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Shouldn't the SOAS raid be the beggining of a campaing against subcontracting?

13-06-2009 11:32

solidarity to kuneva: University of Thessaloniki occupied
What happened at SOAS is sickening - it's a golden opportunity for a campaign against subcontracting in universities &everywhere, though too: the example of solidarity to cleaner Konstantina Kuneva in Greece

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How Not to Support Democracy in the Middle East

13-06-2009 09:55

Mubarak, the person that every every Egyptian has in his heart!
President Barack Obama's speech in Cairo to the Muslim world marked a welcome departure from the Bush administration's confrontational approach. Yet many Arabs and Muslims have expressed frustration that he failed to use this opportunity to call on the autocratic Saudi and Egyptian leaders with whom he had visited on his Middle Eastern trip to end their repression and open up their corrupt and tightly controlled political systems

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The Conquest of Eurasia: NATO's War For The World's Heartland

13-06-2009 09:51

US and NATO forces are stationed in and have airbases or access to them in three nations that border Iran - Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan - and nearby in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania and Washington's and Brussels' military integration of Azerbaijan will add to the encirclement of the country.

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Criminal Profile of Racist Judge

13-06-2009 09:14

Denying institutional discrimination and racism by Australian government and High Court Australia is akin to Holocaust Denial.

We have Justice Kirby (High Court Australia) branding the French High Court racist against Aborigines, and now we have our former Telstra boss calling Australia racist and backward hicks. In addition, we have international students being physically assaulted.

Its the racists right up the High Court Australia, dog whistling to the rednecks.

In preparation for the Queen's Birthday, we are in the process of preparing a case against our glorious Queen and her servant Chief Justice French and PM Kevin Rudd for violation of international laws and its own Consitution, and fraudulently and stealthly instituting White Australia Policy. They allow judicials and federal employees like Senior Member John Handley (AAT) and counsels Time de Uray, Joe Lenzcer, Paul Mentor continually to pervert justice and fabriating evidence.

judicial corruption, perverting justice, institutional racism, police corruption

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Pix-&-Vidz of the RMT Tube Strike – Thu 11 Jun 09

13-06-2009 08:18

A1. Direct Action Party promotes Industrial Direct Action
Dateline: RMT Picket Line, Seven Sisters, London, UK, 13:00, Thu 11 Jun 09 – On the second day of the London Underground Two Day Strike, pickets from the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers stake out an autonomous space for Industrial Direct Action, outside Transport for London’s new Pleiades House offices in Westerfield Road, N15 5LD. With red and green flags flying high, a BBQ replacing the more traditional brazier, and toots of support from passing drivers, the strikers were in high good spirits at the success of their action, while remaining angry at their betrayal by the class traitors in ASLEF HQ.

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The Sea Arrrgh shivers the timbers of Scientology Sea Org

13-06-2009 00:35

Sea Arrrgh
Internet pirates don their fancy hats and corsets and form raiding parties outside local Scientology locations, in an effort to call attention to what they perceive as human rights violations and general failure in the "Sea Org". Lawsuits currently in progress highlight the controversial practices which Sea Org members are subjected to.

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New House Searches, Continuing Repression Targeting ARA's in Austria

12-06-2009 19:20

A little over a year after the 23 house and office searches culmintating in the arrest and 3 ½ month imprisonment of 10 animal rights activists, the repression seems to have no end. Despite the fact that the special commission has already written their final reports on those suspected of being part of a „criminal organization“ according to §278a of the Austrian Penal Code (encompassing about 40 people!), the police conducted three house searches on Wednesday, June 10. But not quite as planned...

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Lebanon: New Short Film from Nahr al-Bared Camp

12-06-2009 18:41

film still
The anarchist media collective a-films has just published a new short film ("A Sip of Coffee"/26min) from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon.

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Radioactive Tritium with your Tea? Yes, More Please say Sellafield Ltd

12-06-2009 18:34

A Pictorial View of the Lakes Nuclear Sacrifice Zone - from Coniston Old Man
In the same week that Ontario, Canada's most populated province has recommended reducing radioactive tritium exposures to the public, Sellafield Ltd has revealed that they are applying to actually increase these discharges in Cumbria.

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Death By Doctor and Drug in the US

12-06-2009 17:23

Michael Swango
Medical Errors Outnumber Heart Disease & Cancer as Causes of Death in US

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Workers' Fightback: Update 6

12-06-2009 16:36

Co-ordinating solidarity and exchanging information on independent, rank and file working class resistance to the profit system. The revolution will be social networked... We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system! We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders! We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Support needed for Rossport Solidarity Action Camp

12-06-2009 15:43

Support Shell to Sea from your local area- please organise benefits and fundraisers now! As well as solidarity and raising awareness of the Shell to Sea campaign, help is needed now to raise funds for the action camp.

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Lobby London Met Board of Governors 15th June 4pm

12-06-2009 14:55

The London Met University Board of Governors meet on the 15th June at Moorgate building. We will also be there to lobby them hard. Join us in a public display of solidarity with those being forced out this year, being made unemployed in the middle of a recession.

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assassination of Oaxacan social movement leader

12-06-2009 14:52

Taxi driver, Sergio Martínez Vásquez, member of the State Council of CODEP, which is part of the APPO social movement, was shot dead on June 7th in Oaxaca state by paramilitaries in the pay of state governor Ulises Ruiz.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 24 2009

12-06-2009 14:31

Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for June 6th to the 12th, 2009.

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Thugs Seek Jobs at Shell HQ

12-06-2009 13:52

The main doors at Shells headquarters were closed to staff at 9am today, 12 June as protesters dressed as ‘thugs’ turned up for a job interview. Shell security locked all doors as protesters tried to enter the building for what they said was a job interview “we hear Shell are hiring thugs to sink ships in Ireland”.

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Calling all animal rights activists...

12-06-2009 12:02

Put this in your diary and be there if you can!

Oppose Mcdonalds because of:
Health! Globalisation! Human Rights! The Environment! Animals! Freedom to Protest!

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LGBT RIGHTS. Asylum for Roodabeh and Ali, two Iranian homosexuals

12-06-2009 11:03

" ... They live in a state of anguish (as well as discrimination, seeing they are both foreigners and homosexuals) knowing their lives are in danger. They survive only thanks to the commitment of individuals and human rights organizations, but their condition will deteriorate rapidly if their right to international protection is not urgently recognised... "

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ARBEIT MACHT FREI - "work liberates!!"

12-06-2009 10:19

Arbeit Macht Frei - work libarates..
Eleven (11) new Concentration Camps costracted under the new law for the immigrants in Greece.!!

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SOAS raided this morning by Immigration Police

12-06-2009 09:26

SOAS Cleaners this morning have been rounded up...