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Disarm DSEi Film Night

04-07-2003 19:00

A Disarm DSEi Fundraiser
Film Night
27th July, 5pm
@ LARC (62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel)

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04-07-2003 18:42

Investigative journalist Ritt Goldstein's chilling commentary upon the growth of contemporary fascism. While versions of the piece have been printed in Europe, this is the first time it has appeared in English, this version created for Goldstein's fellow Americans.

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Secret Tribunals Approved

04-07-2003 17:28

This is a test case, because if these British subjects can be detained, held incommunicado, tortured, tried in secret and executed by the USA.... SO CAN YOU!

I'd expect a public outcry?

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menwith independabce day report

04-07-2003 15:45

report on menwith independance day action

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Undod Palesteina: News from Jenny G. in Nablus

04-07-2003 15:42

Latest news from British Activist Jenny G. In Nablus, West Bank

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Corporate Conquistadors in Cancun

04-07-2003 15:14

A short briefing, aimed at the politically aware but non-specialist reader,
highlighting the corporate agenda behind the European Union's push for
a WTO-Investment agreement in the run up to the next big WTO meeting (Cancun,
Mexico, September 10th-14th)

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Open Letter to Jack Shit

04-07-2003 14:16

An open letter to Jack Straw who is responsible for the human and civil rights of British citizens abroad.

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anarchist conference in warsaw

04-07-2003 13:00

The International Anarchist Conference for Eastern Europe took place in
Warsaw from June 27 - 30. The 4th International Anti-Border Camp is underway
in Krynki, Poland (on the border with Belarus).

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First International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Glasgow, September

04-07-2003 12:41

Document 1 : International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
19th-21st of September 2003

The U.G.C, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Scotland
Spirit Aid in collaboration with Variant are hosting Glasgow's first International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival.

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Hear Palestine: Israeli Truck Drives into Carriage, Kills Youngster

04-07-2003 12:39


Thursday, 03 July 2003

**Qalqilya: Israeli Truck Drives into Carriage, Kills Youngster
**Occupation Soldiers Assassinate Youth in Qalqilya at Dawn
**Occupation Army Invades Tulkarem City
**Occupation Army Closes North Gaza – Khan Younis Road
**Deir al-Balah Attacked at Dawn Following Wounding of Settlers
**Occupation Army Closes Salah al-Din Street for Several Hours
**Hundreds Stuck at Rafah Crossing

**“Um Khalil” Waits for the Return of Land, Home and Son
**Hebron: Israeli Military Order Prevents Construction

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Scottish clergy lead call for Ay Family to be given Asylum

04-07-2003 12:36

"We are being put through mental torture by being in here. Why won't the government listen to us? The younger children cannot cope any longer and need to get out. It is a very bad place for them to live surrounded by barbed fences and not getting out to play. They are already suffering from stress and depression. Being here is driving us all crazy. I know people who have got crazy here after a week." Beriwan Ay

Beriwan 14, Newroz 3, Dilovan 12 and Medya 8 are spending their 353rd day in detention.

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04-07-2003 12:36

Women and men claiming asylum, many of whom are homeless and destitute, and supporters will lobby the Refugee Council to demand that it adhere to its founding principles and defend human rights not inhumane government policies.

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ISM Reports: Protest At Baqa Al-Sharqiya Gate

04-07-2003 12:35

1. Protest at Baqa al-Sharqiya gate
2. Goodbye to Balata
3. Update From Balata

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Thomas Thompson RIP

04-07-2003 11:47

Thomas Thompson, an eleven-year-old anti-war activist died on Wednesday night after an apparent suicide attempt.

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Leeds Piqueteras Show

04-07-2003 11:26

piqueteras show - in Leeds please come along ot support

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9/11 - It's the arms-trade stupid!!!

04-07-2003 11:00

9-11 Get with the story!!! (It is a sign!!!)

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Stop Sherwood Forest Devastation - Camping Details

04-07-2003 10:30

The heart of Sherwood Forest is about to be ripped out by unnessasary road changes.
Join the camp to stop the destruction.

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04-07-2003 10:11


Monday 7th July - Leeds Public meeting against SATS. Called by Leeds NUT. With childrens author Alan Gibbons. Leeds Town Hall, 7.30pm.

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American troops killed and wounded in Iraq

04-07-2003 09:49

One US soldier killed and 10 wounded in various attacks in Iraq on July 3 in an "increasingly bold insurgency". US troops are however still planning Fourth of July barbecues.