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Bushitler Daily news.. Get Yours Now !

05-02-2004 08:07

Prescott Bush handled the "German work" for Brown Brothers
in the 1930s, raking in a fortune by rearming Hitler's Germany....

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Bush sabotages WMD commission before it starts

05-02-2004 00:32

As details come out about the White House's proposal, it appears the commission will be neither independent nor prompt.

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Solidarity with whitewashers from hecklers

04-02-2004 23:47

Oxford citizens for truth want to express their solidarity and admiration for the group (judges for justice) that whitewashed downing street today.

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Stop The war demo, big mistake ?

04-02-2004 23:22

Another pointless march ?!?!?

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The Mercenary Position

04-02-2004 22:33

Mercenary armies, the new Iraqi secret police, and how Pepsi got into Baghdad...

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Wake Up Torchbearers

04-02-2004 21:04

Read this before you open your mouth to say "Kucinich doesn't have a chance" one more time.

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Basra Workers Struggle - Umm Qasr workers go on strike - report

04-02-2004 19:47

Umm Qasr workers hold wildcat strike, IPA Boss gets a kicking in front of Minister of Transport, Umm Qasr workers decide to unionise

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Browse our range of samples for Stancliffe Stone

04-02-2004 19:17

Browse our range of sandstones and limestones using our colour swatch…
taken from their website.....
Nine Ladies needs you

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Lies and Invasions: Before Iraq there was Grenada .....

04-02-2004 18:40

The Iraq War was justified, as we all know, by the systematic lies of politicians about "intelligence". How interesting to see the similar ways in which the ground was laid for the United States's invasion of Grenada in 1983 twenty years earlier

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Puebla: a new step of the FTAA, with differences between USA and Brazil

04-02-2004 18:08

This Tuesday 3rd February, in Puebla, Mexico, will start a new meeting of the Economy and Commerce vice-ministers of the countries that have been carrying out the negotiations of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. The firm position of Brazil threats again the US intentions about the FTAA.

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new Anti-terrorist laws: Media Black out

04-02-2004 18:07

On monday the 2 feb all the terrestrial news programs reported on David blunkett's new anti-terrorist laws, there is now a media blackout.

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Manchester Community Choir singing at the Manchester Against Racism Rally

04-02-2004 17:40

Two beautiful songs sung by the superb Manchester Community Choir at the Manchester Against Racism launch rally on 15th January 2004.

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04-02-2004 17:12

Council Chamber, First Floor, Camden Town Hall
Judd Street, WC1 (Kings Cross)

Monday 23 February 12.30 to 2pm

Everyone welcome

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5 days left to save Kevin Cooper!

04-02-2004 16:33

Kevin Cooper, an inmate on Death Row in the United States, is about to be executed. Crucial evidence that could free him came to light after his conviction, yet this evidence has never been presented in court. International action is needed to halt his execution

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flier for leeds imc

04-02-2004 16:08

heres an a5 flier for leeds imc. download it and use it....

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04-02-2004 16:01

Nine members of the public decided to use Prime Minister's Question Time today to question directly Tony Blair on the important issues of the occupation of Iraq, and the real reasons that the United Kingdom went to war. Refusing to be silent on hearing the Prime Minister's evasions on these important issues, each stood up and made one simple demand: "No more whitewashes, Tony!"

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An Anti-War Musical Parody - mp3 file

04-02-2004 14:44

This is a parody of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

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Offline 16 - The Indymedia news sheet

04-02-2004 14:22

Print out and distribute. Download in either high resolution (1.5 MB) or low resolution (324 k)

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The Brilliance of Michael Howard.

04-02-2004 13:54

It is in the best interests of the Conservative party to prolong the premiership of Tory B.liar.

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Blair's speech to Parliament disrupted, Downing street whitewashed.

04-02-2004 13:29

Tony Blair's speech to Parliament about the Hutton enquiry was repeatedly disrupted by activists shouting from the public gallery, easily audible on the live TV broadcast. The speaker suspended the debate and ordered the public gallery to be cleared.