defend Galloway in Manchester - Broadband Video

11-05-2003 10:26

This is a broadband-encoded video clip of Loach and Rees speaking at the 9th May 2003 Galloway rally in Manchester.