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Photos of 'Greenwash or Us' Street Party

17-06-2004 19:55

Banners at the street party
These are some photos of yesterday's 'Greenwash or Us' streeet party in central London, outside the National Portrait Gallery Awards ceremony sponsored by BP. This was part of a week long of events '"against BP and Big Oil". Read report here.

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Urgent call re Women's Day at the European Social Forum

17-06-2004 19:42

At a women’s briefing meeting this week, we heard from UK organisers that giving women independent space was not seen as a priority. Yet the Women’s Day at the Paris ESF last November was decisive in making women’s campaigns visible, including grassroots organising against immigration and asylum laws, and against war and occupation. After 30 years of the modern women’s movement and feminism, nobody in the present ESF process seems to know why women must be able to meet independently. What do you think can be done to stop this backward step?

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17-06-2004 17:05

Statement of people from Resnik, Belgrade.

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Sweeping Stun Guns To Target Growds

17-06-2004 16:52

'Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the US and Europe'.

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Marx Reloaded: Reflections on the 155th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto

17-06-2004 16:45

"As predicted, free enterprise and competition have led to a concentration of capital and monopolization of the productive forces. Instead of increasing investments.., plants are closed, production sites shifted abroad, men and women dismissed to increase profit rates and state fees only paid by the lower classes.. A globalization of the capitalist model cannot be organized justly because a wild tiger cannot become a vegetarian.."

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Report from the solidarity actions for Jeff "Free" Luers in Edinburgh

17-06-2004 16:22

On tuesday the 15th of june we in the Bilston Glen Collective held two solidarity events for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers. (For info about his case look at

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Caterkiller action

17-06-2004 16:13

Upcoming Day of Action against Caterpillar (25th June)

anti-caterpillarist, 08.06.2004 15:32

Friday the 25th of June will see what should be the first of many days of action against Caterpillar, or as they have affectionately come to be known, Caterkiller. The action will be focussed in the West Midlands area where Caterpillar has a number of plants. Caterpillar has been targeted for supplying of D9 military bulldozers to Israel, despite knowing that they are used to murder civilians (including peace activist Rachael Corrie and countless Palestinians) and to demolish thousands of civilian homes in illegal acts of collective punishment.

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Indian Land rights march in Orissa

17-06-2004 15:59

In Feb 2004 a group of European social activists joined the Indian campaigning group Ekta Parishad in a month long padyatra (foot-march) for land rights in the state of Orissa. What follows is a short account of what happened on the march and the successes that were achieved

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Photos of Squatted Exhibition Space "Greenwash or Us"

17-06-2004 15:09

50 Chalk Farm Road Squatted Space ... all welcome :-)
Here there are a couple of photos of the opening night of the squatted space for the week long Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil. This is part of a series of events that under the banner of "Greenwash or Us" are taking place in London until Monday 21st .

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Free Community Space in Sheffield

17-06-2004 13:55

Ash House Farm from the front
A collective of Sheffield people have temporarily taken residence in a collection of disused farm buildings near Arborthorne. The beautiful old buildings are due to be demolished by Sheffield City Council to make way for what is described as 'affordable housing'.

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Portrait Award & Big Oil protest & gallery report, 16.6.04

17-06-2004 12:38

'Exhibition of Resistance to Big Oil and the Corporate Hijacking of 'the Arts': street protest & gallery report, Wednesday June 16th 2004

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Impact of Alternative Votes

17-06-2004 11:59

Evidence that "alternative" votes have had an impact.

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Robb Johnson Live @Occupied Social Centre Tonight! June 17th!

17-06-2004 11:42

Robb Johnson Live! @ Occupied Social Centre

Robb Johnson - Political singer songwriter performs at the
Occupied Social Centre, Tufnell Park this Thursday June 17th.

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Video Activists to run cinema at Glastonbury festival.

17-06-2004 11:13

Undercurrents, a media charity will celebrate its tenth birthday by screening a decade of their award winning films at Britain's largest and most popular festival.

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17-06-2004 09:08

Amnesty International today called for the immediate appointment of a special counsel to investigate the torture and ill-treatment of prisoners in United States custody, citing leaked memoranda from the Departments of Justice and Defense.

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Loyalty to Imperialism is Treason to Humanity

17-06-2004 05:48

Sympathy for class traitors has never shown itself to be an effective winning strategy in the class war (make no mistake, the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are but different fronts in the class war).

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Homophobia (by Latuff)

17-06-2004 00:20

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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P10K Founder Beaten in Israeli Jail

16-06-2004 23:39

Irish Political Activist Ken O'Keefe suffered concussion and bruising at the hands of an Israeli prison guard Monday evening, five days into his hunger strike against detention and possible deportation. He was arrested last Thursday for attempting to enter Gaza to discuss the P10K plan with representatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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UN warns Caterpillar may be implicated in human rights violations

16-06-2004 23:37

**For immediate release**

On 28th May 2004 the Special Rapporteur on the right to food for the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights – Jean Ziegler – wrote to Jim Owens, CEO of Caterpillar Inc., to express deep concern "about the actions of the Israeli occupying forces in Rafah and in other locations in Gaza and the West Bank, using armoured bulldozers supplied by your company." (1)

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Birmingham Indymedia screening Thurs 17th June

16-06-2004 22:09

Indefensible - DSEi 2003
Arms Dealers, War and Refugees: Breaking the Cycle

17th June 2004 8:35pm @ the mac – Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham

Birmingham Indymedia presents an evening of films during Refugee Week drawing out the links between the (heavily subsidised by the West) arms trade, people displaced by war and occupation, and their resistance. We will be discussing the films with the film-maker of “My Dear Olive Tree” whose first experience of political dissent in Britain was the DSEi Arms fair protest in September 2003.