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wave of repression in Oaxaca, Mexico

03-11-2007 23:09

The URO government is up to its old tricks again. This morning some of the comrades from VOCAL called to tell us about a new wave of repression against the demonstration today, November 2, the anniversary of last year’s victory against the PFP. At this moment (6:00 p. m. central Mexico time) the situation is not clear.

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Don't Attack Iran!

03-11-2007 23:05

Oxford Stop the War Coalition meeting featuring guest speaker Somaye Zadeh from Campaign Iran.

Thursday, November 8th, 7:30 PM in the Court Room of the Town Hall on St Aldates.

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Save Tasmania’s Forests - Protest in London 16 November

03-11-2007 22:11

Protest in London to coincide with Australian elections - tell Australia's politicians that the proposed new pulp mill in Northern Tasmania will be disastrous for the environment.

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It’s Time to Fire Washington!

03-11-2007 22:10

Are the Citizens of the United States asleep? What will it take to make them see our elected officials are not representing our interests and get up enough courage to step up to the plate and fire our representatives in Washington, DC?

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Artists 4 Peace - Serious Organised Criminals Protection Agenda - SOCPA

03-11-2007 21:16

and the bullshit begins...

SOCPA - first told on the phone that I was denied... not in writing; then Inspector Robinson lies through his teeth on the stand at Brian's trial in the statement that no one had been denied authorization and poof!...and I get the acceptance letter... with letter for my daughter...yet...

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Public Rascist Outburst

03-11-2007 21:08

Anti-semitic outburst outside Marks and Spencer.

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Right to Housing - France and Europe

03-11-2007 20:09

At the end of the solidarity gathering on Saturday, 26 October, around
400 people came together to the protests at 50-52 Rue Laffite, (Paris,
9th district), before a large building which had been vacant for 4
years, belonging to the AGF (a French insurance corporation). Demands
had been made to the government to requisition the building for social
ousing. After an aggressive attack by the reserve army to block the
entrance doors, and a sit-in of an hour, people returned to Rue de la
Banque. The Ministry of the Housing Crisis was present in full:
Committee for Action on Homelessness (CAL), Committee of the Homeless
(CDSL), Right to Housing (DAL), and Movement for Art and Culture in
the Neighbourhood (MACAQ).

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An emergency decree to expel poor Romanians illustrates once a

03-11-2007 20:07

The ancient Romans extended citizenship and the protection of their formidable legions to loyal European vassals. Modern Romans are more circumspect: This week they decided to offer their hospitality only to those fellow European citizen classified above the poverty line.

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Bash the rich? In yer dreams maybe...

03-11-2007 19:22

Another classic piece of Class War action took place today, whereby 70 or 80 gathered, waved flags and looked menacing - only to be shepherded around the streets of Notting Hill at the whim of the cops.

Not even the proper toff bit of Notting Hill either. The enforced procession crossed Ladbroke Grove and was led to to - as one pissed yuppie explained to me - the "former home" of David Cameron. Citizen Dave, according to this local resident put up the For Sale signs shortly after hitting the big time - his new neighbours include eighties chanteuse Annie Lennox.

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Statement againt the state of emergency in Pakistan

03-11-2007 19:17

Musharraf has declared a state of emergency, in effect a declaration of martial law. The Revolutionary Socialist Movement, sympathising section of the League for the Fifth International has adopted this resolution on the situation and will be organising resistance to the military take over

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Jean Charles de Menezes shooting: Metropolitan police found guilty

03-11-2007 19:07

On Thursday, a jury found the Metropolitan Police guilty of breaking health and safety laws over the shooting death of innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes on a London underground carriage on July 22, 2005.

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New repression in Oaxaca

03-11-2007 18:36

One year on from the PFP'd defeat, the repression is back.

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9/11 Asking Questions

03-11-2007 18:29

Here’s 22 questions mostly based on false LIHOP lightweight planehugger premises .The answers however in this case are the total categorical un-equivocal truth.

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Oxpens Recreation Ground to become car-park

03-11-2007 16:29

Capital Shopping Centres and the City Council are proposing to turn Oxpens Recreation Ground (next to the ice-rink) into a 900 space temporary car park for 18 months, in order to facilitate the massive expansion of the Westgate Shopping Centre.

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Guildford Book Festival 2007

03-11-2007 13:12

The Guildford Book Festival, this year held over a two week period 15-27 October 2007, is now a major literary event.

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The Fascist Mask and the continuity of the State of Exception: Naomi (sheep in)

03-11-2007 12:51

There is something happening, it seems, in the U.S. People are slowly becoming aware of the severe erosion that their “great democratic country” is suffering under.

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Four anarchists arrested in Italy

03-11-2007 12:42

A night of ordinary democracy in Bologna: 5 anarchists are beaten and arrested. On Saturday October 13, at around 4am, a girl who is sleeping in piazza Verdi is noticed by police on patrol. The latter decide that the girl’s behaviour is ‘abnormal’ and must be corrected by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO). They call the ambulance while keeping the girl under their custody against her will.

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Protest outside the Saudi embassy

03-11-2007 11:47

Protesters came together on the 31st October demonstrate outside the Saudi embassy to show our collective disgust that this opressive, barbaric and murderous regime have been given a warm reception from New Labour.

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local activists open squat on Cowley Rd (Oxford) for CCA gathering

03-11-2007 11:04

inside the squat
A bunch of local activists have squatted Coopers newsagents on Cowley Rd - a family run newsagents for years until priced out of the area by the all-too-familiar gentrification processes.