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A Call To Our Brothers and Sisters Around the World

Pachuco | 21.04.2006 20:42 | Mayday 2006 | Anti-racism | Workers' Movements | World

Join us in Solidarity on May Day! Stop America's Racism!

Join us in Solidarity on May Day!
by Pachuco, Los Angeles Indymedia

In the USA, we are experiencing a tremendous push for legislation that will criminalize the most vulnerable of society, the undocumented migrant worker. These workers are employed in the most dangerous and lowest paying jobs in the USA. They risk life and limb to get to the USA from Latin America to do these jobs and in return they are abused and criminalized.

The USA economy depends on these workers, but is turning the middle class workers against them, blaming the lowering of wages, reduction of health care and social services on the undocs – who make up less than 10% of the entire USA work force.

As a result, laws targeting persons of color are being presented in the USA congress and senate. These laws prohibit language and culture, require wide spread dragnets to capture the undocumented workers that consist of house to house searches through ethnic enclaves, similar to what the Nazis did when rounding up the Jewish people.

Please help us by participating in an International General Strike on May First. Send your letter of support via this email


The ruling class in the United States has historically led anti-immigrant campaigns to divide working people, getting people to blame one another for stealing their jobs while corporations build their financial empires from all of our labor. Building from a foundation of enslaved African labor and mass land theft from indigenous nations, corporations used anti-immigrant campaigns against the Irish, Italian, Jews and Eastern Europeans to deny them legal protections, attack unions and maintain cheap labor to under-cut better waged jobs. These campaigns intensified with the Chinese Exclusion Act in the 1880’s and as more and more European immigrants were assimilated into American society, immigrants of color from Asia and then Latin America were targeted to be a permanent low wage, legally unprotected, work force to drive wages down and corporate profits up.