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The Filth Are Still Filthy: Bent coppers on the take in Doncaster & Wakefield

05-07-2009 11:50

Detective Inspector Shakeel Ahmed
Members of the public in Doncaster and Wakefield are warned to be on their guard against a highly organised gang of degenerates who go by the name of ‘The Police’. Leader of the gang is ‘Shifty’ Shakeel Ahmed (pictured below).

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English Defence League back in Brum on August 8th

05-07-2009 11:08

The English Defence League are coming back to Brum in greater numbers.

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Bradford's BNP Latest Meeting Place

05-07-2009 10:50

West Yorkshire's BNP current meeting at a popular music venue that regularly hosts local bands from West Yorkshire and beyond, the Royal pub in Low Moor. Like their hero Adolf Hitler with his beer hall meetings, the Royal is where West Yorkshire's fat and ugly BNP demifuhrers now meet regularly to plot their campaigns of hatred.

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Egyptian Gaolers refuse to release British Activists from Prison Gaza

05-07-2009 09:25

Ehud Olmert with Senior Israeli Gaoler
Egyptian Authorities Punish Two Activists for their Pro-Palestinian
Solidarity Work

4th July, 2009 - Gaza City, Gaza Strip

Natalie Abou Shakra, UK, and Jenny Linnell, UK, two International Solidarity Movement activists who came to Gaza as part of the Free Gaza Movement voyages, both British nationals, were prevented from exiting the Gaza Strip via the Rafah Crossing on the 28th of June, 2009 by the Egyptian border authorities. In addition to having special coordination by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) based on the request of the British Embassy in Cairo, Natalie and Jenny were given approval to pass through the Crossing on the 9th of June, prior to an official opening, by a call from the office of Mr. Yasser Othman from the MFA. Nevertheless, on the 10th of June, they were returned back by the mukhabarat (intelligence services) at the Crossing demanding they both return back when the Crossing officially opens.

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Emergency for athens + patras imc

05-07-2009 08:18

Emergency for athens + patras imc

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Protest against climate change denier Nigel Lawson on Friday!

05-07-2009 08:08

SUSSEX campaigners invite you to join a protest against Nigel Lawson's talk in Chichester on Friday July 10, in which he will be arguing that we don't need to do anything about climate change - business as usual!

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Sharrrow Festival

05-07-2009 07:51

Welcome to Sharrow
The diverse community in Sharrow come together for an unexpectedly sunny festival

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gunantanamo london

05-07-2009 03:17

Harmondsworth Removals Center in West London, has been taken over by GEO, the same company that runs Guantanamo Bay.

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Callout - Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2009

05-07-2009 01:00

Bookfair poster 1
Bristol Bookfair callout for stalls & workshops

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2009 is on Saturday 12 September at The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2PY, from 10.30am to 6pm.

This is a callout to potential stallholders, and workshop/meeting organisers, please apply now. Everyone else keep the day free and come down and join in the discussions, browse the stalls, and join in the fun.

Full details about the bookfair can be found here including booking forms, venue and travel info, publicity, other bookfair events and more.

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New thought crime - "Dangerous Writing"

04-07-2009 23:35

Here's another threat to our Civil Liberties, Baroness O'Cathain (Tory) has proposed an amendment to the Coronors and Justice Bill to outlaw "Extreme Writings"!

It starts "(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of extreme pornographic writing."

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Governor of Queensland incommunicado on judicial corruption claims

04-07-2009 22:37

Queensland Governor, Dr Penelope Wensley, is unresponsive to judicial abuse complaints against her brother, Robert Wensley QC, by an unrepresented 12 year old bullied schoolboy and his mother.

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Chase that crazy beenie out of town& Nottingham carnival

04-07-2009 21:22

""inciting the murder of homosexuals, with lyrics such as, "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays""
He is soiling the nottingham Caribbean carnival right now & will be at Isis night club in Lenton until 5am tonight

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Neda Agha Soltan (by Latuff)

04-07-2009 21:10

Neda Agha Soltan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Struggle for squats in Prague

04-07-2009 20:14

On the 30th of June the Milada squat was evicted. The house was not a part of the cadastre, because it was meant to be demolished years ago. This hasn't happened and the squatters occupied an INVISIBLE house, because for the authorities it hasn't legally existed.

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How To Deal With America's Empire Of Bases

04-07-2009 19:14

The U.S. Empire of Bases -- at $102 billion a year already the world's costliest military enterprise -- just got a good deal more expensive. As a start, on May 27th, we learned that the State Department will build a new "embassy" in Islamabad, Pakistan, which at $736 million will be the second priciest ever constructed, only $4 million less, if cost overruns don't occur, than the Vatican-City-sized one the Bush administration put up in Baghdad. The State Department was also reportedly planning to buy the five-star Pearl Continental Hotel (complete with pool) in Peshawar, near the border with Afghanistan, to use as a consulate and living quarters for its staff there.

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Cynthia McKinney: Letter from an Israeli Jail

04-07-2009 18:58

This letter was first broadcast on WBAIX on July 3rd.

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On Krauthammer, Obama and even Bush

04-07-2009 18:03

Has Obama's Shelf-Life Expired?

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Stuff the university bosses! Education workers in Sheffield, a call for OBU!

04-07-2009 17:09

Sheffield University is about to be hit by massive cuts, job losses and cuts in workers pay. This is a call to arms from the One Big Union!

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the Grand Opening of Non Commercial House, London

04-07-2009 16:07

The grand opening of Non Commercial House will be taking place tomorrow, the 5th July. The freeshop will open at midday and we will be having food / film from 5:30pm...

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Activists strike at Chorlton Tesco

04-07-2009 13:58

Tesco is a virus
Manchester residents graffiti Tesco Express in Chorlton in protest over the impact Tesco's expansion has on local communities.