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Home Office seek new Head of Physical Security

01-12-2007 15:44

Makes you think... what if a candidate with a spoof CV got an interview (or even the job?!)

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Bowing to Israeli Pressure, US Withdraws Mideast Resolution at UN

01-12-2007 15:05

ALERT: Annapolis a Charade: Olmert Plotting Massive Aggression

In Germany, according to historian Richard Evans, in 1931-1932, if enough Germans of conscience had begun to say No -- history would have had an entirely diferent outcome.

If we go any further down this road the tears will be those of conservatives as well as progressives. They will be (Israeli) tears.

The time for weeping has to stop; the time for confronting must begin.

Adapted from "American Tears"

The timing is interesting, given the "Annapolis Conference", which serves to be about PR alone, as Olmert has already ruled out any Negotiations or Compromise in the name of peace.

If you follow the events surrounding Israel's "Disengagement" from Gaza, you will quickly understand that this was the plan all along. While Israel was making a public spectacle of "forcing Jews to leave their homes", it was quietly surrounding the Strip with artillery emplacements, in an operation ominously named "First Rain".

Under this operation, Gaza basically became a "Free-Fire Zone", and several artillery and gunship strikes killed a high number of civilians. Finally, when one of these batteries fired upon and murdered a Palestinian family - picnicking on a beach that had been Segregated "Jews Only" only weeks before, Hamas finally decided to call an end to its unilateral, two-year cease-fire.

(In essence, they took Israel's bait. After all, you can't excuse your Aggression and label it "defense" if you're not being intermittently attacked. Never mind the hypocrisy underlying the entire media's framing of that whole debate ...)

When the Palestinians responded by electing Hamas to power (yes, elected), Israeli Extremists and their Ideological, bought foreign co-conspirators imposed unilateral sanctions on Gaza, a bit of Collective Punishment which increased the hardship of those stuck in the world's largest Concentration Camp.

When they felt Gaza had been substantially weakened, the US and Israel undertook a Coup attempt, using corrupt elements within the Fatah Party, provoking a violent response by Hamas, which expelled the group. Most of the world's media ignored the events leading to this "crisis", and instead only repeated the Propaganda emanating from the US and Israel, which used this to further increase sanctions against Gaza.

Most recently, Israel stepped up its Collective Punishment, except that human rights groups and legal advisors to the Government halted some of its approved measures, because they run contrary to International Humanitarian Law.

This was sold as another "response to rocket attacks" (again highlighting the hypocrisy of the debate's Framing - are the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves from strikes which actually KILL people ... ?), even though high-ranking officials said that this was NOT, in fact, a response to these attacks, but a way to "distance Israel from Gaza's infrastructure".

The real reason for this whole episode, of course, has been to "soften up" the Gaza Strip for a long-planned military attack, a way to undermine the resolve, and hopefully rid this territory of Palestinians altogether.

Olmert signalled long ago that he would not entertain any serious discussions at this summit, essentially selling out the Israeli public's desire for peace.

Now, Israel appears to be preparing to issue the usual 'justifications' for an Act of Aggression they planned long ago, by calling it a response to violence their own behaviour has provoked. The media's silence on these issues in past months signals their readiness to help in this regard.

Seeing the pattern yet?

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Venezuela under threat of attack by USA

01-12-2007 13:31

An emergency solidarity rally has been called by Hands of Venezuela for 5pm on Sunday
Bolivar Hall, 56 Grafton Way, off Tottenham Court Road, W1 and the nearest Tube is Goodge Street. Supporters are asked to bring banners and musical instruments and to wear red clothes.

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The cyber guardians of honest journalism

01-12-2007 13:27

GUARDIANS OF POWER - The Myth of the Liberal Media
What has changed in the way we see the world? For as long as I can remember, the relationship of journalists with power has been hidden behind a bogus objectivity and notions of an "apathetic public" that justify a mantra of "giving the public what they want." What has changed is the public's perception and knowledge. No longer trusting what they read and see and hear, people in western democracies are questioning as never before, particularly via the internet. Why, they ask, is the great majority of news sourced to authority and its vested interests? Why are many journalists the agents of power, not people?

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Sizewell Nuclear Power Blockade

01-12-2007 13:18

Locked On
Eight protesters took part in a 2 and a half hour blockade of Sizewell Nuclear plants A & B in response to Gordon Brown's recent announcement on nuclear power.

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The price of Chinese corruption: what is the next in China's politics, finance?

01-12-2007 13:04

Watch out on the runaway corruption inside China! Has China's ongoing reform altered the nation's political-economic landscape as far as government corruption is concerned? What is the next if this corruption goes deeper? Surpring findings in new reports.

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Corporate press did not expose dodgy donors & Labour frauds cos of Blair

01-12-2007 11:25

The Corporate press did not expose the dodgy donors and peerage scandal and tried to smear policman Yates because it is part of the fraud that has tried to hide the truth from the British public. No one is stupid enough to believe this Government is not corrupt, everything from the National Audit Office to the Seriously Flawed Office and the cabinet are profiteering from taxpayers while supporting the most corrupt and environmentally damaging companies of this century - the Carlylle group, British Aerospace, Monsanto etc etc Perhaps this is why Citizen Journalism is on the rise. It is the only place people reveal the truth rather than wait for some fat bastard pretending to be left wing on the Guardian or Independent who write anything for a free lunch and access to power (not matter how corrupt).

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Gordon Brown's dodgy Douglas Alexander, Crossrail and his dodgy sister Wendy

01-12-2007 11:19

Douglas Alexander, the man appointed by Brown as his election co-ordinator, has been keeping the old Blair game of dodgy donors. The not-so-bright Alexander forced Brown into funding Crossrail pre-the-disastrous election that never was after being lobbied by Bechtel. US company Bechtel has profited from the war while doing a very bad job. A recent transport briefing admitted that the Department for Transport will fund Crossrail even if talks with the City breakdown. Ie they continue to have access to taxpayers money for expensive projects, which only benefit the City. Meanwhile Alexander's sister is no different to her brother, dodgy donors are part of the family modus operandi.

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Arrest at Nottingham Uni over Palestine Protest

01-12-2007 09:31

Wall goes up
Yesterday, a protest occurred outside the Hallward Library on the University Park Campus, to raise awareness about the Israeli West Bank barrier, aka 'the wall'.

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Depleted-Uranium, Nuclear War and the politics of Radiation: Read and act NOW

01-12-2007 04:44

For Indymedia readers, friends and comrades in struggle worldwide against war, militarism, colonialism and nuclear industry: a brief review about “Depleted” Uranium, nuclear war and radioactive genocide-ecocide

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Fox News' Ijaz Mansoor's Advice Killed WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl

01-12-2007 04:29

And that,(getting Daniel Pearl killed by his advice and contacts in Pakistan)),was at least hopefully unintentional.Worse yet is when this scumbag Ijaz actually bribes,(donates),to our elected officials to influence their political decisions including in Pakistan and the Middle East that could or has come BACK TO HAUNT US ALL. :

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stop the deportation of journalist kemal kutan to turkey

01-12-2007 03:27

A progressive journalist and activist held in Germany is under threat of extradition to Turkey where he would face an uncertain fate...

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Richard Perle Grooming Future Ahmad Chalabis For Syria And Iran

01-12-2007 01:03

Prior to the Iraq war, “Perle used his Pentagon position to lobby both for war and for turning postwar power in Iraq over to Ahmad Chalabi, the long-time Iraqi exile.”

Now he’s at it again, lending his political assistance to exiled regime change advocates from Syria and Iran.

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Another Dead Nazi

01-12-2007 00:53

You Fat Bastard
John Griff Wood pops his clogs

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Tuareg Rebels Gathering Strength in Niger, by Gunter Wippel.

30-11-2007 23:01

The article also reveals how URANIUM is part of the background of the whole conflict.

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New in the UK! Freedom for Political Prisoners 2008 Calendar

30-11-2007 22:51

Available in the UK from Natterjack Press
The Certain Days calendar is a wonderful collection of artwork and political texts addressing some of the most pressing political issues of our day.
Produced by U.S. Political Prisoners: Herman Bell, Robert Seth Hayes and David Gilbert and supporters. All funds raised by this Calendar will go directly to supporting political prisoners and anti-imperialist struggles: see below for details and ordering info.

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"A Crude War Of Revenge" -- Tariq Ali on Afghanistan

30-11-2007 22:26

The United States is on its way to losing the war in Afghanistan. The eventual defeat will be political not military. Public sentiment is shifting in Europe. The people have had enough. They want to get out. When European troops withdrawal from Afghanistan; NATO will gradually unravel and the Transatlantic Alliance will collapse. That will be a disaster for America. The US will again be isolated by two great oceans. But not by choice. America's days as an empire will be over.

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Film of March Against Tesco

30-11-2007 21:41

Check out the film here...

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Terror Scare Early for Christmas

30-11-2007 20:55

Don't look over here! Look over there!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith made today the most cynical - and least convincing - move yet to exploit "terror" politically in the UK. On the day that New Labour hit a twenty year low in the opinion polls and Harriet Harman blamed Gordon Brown's office for her dodgy donations, we now have the first headline on the television news as a government announcement of the threat of a "Dirty Bomb" over Christmas.

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Jahongir Sidikov's deportation has been postponed

30-11-2007 20:45

Jahongir Sidikov
Craig Murry reports that the deportation of Jahongir Sidikov to Uzbekistan has been postponed. For more info on this case see: and and and

The latest entry on his case from Craig Murray's blog is reproduced below.