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No money for Uribes war against the Colombian people

06-07-2003 16:08

On Thursday 10th July Álvaro Uribe (the president of Colombia) has been invited by Tony Blair to visit the UK for a meeting which aims to generate further "Aid" for Colombia.

The United States has been at war in Colombia for over 50 years. Colombia has received over $2 billion dollars in military funding over the past four years for its notorius 'Plan Colombia' and the Andean Regional Initiative. These programmes are classed as the 'war on terror' by the U.S.A. but are really a continuing war on the poor with its aim to secure those parts of the country that are rich in natural resources for Colombian landowners and foreign multinationals.. President Uribe & the Colombian army is making the country safe for the foreign multinationals investors including BP which has extensive interests in Colombia. Over the past 10 years, the American trained paramilitaries have killed some 15,000 trades unionists, peasant and indigenous leaders, human rights workers, land reform activists, leftwing politicians and their sympathisers. It is the world's third largest recipient of US military aid (after Israel and Egypt).

A vigil has been organised opposite Downing Street, London for Wednesday 9th July 4pm – 7pm, and on Thursday 10th July a picket is planned from 2pm with a rally from 6pm - 8pm also at Downing Street.

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Simon Chapman & Saloniki Prisoner Support Events

06-07-2003 15:13

Cafes & support events every Friday @ Hackney Wick.

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Collective Punishment & the Violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention

06-07-2003 15:05

The international community does nothing to enforce Fourth Geneva Convention and so the confiscations go on, slowly changing the landscape and dispossessing the Palestinians; confining their existence to smaller parcels of land while the colony-settlements expand. One more way for the Israelis to pressure the Palestinians to move away. It is wrong and wrongful and does nothing to perpetuate peace.

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OXFORD SOCIAL WANDER- saturday 120703

06-07-2003 14:11

Everyone is welcome to join on this OXFORD SOCIAL WANDER, meet
menzil gardens @ 4.00 next Saturday.

We might stop in the half moon for a quick pint to quench the
thirst, after the first little leg of the wander, and im sure we will have a few more later

Hopefully the sun will be as plentiful as it was a few weeks ago
Tell everyone, get your friends and your grannies to come, get them to announce it in the bingo hall

Lets socialize more


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Hear Palestine: Khan Younis: Resident Killed in Israeli Booby Trap

06-07-2003 13:24


Saturday, 05 July 2003

**Khan Younis: Resident Killed in Israeli Booby Trap
**Jenin: Israeli Army Withdraws this Morning after Military Invasion
**Provocative Measures Escalated in Jerusalem; Major Settlement Plans
**Tulkarem: Military Order for Confiscation of More Land
**Hebron: Curfew Imposed on Old City
**Bethlehem: Tight Military Siege and Oppressive Measures at Roadblocks

**Israeli Soldiers Attack Children and Patients at Na'alin Military
**Dividing Wall. Humanitarian, Economic, Environmental, Social Catastrophe
**23 Students and Teachers Killed in Hebron during Intifada

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May first demonstrators harassment and trumped up charges

06-07-2003 12:28

Undercover police or troublemakers working with police were ate demon-stration......
I noticed alot of right-on out of uniform military types,possibly mi5 or undercover police pretending to mingle with crowd outside south africa house......They were going and asking people"why are you here" "are you here because you don't agree with the government" There was a very tall undercover cop there who I recognise from the protest when the war started in parliament square,except this time he was in a ridculous looking cheap viscose material type suit.....

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Anti War Network & publicity

06-07-2003 11:23

Boycott CocaCo;la Stall
The Anti War Network is open for any group representative and individual to share ideas, advertise events, mutual assistance and support. It has no religious or political bias. It relies on people getting involved. There are stalls run by different groups every Saturday 12 - 2pm. Next meeting 15th July,7.30pm Friends Meeting House, 43 St Giles, Oxford

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Defend democratic rights in Manchester!

06-07-2003 10:21

Defend democratic rights in Manchester!

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more from menwith hill...july 4th 2003

06-07-2003 06:14

arrest for "assault"
pictures from the independance from america day at menwith hill spy base

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Bushit! (by Latuff)

05-07-2003 23:44

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Fairford, 4 July 2003

05-07-2003 23:00

Declaration of Independence from USA: More pics, short report below pics

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Adbusting in Oxford

05-07-2003 21:17

Another Oxford Subvert

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Independence Day in Plymouth (Photos)

05-07-2003 20:05

Photos - report to follow

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Menwith Hill - Call for witness to an arrest

05-07-2003 18:19

Of the two arrested at Menwith Hill on Friday, one is an ex sheffielder now living in Nottingham. He has been charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer

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BP at the BM: London Rising Tide action against BP

05-07-2003 17:46

BP sponsorship puts the BM in the firing line. The British Museum today came under fire as members of "London Rising Tide" converged on a BP sponsored exhibition at the museum in central London. Members of the group explained that the action was intended to raise awareness among those visiting the BP sponsored exhibition of BPs global activities.

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A Report from Thessaloniki (2)

05-07-2003 16:13

Police repression and brutality and the Greek media cover up and distortion of events are the two main issues of the day.

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Death Camps

05-07-2003 15:44

When they come for you... who will be left to speak out?

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Update on Krynki Noborder Camp- 2nd of July

05-07-2003 15:28

From the 2nd to the 7th of july a Noborder Camp is taking place in Krynki, Poland to protest against tightened visa regulations which are imposed on Poland to join the EU and in order to become a full member, it has to obey and impose Schengen Regulations to its Eastern neighbours, such as Russia, Belarussia and Ukraine.

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Update on Krynki Noborder Camp- 4th of July

05-07-2003 15:28

From the 2nd to the 7th of july a Noborder Camp is taking place in Krynki, Poland to protest against tightened visa regulations which are imposed on Poland to join the EU and in order to become a full member, it has to obey and impose Schengen Regulations to its Eastern neighbours, such as Russia, Belarussia and Ukraine.