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SOCPA - finally some good news!

rikki | 12.09.2006 23:26 | Repression | London

in brian haw's court case this morning, he won the right to a judicial hearing over police conduct, thus putting superintendent terry in the dock. his own criminal case has been adjourned pending the review although a pre-trial hearing has been set for the 28th september.

superintendent terry stands trial under socpa
superintendent terry stands trial under socpa

amidst confusion this morning, brian haw's case was finally heard at marylebone magistrate's court. late yesterday, his lawyers and barristers were under the impression that his case had been moved to westminster magistrates court at horseferry road, and a post here was reinforced by a supporter at marylebone this morning directing people to horseferry. but there, they were told the hearing was at marylebone after all. tellingly, chief inspector robinson, and superintendent terry arrived at marylebone late, as if they were aware of the confusion, so the stench of rats is as strong as ever.

however, the justice system does have its moments, and today's ruling puts superintendent terry firmly in the dock rather than brian haw. this is as it should be. dates are yet to be set, but a judicial hearing to test the lawfulness of superintendent terry's 'conditions' on brian's protest will be heard before brian appears in court on the breach charges. news will be posted here as soon as it is known of course.

terry is also on trial on thursday when barbara tucker has an 'abuse of process' hearing over her summons relating to an alleged 'unauthorised' demonstration on the 26th march. she will show the court that she had notified the police of her ongoing protests and that they acted unlawfully by not authorising her as required under socpa legislation.

but even if the court rules in her favour, she apparently has to go throught the same arguments relating to further alleged offences on the 16th feb and 2nd july, for which she currently has to comply with extreme bail conditions preventing her from exercising her freedoms of speech and assembly as reported earlier at

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