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Please Reply by Monday to Sign-on Letter Supporting the U'wa in Colombia

22-04-2006 12:28

----Original Message-----
From: Uwa Defense Project at AW [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 6:29

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Cardiff Demo in Solidarity with Colnbrook/Haslar Hunger Strike

22-04-2006 12:06

A solidarity demonstration took place in Queen St, the main shopping street in Cardiff, on Thursday in support of the people on hunger strike in Colnbrook and Haslar Immigration Removal Centres.

About 30 people and a banner gathered to hand out flyers and talk to people about the situation of the hunger strikers and immigration detention and borders in general.

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May day event

22-04-2006 11:19

Medway Trades Union Council invites all local activists to join its May-dy event

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Guantanamo (by Latuff)

22-04-2006 10:40

Don't Forget Guantanamo
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Nepal on a tightrope. Democracy or dictatorship?

22-04-2006 09:11

In Nepal the showdown between a fat power-crazed king and a huge democracy movement has shut down the entire country since Apr 6th. International pressure can help end the crisis. Nepali people need support in their struggle to escape dictatorship. Demo at Nepal Embassy 25th Apr

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What Nepal could learn from the winsor rabble

22-04-2006 08:25

Anyone fancy booting our dictators out on mayday?

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The Party Line: 'Palestinians attack, Israelis respond'

22-04-2006 08:09

Article by a British anti-occupation activist working long-term in the media office of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Ramallah, Palestine. An opinion peice about the attempts by the Israeli media to portray a recent invasion of Nablus as a "reaction" to the lastest suicide bomibing in Tel Aviv when in fact the invasion had been well underway before the bombing. Read regular reports and journal entries on the current situation on my blog:

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Mary O'Neil McCarthy: Fired CIA Leaker, Clinton Spec. Assistant

22-04-2006 06:57

Mary O'Neil McCarthy is the senior CIA official who has been fired for blowing the whistle about the CIA's illegal secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Her leak provided the grist for the Pulitzer Prize-winning of Dana Priest of the Washington Post, breaking the news about the CIA black sites. She was a Special Assistant to President Clinton. She was serving, at the time she was fired, under the CIA's Deputy Director for Operations, Jose A. Rodriguez of McLean, VA.

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Decay and Renewal

22-04-2006 05:03

The latest offering from the Bush administration is a nuclear attack on Iran; after only a few years in power this insane administration is ready to wage nuclear warfare! If this is not cause for alarm then resign yourselves to your fate (lemmings).

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letter to President Bush

22-04-2006 02:46

wake up call

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No Nuclear Attack on iran!

21-04-2006 22:03

Wars are waged agaisnt people and not for social justice.. There are more than two alternatives: friend o0r enemy, victim or murderer.

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A Call To Our Brothers and Sisters Around the World

21-04-2006 20:42

Join us in Solidarity on May Day! Stop America's Racism!

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East Anglian Social Forum - Ipswich

21-04-2006 18:56

The next meeting of the East Anglian Social Forum will be held on Saturday 6th May from 12-5pm at the Citizen's Advice Bureau in Ipswich.

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Anti-G8 2006 Benefit gig in Cardiff Friday 28th April

21-04-2006 18:36

Revolutionary Intent II - to russia with love & rage

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Parties, Penny Stocks, Khashoggi and Finacial Giant Deutsche Bank

21-04-2006 18:35

How to make money the Khashoggi-way - worldwide - with the help of some friends.

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MAYDAY Police Victory Party

21-04-2006 18:14

Us in our uniforms
Police Notice


Status: For general distribution within force

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global gas crisis artists attempt world baked bean eating record.

21-04-2006 16:45

for images


Mark McGowan managed to eat 12 cans of baked beans. Simon the hoover Ould won the competition eating 14 cans but was sick, unfortunately. Katsunobu ate only 10 cans and trailed in third.
The artists were trying to raise awareness about the global gas crisis, by asking what are the alternatives, seeing that Tony has decided to go nuclear.

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World Day for Lab Animals - Oxford, 22nd April

21-04-2006 16:26

from SPEAK's mailing list

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Children of Britain! Don't 'Shell' Your Souls

21-04-2006 15:31

A chance for our children to show that their creativity won't be bought by corrupt corporations.

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21-04-2006 15:16

The London Medic training Fri 21st- Sun 23rd April
has spaces for more people if anyone wants to join -
Please call 07743494105 for details of training location

Friday 7.30-9.30
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 6pm