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'Dealing with Peak Oil and Climate Change' in London

25-04-2007 14:32

The relationship between Climate Change and Peak Oil, and how to deal with the two threats, will be discussed at a special event titled ‘Dealing with Peak Oil & Climate Change’ in Covent Garden, London on 12th May 2007.

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We Can Win.

25-04-2007 14:02

Peace and Love returned.

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25-04-2007 13:58

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European Parliament sets up temporary committee on climate change

25-04-2007 13:07

The European Parliament voted today in favour of setting up a temporary committee on climate change.

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Bartleby not Radio Alice: Camberwell Squatted Centre film tonight

25-04-2007 12:56

Yes the film tonight at the Camberwell Squatted Centre has been changed at the last hour to the classic 1970 version of the Bartleby. He is the original refuser of work who 'prefers not to'. Free 7.30

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mayday meltdown

25-04-2007 12:38

the ASBO centre & pedalpoweredclowns invite you to Mayday Meltdown - a day of low impact fun, festivity and exchange

This is to celebrate
that the clownchaos is finally leaving for G8 / palestine, the rising of Spring and our Asbotic community.

may 7th 12 - 12

a winding procession, picnic cabaret, workshops, streetparty, volleyball, soundsystems, bands, cafes, spoken word, chillout spaces, guerilla gardening, info + discussions, cinema, games, spectactors

donations only - all donations help support your local palestine circus :-) the bar proceeds support the asbo community space

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Leeds Monthly Critical Mass Celebrations

25-04-2007 11:05

Its the last friday of the month again: get your chains oiled, your tyres pumped, and adore your bike with horns and bells... its time for a little reclaiming of the streets.

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BNP fail to infiltrate St George's Day parade

25-04-2007 10:56

The far-right British National Party's plans to infiltrate Manchester's multi-cultural St George's Day celebrations has been foiled thanks to tip-off's from local anarchist activists. Despite this, the BNP later organised a riot in the City Centre in protest of their float being impounded.

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A Terrorist goes free...

25-04-2007 10:29

Justice against Terrorism!
AFTER the attacks of Sept. 11, President Bush forcefully argued that it was every country's duty to fight international terrorism. He made the case that sponsoring terrorism or simply looking the other way when it happened were equivalent acts, and the United States would stand for neither...

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The Pirate University in London

25-04-2007 10:12

Why, when, where.....come along!
15 Rampart Street, E1 2LA

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New Titnore Woods Phone

25-04-2007 09:47

The phone number to contact the Titnore Woods protest camp has changed.

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Hull, rally and protest against GM trials, 21st April 2007

25-04-2007 09:20

A selection of photos of the events of 21st April 2007

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London Mayday 07' - Join the Autonomous Workers Bloc!

25-04-2007 09:15

Join the Autonomous Workers Block 12pm Clerkenwell Green behind the red and black flags.

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Iraqis oppose US plan to divide Baghdad into ghettos

25-04-2007 08:41

The US military’s plan to seal off an entire suburb of Baghdad behind a three-metre high concrete wall has produced widespread opposition among Iraqis of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Several thousand residents of Sunni-populated Adhamiyah demonstrated against the wall on Monday behind banners declaring “No Shiite. No Sunni. Islamic Unity” and “No to the sectarian barrier”. Shiite leaders in neighbouring suburbs have also condemned the barrier.

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Tens of thousands remember Anzac murderers and tens of millions stayed home

25-04-2007 05:16

Don't show your support for the ex-service community and in particular for the militants that are currently occupying Iraq and Afghanistan with the estimated 655,000 dead in Iraq and the dead Afghanistan's that the militants have refused to count to date.

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Anti Gold Mining Conflicts Spreading

25-04-2007 01:56

Yanacocha in Perù the world´s largest gold mine
Once isolated communities around the world are suddenly uniting and strengthening in their actions to halt transnational Big Mining projects. On May 2, 2007 community and environmental groups around the world will unite is struggle on the Global Day Of Action Against Barrick Gold Corporation.

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Sadie Graham Shoots Straight

25-04-2007 01:40

Sadie Graham Shoots Straight
British far right politician Sadie Graham shows the real agenda of the British National Party.

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BBC and Evasion of History

25-04-2007 01:11

How to masquerade as a public broadcaster providing a factual history series and evade the facts at the same time.

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MPs call for Government investigation into SOAS Head

25-04-2007 00:21

Workshy Lady Judge: can only manage a two-day week
Questions raised about suitability of SOAS Chairman Lady Barbara Judge for Nuclear job

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Statement from and campaigners against Hull’s GM potato trials

24-04-2007 23:58

On Saturday, over 250 people from around the country attended a rally in Hull in a powerful and vibrant display of resistance to the reintroduction of GM crops to the UK.