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Who's Lying? The police or the police.

25-01-2008 12:35

The scum can't have it both ways. Who's lying? Take your pick.

Either the police federation lied and the BNP were invited to their march. Or the Bronze Commander lied to Fit Watch.

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Friends of Brigitte & Lizzie Kamtcheu

25-01-2008 12:21

Brigitte & Lizzie Kamtcheu
Brigitte and Lizzie currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC, are facing deportation to Cameroon on Tuesday 29 January 2008 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 @ 19:00 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon. Her partner Bernard and father of Lizzie is currently detained in Campsfield IRC and booked on the same flight.

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GM Potato trial application by Leeds University

25-01-2008 12:15

Information about an application by Leeds University to run field trials of GM potatoes this year at a farm in Yorkshire

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sefton park trees cut down

25-01-2008 12:14

the re-designing of sefton park or the mass tree felling to ensure the funding has begun.

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Sick of genocide? KNOW the Law; USE the Law...

25-01-2008 11:53

Are YOU aware that it is illegal in the UK to pay taxes that go towards supporting genocide? Read on and ACT NOW!

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Vegan Prisoners Brithdays

25-01-2008 11:47

Just a reminder that Jonny Ablewhite's birthday is on 27 Jan and Heather Nicholson's is on 30 Jan, so please send them a birthday card. Jonny was found guilty of "blackmail" for his role in the (successful) Newchurch campaign and Natasha has been charged with conspiracy to blackmail Huntingdon Life Sciences and has been remanded in custody.

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Stop persecuting us, protesters tell police

25-01-2008 11:32

Tom Harris and Nicci Tapping
ANIMAL rights protesters arrested last week have today criticised police for detaining them, claiming they have done nothing wrong. The pair were arrested in Alver Road, Gosport, on Friday for the second time in nine months, but told The News they have never acted illegally... The arrests were part of Operation Achilles, a major police operation across the south targeting suspected animal rights extremists.

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North West Vegan Festival - a reminder

25-01-2008 09:47

The NW Vegan Festival is happening on Sat 26th Jan at Sachas Hotel, Tib St, Manchester. We have over 40 stalls, a list of talks and films, free food samples, and loads more. Free admission.

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Musharraf Visit - Protest

25-01-2008 09:11

Protests against Musharraf's Supension of Constitution etc

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Queen of England Served Letter of Demand by Aboriginal People in Canada

25-01-2008 08:40

Elizabeth Windsor, aka Queen of England, was served a Letter of Demand this week by survivors of Indian residential schools in Canada, through that country's Governor-General. The Letter requires that the Queen disclose the buried location of thousands of children who died in Indian residential schools run by the Crown and Church of England.

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New Social Centre under Siege

24-01-2008 21:59

A new autonomous space in Hackney sustained two violent attacks this week as representatives of both Howen Estates Ltd., and the Hackney Metropolitan Police attempted to forcibly and illegally gain entry to the newly opened social centre.

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Suzanne Taylor was released today on tagging

24-01-2008 21:50

In one of the sickest sentences ever handed out to animal rights activists last March 2007, Both Teresa & Suzanne have now both fortunately served considerably then less time inside than they were originally handed down a draconian judge.

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Demonstrate Stop The Siege Of Gaza

24-01-2008 18:26


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February - Fuck up a CCTV camera month

24-01-2008 16:46

The "Fuck CCTV Front " ahve said : February is fuck up a CCTV camera month.

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The Problem With...Hope

24-01-2008 16:38

I need to talk to you about hope. I need to warn you about having it, for merely by having hope you could become nothing more than a bundle of ineffectual good intentions. Hope could, in fact, be the single most dangerous thing to have in the environmental struggle we need to face up to.

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BP: Climate Policy Will Cause Peak Oil

24-01-2008 15:23

In a unbelievable presentation to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas on 16th January BP's Special Economic Advisor Peter Davies (no other oil company was prepared to address this group) claimed that "there's a distinct possibility that global oil consumption could peak as a result of climate policies" -- in other words NOT because supply problems but because of a reduction in demand! If you believe that governments around the world are going all out to reduce oil demand and switch to renewables then perhaps you might believe this... Of course they are not...

The APPGOPO Press Release on this presentation, which links to a MP3 of the event, follows, this presentation is being discussed on the PowerSwitch forum:

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Professional Protest Stall on Police March

24-01-2008 15:11

The Professional Protest Stall
Realising that the Police are far more used to being on the other side of protests, the Space Hijackers set up a stall at the Police March offering tips on protesting, free placards and even police issue anti F.I.T team face masks

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NATO-Game over

24-01-2008 13:58

Resist Military Globalisation!

Five years after the Iraq war started: an international action weekend at NATO's headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Europe serves as a staging ground for military interventions worldwide. The framework can differ: NATO, EU, US coalition of the willing, UN. The target as well: Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, ....

But the departure points not: military bases, airports and harbours in Europe.

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Complete Blockade & Roof Occupation of EDO MBM.

24-01-2008 13:03

Brighton activists prevent access to Fishersgate EDO MBM by locking on to gates and super gluing themselves to external doors. Two activists scale the roof and occupy.