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Toxteth, 'years of investment' and who has benefitted?

23-05-2006 10:33

This article appeared in the Liverpool echo - which is unusal for its good reporting, but they have been known to.

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Rough Music #10

23-05-2006 08:50

Issue 10 of Brighton's monthly(ish) shit stirring, rabble rousing freesheet has hit the streets.

Check it out on

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Immigration Minister Tony McNulty Sacked

23-05-2006 08:46

Tony McNulty - the Minister for Immigration - has been sacked, he joins Charles Clarke, both were dismissed because their conduct was seen as not conducive to the 'Government's' public good.

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23-05-2006 08:05

Brian's display was removed during the night by the police - he has been left with 1 placard and only a few of his personal possessions.

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Meeting on International Work in Palestine in Brigton

23-05-2006 07:58

Focussing on International work in Hebron

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Swansea Coalition Against The War ..Annual General Meeting

23-05-2006 05:19

Swansea Anti War Activists Meeting This Thursday.

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World Council of Churches slams Israel

23-05-2006 05:13

The Council has simply reinforced what countless groups - and the UN - have stated for years now. Now that we understand who's responsible, perhaps we can begin acting accordingly, and end this War once and for all.

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Majority of Americans Support Real 9/11 Investigation

23-05-2006 05:04

So much for the Plant's incessant, desperate claims that 911 Truth has no support ... A People knows when it's been lied to, especially when they've witnessed a pattern of deceit first-hand, one which demonstrates the utter contempt the Criminal Regime in DC holds the average American in, the Regime which remains Suspect Number One.

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Implementing Israeli Policy: The DC Axis Of Evil

23-05-2006 05:00

The ONLY groups clamouring for war with Iran are those aligned with the Hard Right Zionist leaders of Israel. Because we know their aim is a long-planned Act of Aggression, nothing in the world can legitimize this impending Crime, and their own actions betray the emptiness and hypocrisy of their most recent feigned "justification" for war: Giving Iran the "Iraq Treatment".

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Easily Dispensable: Iraq's Children

23-05-2006 04:54

The impact on Iraq's children, of allowing the world's largest military to be controlled by a small group of Psychopathic, Profiteering, Megalomaniacal, Extremist whack-jobs.

This is the greatest threat facing the world today, and nobody can match the sheer Terror they've unleashed.

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The Israel Lobby, by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

23-05-2006 04:00

Below is the full text of the cover story published in the London Review of Books that is causing a quite a stir in the Jewish press, as well as elsewhere. It was first published by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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UN Panel Calls for Bush Administration to Close Guantanamo Bay Military Prison

23-05-2006 03:25

Ex-Guantanamo Chaplain James Yee
The UN report comes a day after several suicide attempts and a clash between prisoners and guards at Guantanamo. According to the US military, several prisoners wielding improvised weapons attacked guards as they entered a communal living area to stop a prisoner who was trying to hang himself. There have been 39 suicide attempts at Guantanamo since the prison opened in January 2002.

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Brian Haw is being removed right now!

23-05-2006 02:47

45 police move in to move Brian Haw.

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Brain Haw demo police moving in NOW!

23-05-2006 01:56

20 police and FIT squads arrived. Vans, lorries blocking Parliament Square.

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Manchester no2id Gathering Wednesday 24th May - Venue and Date CONFIRMED

22-05-2006 23:08

The date, time and venue for this week's no2id gathering have been confirmed as 7:30pm on Wednesday 24th May at the Town Hall Tavern.

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Official response to Aboriginal child sexual abuse in Australia:

22-05-2006 21:44

Not by providing the necessary resources
The government and media response to the Rogers’ interview comprises just one component of a renewed campaign by the Howard government to “solve” the “Aboriginal problem”—not by providing the necessary resources to overcome centuries of oppression and neglect, but by breaking up and destroying the town camps and remote communities—removing children, jailing men and dispersing the rest.

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Yet more Iranian propaganda

22-05-2006 21:05

Uncle big mac and fries is getting the billions to build Star Wars in Pooland, even though the U.S. is the most in debt nation there has ever been. Looks like the evil greenback is going to be waysided long before then, particularly if Iran and Russia move to Euros. Here are a few reposts for all you Iran watchers out there - all propaganda...

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I killed over 200 innocent people!

22-05-2006 21:01

We would shoot his youngest kid...
'If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head': Ex-GI

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«digital struggles»: Meeting at European PGA conference, France

22-05-2006 19:53

This year, People's Global Action are meeting in France, from 19 August to 3 September. The convenors have sent out an invitiation for a focus on "digital struggles" - everything to do with alternative servers, media activism, connections between geek fights and other struggles. Here is the invitation: