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Oaxaca Conflict Puts Spotlight on the Media

05-03-2007 17:44

The Leap in Ratings for Channel Nine During the Women’s Takeover, and the Rise in Popularity of Noticias, Reflect the Desire for the “Presentation of Reality”

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Conferência mundial contra as bases militares estrangeiras

05-03-2007 17:28

Pela abolição do militarismo

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Beat Up but Upbeat- Reflections on Cops Payout Over S11 WEF 2000/Melbourne

05-03-2007 17:02

At 1am this morning I was called by an Australian journalist to comment on mainstream media reporting a payout from the Victorian government to some of us assaulted at the World Economic Forum 2000 in Melbourne.,,21322057-661,....html,20867,2132....html

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On The Ground, Ireland: Video/Report - Pushme-Pullyou on the picket line

05-03-2007 16:25

Today, the first of March in this year of our corporate lord Shell E and P Ireland, the violence slowly started to sneak in again after nearly two weeks of daily peaceful pickets.

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Food industry implicated in Britain’s bird flu outbreak

05-03-2007 14:25

On January 30, some dead turkeys were found in one of the intensive rearing sheds that form part of the Bernard Matthews turkey farm and processing plant in Holton, Suffolk in eastern England. The following day more turkeys were found dead and by February 3 more than a thousand had died.

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Latin american dayschool

05-03-2007 13:59

Latin America in struggle a continent awakes

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Naughty Samba Bands

05-03-2007 13:38

The High Command of the StWC have spoken regarding those naughty people with drums who break the RULES!

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The voice of dissent at Gothenburg’s motor show

05-03-2007 13:07

60 meters by car = this much co2 (2).
A successful action to offset the tanker loads of greenwash in Gothenburg, Sweden, the home of the Volvo.

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Free E-book

05-03-2007 12:44

If you haven't read it yet:

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Ungdomshuset - demolition work has started

05-03-2007 12:39

The new owners of Ungdomshuset, the Copenhagen 'Youth House', have started its demolition.

The demolition began on Monday morning (5 March) at 8 in the morning. Workmen wore masks and the company names on their vehicles were blacked out, apparently as a precaution against any reprisals.

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Come celebrate Norouz with Cross Border Beats!

05-03-2007 11:58



An Iranian evening of International music and food in support of refugees and asylum seekers + NOROUZ A CELEBRATION OF THE IRANIAN, KURDISH + AFGHANIE NEW YEAR

Sat 10th March 2-6pm @ The Oaklands Centre, Winleigh Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 2HN

admission £5.00

refugees/ asylum seekers/ unemployed Free

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Stock merket collapses

05-03-2007 10:52

NY Stock Exchange3
as traders jump

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Inspiring Action

05-03-2007 09:47

Wanna change the world? If you're always signing petitions and sending emails demanding change to those 'in power', join InspireAction and tell others about it!

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Mass murder of Afghan women & children

05-03-2007 09:22

It is clear that passive killing, passive mass murder, passive holocaust-commission and passive genocide involve the same moral culpability as the corresponding active processes. Indeed you can be the judge of to what extent what is clearly an Afghan Holocaust, the Mass Avoidable Death (MAD) of Afghans, constitutes Genocide (albeit a Passive Genocide that nevertheless involves the same moral culpability as Active Genocide) by simply considering the precise wording of the relevant parts of the UN Genocide Convention.

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Palestinian youth in Bethlehem area fully support non-violent resistance

05-03-2007 05:45

Poster Palestinian Campaign for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions
The Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI), an initiative of YWCA of Palestine and East Jerusalem YMCA, carried out research among young people from the Bethlehem area, to examine the attitude of Palestinian youth towards non-violent struggle against the occupation and oppressive practices.

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AUSTRALIA: NSW committal for terrorism scapegoats begins at Penrith Court

05-03-2007 04:32

The Blood
In reality this is just a waste of taxpayer's money. The rules of evidence and standards have been reduced to compliment the draconian laws that go along with it. This is just a show trial for political purposes and all Australians should bow their heads in disgrace that the war criminal John Howard has stooped so low in order to continue his fear mongering and resource wars in the middle east.

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Kurdish issue: Turkey to the negotiation table, Iran to the front!

05-03-2007 02:32

There is no question that neither Turkey nor Iran is willing to engage in a conflict with the Kurds. But, the fact that the negotiation process in Turkey has been, by and large, led by the USA, means that there is less hope for a healthy solution. US policy of bringing Turkey to the negotiation table while engaging Iran in a conflict will lead to tension between Turkey and Iran. As long as the USA and the UK hold the Kurdish trump card, PKK trump card, PJAK trump card, terror trump card, they will destabilise all the countries in the region.

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Pentagon Mole

05-03-2007 00:29

Pentagon mole on the war with Iran