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Demonstration against First bus fare rises

09-11-2005 14:47

"We Want Our Buses Back!" is a broad-based campaign against bus fare rises and cuts in services. WWOBB has called a protest demonstration for Saturday 19th November, the day First implement their fourth fare rise this year.The march assembles at 11am at City Hall, Barkers Pool.

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Blair Terror Bill is an attack on all civil rights, not just on Muslims

09-11-2005 14:00

ALL people INCLUDING Muslim youths would be deprived of rights if the Blair Bill was not stopped. That there has been no evidence produecd in any court of law that ANY independent religious group had been responsible, for any excuse that Blair Terror was based on.

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Drama Queen

09-11-2005 13:49

The Real Blair.
Blair was always a Drama Queen even when the Head Boy would come visit him at night.

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Buy nothing Day and do summat's Anti overconsumption month

09-11-2005 13:05

Saturday club declare november-december anti-overconsumption month!!!

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Geldof Parody

09-11-2005 13:01

just released a parody of Bob Geldofs song,

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Lobby against anti-terrorism bill TODAY

09-11-2005 12:15

Protect our civil liberties.

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Over 100 school children rally in Wigan

09-11-2005 10:17

Wigan School Kids
Over 100 school children took part in a rally last Saturday 5th November 2005 to demand five of their class-mates are brought back from Uganda.

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Riots in France, Belgium, Germany

09-11-2005 10:13

Last nights the massive riots continued.

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Arafat Death Still a Mystery

09-11-2005 09:46

1st yr anniversary of Arafat death still has Palestinians wondering

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These Photos of Niger Uranium Forgeries Blow Libby, War Case Wide Open!

09-11-2005 05:04

Put the words NIGER FORGERIES and these photocopies (below) into the consciousness of Mr. and Mrs. America, and it could change the course of history. These 4 graphics are worth 4 million words. These are the cause/excuse for the Iraq war. They are not real (they are forgeries), but they are a REAL threat to the nation's existence! Why? Because they came from foreign sources. FOREIGN AGENTS HAVE BEEN DRIVING US POLICY. That is a bigger threat to America than knocking down the WTC, which "only" killed 0.014% of one metropolitan area. (Reminder: Bin Laden still is at large.) The $64-Million Questions: WHAT FOREIGNERS Made the Forgeries? WHAT AMERICANS SOLD OUT AMERICA by Using the Forgeries?

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Americans Use WMD In Their Illegal War On Iraq

09-11-2005 03:56

The media finally begins to pay attention.

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Federation of Teddy Protestors storm Parliament

08-11-2005 23:50

Federation of Teddy Protesters assemble
On the Sunday 6th November the Federation of Teddy Protestors (FTP) staged a protest picnic in Parliament Square in support of their furless friends the Parliament Square Picnickers. The picnic was attended by Teddy affinity groups from across Europe including the Pooh Crew and the Soft Toy Solidarity Movement. All groups are committed to freedom of speech and freedom assembly and agree that the best way to defy the draconian SCOPA (2005) legislation is through direct action. Not content with 'fluffy' protests, a proposal to storm parliament and reclaim the commons was agreed an acted on.

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Streaming From The Gaff

08-11-2005 21:07

An experiment with streaming audio, projecting video and the interaction between real and virual worlds took place in Dublin's new social centre

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What are we to become?

08-11-2005 20:26

A plea for re:evolution in the age of war corporatism

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Rapist Comes to brum

08-11-2005 19:30

Rapist in town

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Let's welcome Tyson to Manchester

08-11-2005 19:27

Violent rapist comes to Old Trafford

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Global Capitalism: the Scourge of Democracy

08-11-2005 18:37

global capitalism is an economic Colt 45 for the times

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Beyond Good and Evil: The Dichotomization of Politics and Our Own Minds

08-11-2005 17:31

Let us reject the dangerous, false dichotomies with which our corrupt “leaders” are attempting to pollute—by limiting—our minds, our thoughts and our speech. Let us, then, reject en masse the polluting politicians themselves—at the ballot box or in the streets—and demand, and actively engage in, true democracies built upon solid foundations of truth, mutual respect, liberty and law.

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Benefit cheats : European meeting in Brussels

08-11-2005 16:39

For the meeting described below, we are still looking for someone who could describe the situation in UK... contact :

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Rushmoor councillors guilty!

08-11-2005 16:30

Three Rushmoor councillors – Sue Dibble, Charlie Fraser-Flemming and Roger Kimber – have been found guilty by the Standards Board of influencing a planning decision where they had a clear prejudicial interest.