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UK Journalists Attacked And Arrested In Namibia

16-07-2009 13:48

A British investigative journalist and his South African fixer have today
been violently assaulted by seal hunters and arrested by police whilst
documenting the controversial Nambian seal cull.

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Tree Pirates - Woodbridge Meadows – Guildford

16-07-2009 11:56

Tree Pirates
Destruction of mature trees allegedly to create a meadow alongside the River Wey in Guildford has at least led to some interesting tree sculptures.

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Protest Against Destruction of Calais Jungles

16-07-2009 11:36

France's Interior Minister Eric Besson made it clear in January that he wanted to see all migrants removed from Calais and the surrounding area by the end of this summer. And the project has already started with the bulldozing of camps at Loon-Plage and Teteghem and the destruction of squats in Calais. Now comes the main act in this summer festival of destruction.

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Farnborough Airport to double the number of flights?

16-07-2009 11:28

TAG Aviation has recently submitted a planning application to double the number of flights at Farnborough Airport.

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Call out for cameras, video activist and legal observers in Calais

16-07-2009 11:11

RE: Destruction of the Calais migrant camps, 'jungle' and deportation by charter to Afghanistan, next week Monday 20th- Thursday 24th July

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Support the Decommissioners Facebook group

16-07-2009 11:06

This is to clarify the details of the decommissioners Facebook group. Please circulate this info widely as growing support and awareness is important in the buildup to the courtcase.

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Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran

16-07-2009 10:10

From The Times Sheera Frenkel in Jerusalem

Lets take action against Israeli, US and Egyptian targets

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Climate Emergency Alternative UK Parliament

16-07-2009 10:04

The main demands
In response to the muddled and inadequate response of the UK Government over the challenges of climate change, an emergency session of an alternative Parliament was held by the Campaign against Climate Change (CCC) on Wednesday evening, 15 July, in Old Palace Yard opposite the Houses of Parliament. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Bird Flu could be pretext for far worse to come.

16-07-2009 03:14

Blogger Jane Burgermeister alleges that the so-called Bird Flu/Swine Flu "pandemic" alert could be a pretext for much more than we think, including ultimately Marshall Law in Europe and the US.

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Direct Action; Ireland, Sweden, USA, Mexico & Italy

16-07-2009 00:23

10th-14th July


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California? Dreaming!

15-07-2009 23:51

The Case of the Internet Neo-Nazis Turned Failed Asylum-Seekers

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BOUM! French Workers threaten to blow up yet another factory

15-07-2009 19:46

TRY TO TOP THAT: 100.000 Euros compensation each ...or!

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Calais Migrant Solidarity

15-07-2009 18:52

Please act now. We are calling for phone and email blockades of the French Embassy in London; Phil Woolas, UK Immigration Minister; the French Interior Ministry. All contacts at the end of this message.

We are calling for these targets as the UK Border starts in Calais – both the French and British states are implicitly involved in any attacks (legal or otherwise) that are launched against migrants in Calais. As the burning and destruction of the migrant camp at Patras in Greece shows, EU states now have little to fear in their attacks against migrants, as popular support for the far-right in the European elections shows. We need to show them otherwise. Of course, any other direct action is welcomed.

No Borders! No Nations!

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"I am not a Terrorist": 'Not A Crime' photography Campaign

15-07-2009 18:50

Nottingham photographer 'Tash' strongly supports the British Journal of Photography Campaign

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Strike Action Shuts Down London Met University

15-07-2009 17:48

London Metropolitan University came to a halt on Tuesday 14th of July as hundreds of workers went on a UCU/UNISON coordinated strike in protest at continued job cuts and outsourcing. Workers and students set up picket lines at every building of North and City campuses.

See report and photos in IMC-London:

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What Happened To Mayday On Merseyside?

15-07-2009 16:54

Mayday has its roots in a radical workers' day of action. If you feel like you blinked and missed it in 2009, you're not alone.

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Palestine Today 071509

15-07-2009 15:49

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday July 15th 2009.

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New NATO: Germany Returns To World Military Stage

15-07-2009 11:41

Germany has become so comfortable with its current global military status that last week Chancellor Angela Merkel conferred the first combat medals on German soldiers since World War II.

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Message to the women of Iran

15-07-2009 08:04

Women's Liberation Iran

Your struggle against the misogynous regime of the Islamic Republic has gained great respect and admiration in the world. Your struggle has been followed by the world.