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Camden Lab - Letter from Frank Dobson & Govt. deal : Lab in "return" for flats

20-05-2008 14:55

We have a letter from Frank Dobson MP for Camden. {9th May} and it appears that the government are trying to do a deal. They are, it seems, trying to persuade the people of London to accept a deadly lab near Kings Cross in "return" for flats on the Hampstead Road site, currently owned by the NIMR. If built the lab will see the Somers Town estate and surround, patrolled by armed police.

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Palestine Today 052008

20-05-2008 14:46

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday, May 20th 2008.

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Free Skool event this thursday

20-05-2008 13:51

thursday 22nd from 7pm onwards people will be coming together at bowl court social centre to discuss the concept of a free skool and how this could be put into practice within the space.

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Contact Interpol- defend Venezuela.

20-05-2008 12:01

Fighting imperialist propaganda

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East London Against Gentrification: Two Events this week

20-05-2008 11:51

Both Wednesday the 21st and Saturday the 24th will see two events held in East london hosting international activists from the Vancouver Anti Poverty Committee, (Canada) and the Movement for Justice in El Barrio (Harlem, NYC) both fighting gentrifcation and displacement. See details below.

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WominSpace Eviction, the story of a squatted social center in East London

20-05-2008 11:46

The short-lived but infamous WominSpace Social Center by Mare Street was, after a successful resistance, and some weeks of tension, eventually evicted on the 9th of May.

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West Midlands climate camp meeting Tues 27th

20-05-2008 11:24

Tuesday 27th May, 7pm @ Friends of the Earth building, Digbeth

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Speak Oxford Demo Report – Thursday 15 May

20-05-2008 09:04

One law for some, one law for others.

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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair due on trial in the Hague

20-05-2008 06:19

Examination of this picture shows Ali Abbas was subjected to radiated heat
David Halpin looks at the litany of crimes for which former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will have to account sooner or later.

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Captain Iraq versus George W. Bush (by Latuff)

20-05-2008 01:54

Captain Iraq vs George W. Bush
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Asylum Seekers’ Housing Scheme Threatened With Closure

20-05-2008 00:04

Hated for Being Successful
Asylum seekers’ housing scheme threatened with closure
Troubleshooting accountants who were brought in to save a West Midlands-based charity which houses asylum seekers are in dispute with the Home Office over whether or not they are to close down the scheme. Trade union, Unison says the row threatens the jobs of the 135 staff who run Astonbrook Housing Association.

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Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Sean Kirtley (New site and MySpace)

19-05-2008 23:28

Our friend and fellow Sequani activist Sean Kirtley was remanded and awaits sentencing in relation to the 18 week Sequani trial and Operation Tornado.

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Call for actions! Don't let Israel celebrate 60 years of occupation

19-05-2008 22:34

Calling all individuals, clowns, groups, journalists, first aiders, legal support, cameras & filmmakers: come along and show your disgust at 'celebrating' a nation built on war, terror and ethnic cleansing. Let's see the thousands who supported the people of Tibet also show their solidarity with the people of Palestine. End all occupations!

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Unite hunger striker Gordon McNeill in bad shape

19-05-2008 22:25

Gordon McNeill is now on the fourth day of a hunger and thirst strike outside Transport House in Belfast.

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Barak Hints At Imminent Gaza Assault

19-05-2008 21:31

"The guideline of our policy has always been the idea that a permanent situation of no peace and a latent war is the best situation for us, and that it must be maintained at all costs. ... we are becoming stronger year by year in a situation of impending conflict where it is possible that actual fighting may break out from time to time. SUch wars will usually be short and the results guaranteed in advance, since the gap between us and the Arabs is increasing. In this way we shall move on from occupation to further occupation. ... this criminally mischievous policy has led us into the crisis we are living through today"
(Yeshayahu Leibowitz, 30 November 1973)

"We have not been seeking peace for twenty-five years -- all declarations to that effect have been no more than coloured statements or deliberate lies. There is of course no assurance that we could have made peace with the Arabs if we had wanted to. However, it has to be heavily emphasized that we have not only made no attempts to seek peace, but have deliberately and with premeditation, sabotaged every possibility of doing so."
(Yeshayahu Leibowitz, 30 November 1973)

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Free Kaff in Brighton

19-05-2008 21:10

Residents and supporters of 88 London Road, Brighton - the former Methodist church where a recent eviction attempt was successfully resisted - have been holding frequent free food stalls like this one on Sunday.

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Colombia parades FARC's top female "Karina" - Regional Temperature rising.

19-05-2008 21:01

Nelly Avila Moreno alias "Karina" [a.k.a. 'Janet Mosquera Renteria', 'Rocío Arias' aged 47, 1.60 metres tall and 85kg weight], has been one of the most wanted women on this planet this century. In a different sort of most wanted woman on the planet way to Kate Moss [a.ka. as Kate, aged 34, height 5'6" - 5'7", weight 105lbs]. And the difference is not merely one of metric versus imperial measurements. Whatever you can say about Kate you're not going to suggest she led brigade 47 of the FARC operating in western Colombia credited with narcotraffic operations in Samaná and Pensilvania reliant on plantations of 3,500 hectares. Coz you know you'd get a writ for libel for that. Nor was Kate ever worth 650 million US dollars in reward bounty.

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Antifa: shut down the the BNP festival

19-05-2008 20:23

August 16th 2008. Mass action to close down the RWB festival.

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BURMA: What are we waiting for?

19-05-2008 18:10

After cyclone Nargis hit Burma, thousands of Burmese are waiting for help amongst the dead. What is the international community doing about it?

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Manchester Free Software Talk: Richard Rothwell, M6-IT, 20th May 2008

19-05-2008 17:04

Manchester Free Software present a talk by Richard Rothwell from M6-IT Community Interest Company - "Software Freedom for the Education and Voluntary Sector" on Sustainable Education Solutions, at MDDA at 7pm on Tuesday 20th May 2008.