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Call out for cameras, video activist and legal observers in Calais

Migration is Not A Crime | 16.07.2009 11:11 | Migration | Repression | Terror War | South Coast

RE: Destruction of the Calais migrant camps, 'jungle' and deportation by charter to Afghanistan, next week Monday 20th- Thursday 24th July

If July 24 is the date of expulsion, of mass charter forced deportation to Afghanistan people will be be arrested (mass arrest) in the previous days. This is the time that witnesses to the mass arrests are necessary. Last year, in November 2008, police prevented any witness to have access to places of arrests targeted and prohibited. But they were not enough to girdle the whole area of the jungle. It really is an invisible situation for migrants in Calais, many exhausted and ill people, as well as many kids, who have mainly come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran... and the cause of the conflicts being.... It's not rocket science...
PLEASE COME WITH CAMERAS, LEGAL OBSERVERS. We will do all we can to stand in solidarity with those at risk but it is essential that we can document what happens there and expose the reality of the British immigration policy.
Important dates to remember:
July 18: meeting at Calais, with the possibility of hosting
July 20: 9 am meeting with the prefect and charities
July 21: This would be the destruction of the jungle
July 24: deportation by charter

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