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Climate Injustice in the Niger Delta - Speaker Event

03-07-2006 15:33

Thursday 6th July

'Climate injustice in the Niger Delta: Ten years on from Ken Saro-Wiwa'

7-9 pm, Holywell Music Rooms. £3/£2.

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Liverpool School Students Against War hold Picnic

03-07-2006 15:13

Liverpool School Students Against War are holding a peace picnic in the Peace Garden (behind St George's Hall and opposite the World Museum) on Saturday 8th July at 1pm.

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charities make millions out of the unemployed/disabled

03-07-2006 13:06

how charities and public/private companies are making millions from the unemployed/disabled

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PHILIPPINES: Citizens' impeachment complaint against President Gloria Arroyo

03-07-2006 12:05

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) solons today formally endorsed the second impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) as more citizens and groups filed their complaints against the president.

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Report from the Swedish commission to reduce oil usage by 2020

03-07-2006 11:27

The Swedish commission working on the elimination of oil use presented its final report on Wednesday the 28th of June through the prime minister Göran Persson and environmental author and governmental adviser Stefan Edman.

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chemtrails video evidence from June 2006

03-07-2006 10:43


click the link to access the video

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As BP reports drop in oil production, wot r u doing2 prepare4 peak?

03-07-2006 09:06

Many different people predict a wide variety of timescales for peak oil and the downslide on the other side. Some people say we have already peaked and others say we've got maybe another six or even eight years. However, the nature of the problem means that we'll only know we've reach global peak after the event as we look back on falling production figures....

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US will retain overall command

03-07-2006 05:15

Afghanistan Killing
The present US-led offensive in southern Afghanistan demonstrates that Washington is determined to maintain its grip over the country, which occupies a crucial strategic position adjacent to resource-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as South Asia. While NATO troops from Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and several other countries are due to take over key operational tasks in Afghanistan, the US will retain overall command. Far from ending the opposition to the occupation, the build-up of troops and their repressive methods will only fuel greater popular resentment and hostility, which is rapidly transforming Afghanistan into another military quagmire.

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7/7 Bombings: "A Covenant of Security"

03-07-2006 03:46

...from The Independent:

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Scan Dot Org 4th July Special mp3

03-07-2006 03:13

It Won't Be Long?
Independence from the Neo Cons

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SOCPA - news of a brian haw court victory

03-07-2006 01:36

last week brian haw (5-year veteran parliament square protestor) won back the limited right to use a megaphone in parliament square in a court case against westminster council who had raised concerns about noise previously.

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SOCPA - a send-off for ex-sergeant major edwin linton

03-07-2006 01:21

edwin, brian, and little friends
edwin is setting off on a 'freedom march' round britain, giving talks and meeting people along the way to publicise the massive restrictions on freedom that this government has been responsible for.

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SOCPA woman's child threatened by police this afternoon

03-07-2006 01:00

Video this week's stop and search notification
inspector hart from charing cross threatened a mother today that she would be arrested and that her seven-year-old daughter would be taken to the police station and handed over to social services. her crime? singing outside downing street with a statement about bullying round her neck.

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Art Not Oil extends until July 9th, Foundry, London

02-07-2006 23:00

ART NOT OIL at The Foundry, 84-86 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JL, (Old Street tube)

June 29th-July 9th 2006

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Of the prejudice and of the discrimination.

02-07-2006 22:34

About the demonstration of impotence of the prejudice and of the discrimination

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“The Afghan has war-fighting in his blood”

02-07-2006 21:08

Commander of UK forces in Afghanistan utters racist remark in radio interview

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New report shows new roads mean massive traffic growth

02-07-2006 20:47

A major new study shows that three recent controversial road schemes - including Newbury and the M65 Blackburn Bypass - have gerenerated much more traffic than was predicted at the time. This shows that building more roads does not work, fuelling more traffic growth and higher CO2 emissions.

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4 Essential Ways To Save The Earth : Part 5 (Final)

02-07-2006 20:39

This 5th and final part (all parts available on The Earth Blog) show the fundamental role that personal and community action will have to play in giving the Earth a future.

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Stop The War - Disrupt the Army @ Colchester 15-07-2006

02-07-2006 20:20

Colchester Goes To War
Calling all anti-war, anti-military, pro-peace, autonomous, green groups, and all others who wish to build a peaceful world. The British Army will be showing off its weapons of war on July 15th at the Colchester Military Festival and we plan to make a very loud pro-peace noise.

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Picket against Townhouse this friday 7th July

02-07-2006 19:40

Picket against Townhouse this friday 7th July