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U.S sponsored Terrorist network busted in Dartford Kent

13-09-2006 13:05

"It is impossible to overestimate the misery and fear these weapons could have brought if they had got into the hands of criminals."
The arrested man, who is a registered gun dealer, was led out under a blanket from his semi-detached house - which has a US flag flying from it - at about 1000 BST.

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Power bills soar - Drax investors get £326m

13-09-2006 12:28

Reported in yesterday's Evening Standard, 12/9/06.

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Nestlé at the TUC - protests in the Philippines and Japan

13-09-2006 12:23

While Nestlé was trying to wine and dine delegates at the Trade Union Congress on Sunday trade unions in the Philippines and Japan were campaigning for Nestlé to respect court rulings on workers' rights.

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Blind Flight by Noam Chomsky

13-09-2006 12:14

The incompetence of the Bush planners has led to a catastrophe in Iraq. The US administration may face a nightmare, a loose Shiite alliance that independent of Washington controls the greatest energy supply in the world and in the worst case builds close ties to the Shanghai group.

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Thousands of Liverpool kids living in squalid conditions

13-09-2006 11:58

Whilst millions pour into the city centre developments, making the city nicer for those with money - most of the lives of most residents is getting worse.

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Consultants ripping off NHS

13-09-2006 11:54

Whilst the queues and treatment at the NHSS gets worse, they are still paying useless consultants a fortune

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Revista Speak Up!! See link:- Revista Speak Up!! Non-Violent Communication

13-09-2006 11:03

Non-Violent Communication

Algo que pode ser útil tanto para civilizar a rivalidade entre israelenses e
palestinos quanto para ajudar pais a educarem seus filhos com menos
transtornos: Speak Up entrevistou com exclusividade o criador da Comunicação

Can you believe that Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Americans, and
even parents and children are learning to get along better(1)?

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drax aims to cleanup act (courtesy of daily express 13/09/06)

13-09-2006 09:52

the latest news from europes biggest COAL-fired power station

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Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no

13-09-2006 09:01

this flyer can be printed up 2 to an a4 sheet and distributed in your community
Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no
central organisation other than the communication of the idea and
what YOU as an individual organise in your community. It is moved
forward by the enthusiasm of those who are touched by the concept

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Another Political Prisoner Murdered in Iran

13-09-2006 08:30

A second political prisoner in Iran is murdered and the world stays silent.

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'Path to 9/11' Obscures Real Terror Network

13-09-2006 08:15

Thankfully, the “docudrama,” the Path to 9/11, thought to be a documentary by some people—likely to the glee of neocons, especially former Marxist David Horowitz—has come and gone, or at least half of it has. Now we are roiling in the political aftermath.

In order to make a long and tedious story short, it appears Horowitz had a guiding hand in the production of the eminently forgettable miniseries, consisting basically of little more than prolonged and orgiastic Clinton bashing.

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Open Letter to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

13-09-2006 07:56

In the US a similar type of genetically engineered rice, LL 601, has been found in samples of supplies destined for human consumption. Bayer field tested the LL 601 variety between 1998 and 2001, but it is unclear how the present contamination occured. Like LL 62 this rice trait is tolerant to Bayer´s weedkiller Liberty Link. LL Rice 601 has not been tested for safety for human consumption and was never authorised by regulators.

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Guns seized in Kent

13-09-2006 07:47

Sounds like the police will be on the doorstep of several western arms manufacturers...

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13-09-2006 07:39


After watching the fifth memorial service for those killed on September 11, 2001 and the televised diffusion of the service around the world one might come to the conclusion the lives of these 3,000 victims must be more precious than the lives of millions killed by far more horrendous massacres. Few of these other mass killings are ever commemorated with such emotion, with the exception of the holocaust.

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The Anglo-American empire’s 9/11 atrocity: criminality’s zenith

13-09-2006 07:24

To accept any aspect of the US government’s account of 9/11, whether it is the brutal deceptions of the Bush administration (and the equally complicit neoliberal faction of the US elite), the limited hangout and cover-up of the 9/11 commission, or any of the incoherent “anti-conspiracy” ramblings of Left progressive “intellectuals," is to condone murder, and the absolute rule of criminals.

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Disturbing Implications: Something in the Air

13-09-2006 04:55

‘Siberia and today’s arctic regions of Canada will be the future breadbaskets of the world.’ I read this forecast in the sixties and immediately scoffed at the prediction. The guy who made these predictions is either nuts, a charlatan, or both, I thought. The regions referred to are renowned for their permafrost, and aside from some mosses, lichens and ‘summer’ grasses, there is no way those areas could yield a viable supply of food for “the world” – that was then!

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9/11 Rooftop occupation - St Paul's Cathedral video

13-09-2006 02:03

Three women take to St Paul's Cathedral rooftop, breach anti-terror security and send out a message of peace.

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SOCPA - finally some good news!

12-09-2006 23:26

superintendent terry stands trial under socpa
in brian haw's court case this morning, he won the right to a judicial hearing over police conduct, thus putting superintendent terry in the dock. his own criminal case has been adjourned pending the review although a pre-trial hearing has been set for the 28th september.

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Swift Brian Haw Update

12-09-2006 22:44

Brian's trial adjourned...

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Take Action to Support Striking South African Cleaners!

12-09-2006 21:12

Hold Multinational Corporations Accountable for Cleaners’ Poverty Wages!

On September 13th, cleaners and supporters in New York, London, Hamburg,
Sao Paolo, the Hague, Sydney, Chicago, Boston and other cities will take
action to support South African office cleaners who have been on strike
for more than one month.