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The Alternative Media

04-12-2004 17:49

Undercurrents and SchNews- the best of the best!

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Cop who had £750.000 buried in his back garden GETS OFF WITH A CAUTION

04-12-2004 17:27

Inspector Norman Cox who had £750.000 of cash that his brother had earnt from his own private "Slave trade"
gets' of with a warning The spokesman stressed that "there was no suggestion Mr Cox had been directly involved in the money laundering operation". Well naturally whats the big three quarters of a million quid stashed in his back garden which was found by a special team from Kent investigating a mega money laundering scam which just happened to be run by his brother and nephew. You wouldn't want to waste money prosecuting a bent cop when you need every penny to harass and frame innocent demonstrators.

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Whilst they stuff their faces.......

04-12-2004 16:27

We invite concerned people to join us for an afternoon and evening of
protest at Marks and Spencers ongoing links with the state of Israel.

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Arrests on Manchester picket of M&S

04-12-2004 16:11

10 activists arrested on picket of M&S Manchester today.

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Canadians Protest Bush in Ottawa: US UK How Many Kids Did You Kill Today!

04-12-2004 15:04

Ottawa (November 30) - George W. Bush paid a presidential visit to Ottawa. He was met with a massive anti-war demonstration. You could certainly feel this special energy emanating from the large crowd gathering at Ottawa’s City Hall at noon for a march to Parliament Hill to express their discontent or perhaps a better choice of words would be outrage at the visit from Bush.

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Under the Pavement, Manchester's Radical Radio Show, 13th December 2004

04-12-2004 12:53

Tune in to Under the Pavement, Manchester's radical radio show, from 9.00pm until 11.00pm on Monday 13th December 2004 on ALL FM 96.9 across south Manchester.

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Hostages, Security and the US in Afghanistan

04-12-2004 12:27

I live in Afghanistan and try and give news you may not get. I have my news and views and also related articles from a variety of sources plus some photos.

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Do students in Edinburgh become more politicised?

04-12-2004 11:47

Edinburgh University is having a referendum on affiliating to NUS, the National Union of Students. In the website the campaign for voting “yes” to join the NUS is presented, whilst on the opposition is mobilising.
Currently the EUSA- the Edinburgh Union Student Association- is not affiliated to the NUS, though the two organisations were historically connected. It has not been a member since 1979, when students voted in a referendum to leave. A referendum in 1984 decided to maintain that position.

Voting was also possible online under

Neutral informative website:

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Kilroy- Slurry hit by a bucket of bullshit. by the Slik media attack possee

04-12-2004 11:06

MEP (mindless euro Puppet) and corporate news moron Kilroy-Slush gets down with some bio mass.
Financial Secretary and Bolton West MP Ruth Kelly was also hit.
He was just getting out of his car when a small geezer popped out from behind a juniper bussh with a bucket of fresh bullshit and quick as a flash The programme's host, Jonathan Dimbleby, later told the audience that the attack had been a great success for anti corporate media protesters as the MEP and his girl friend .had been covered from "head to toe"

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The Life and Times of Noam Chomsky

04-12-2004 10:13

The Life and Times of Noam Chomsky: A Brief History of America's Leading Dissident

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Venezuela solidarity events in London on Tuesday & Wednesday next week

04-12-2004 09:57

two very special speakers from Venezuela are in London next week, come and meet with them and hear what life as a grassroots activist is like in a self-declared "revolutionary" country...

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Comments re: The American Dream

04-12-2004 07:42

Is it not preferable for each one of us to be accountable and held responsible for our own actions? Should not Rumsfeld (prisoner abuse) and Kissinger (mass murder of civilians) be surrendered to the International Criminal Court of Justice for war crimes? Or should they hide behind the people – who are offered as targets instead?

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Condoleeza Rice

04-12-2004 04:31

All of this would be amusing but for the fact that people are dying. We would all like to ask Condy (her oil tankers notwithstanding) just what price Iraqi Oil against the life of one Iraqi child or one US citizen? Never in the history of the USA has it spawned a more dangerous group of clowns than George W and his neo-cons.

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Men Of The Year

04-12-2004 03:31

Iraqi Resistance Guerrillas.

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Your papers, please!

04-12-2004 03:20

Iraqi Resistance Guerrillas.

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USUK DU fallout global.. UK no longer measuring after Halliburton take over.

04-12-2004 02:10

The pernicious effects of DU are now global with
reported increases in infant mortality in 20 regions
of Europe reported in the January 2004 Lancet medical
journal in the UK .... and
in the UK Guardian last spring throughout Europe. No
one can escape this horrendous amount of radiation now
globally contaminating the entire atmosphere at levels
that are 5 times higher than the legal allowable
exposure limit under US law. ... Today, the UK govt.
air monitoring station in Aldermaston, England, which
measures uranium in the air and must report those
levels each year has failed to provide any reports for
the past three years because they claim they are not
measuring it now. It is no coincidence but certainly
curious that Brown and Root (a Halliburton subsidiary)
has now taken over Aldermaston in England, a British
govt. facility....

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SSF Meetings: Workshops (contents)

03-12-2004 22:05

Workshops being organized for tomorrow Saturday and Sunday SSF meetings.
More detailed information available at the

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Building Bridges Radio - US Representatives Demand Election Irregularities Inves

03-12-2004 22:01

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Reports presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON LA INDYMEDIA WEB LINK BELOW

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Sheffield Social Forum Meeting Sat 4-Sunday5th

03-12-2004 21:44

SSF: a logo
Forwarded message with clear time & venue instructions. All welcome!
Don't miss this opportunity to express your ideas, suggestions for future actions, and meet some extraordinary persons!

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Picket M&S - Thursday 9th

03-12-2004 21:43

We invite concerned people to join us for an afternoon and evening of
protest at Marks and Spencers ongoing links with the state of Israel.