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Tony Martin is coming to the Oxford Union, Monday 20th October

17-10-2003 14:36

Tony Martin is coming to the Oxford Union this Monday 20th October, to speak at 8.30, and a protest is scheduled to commence at 7.30. The object of this protest will be an action to bring awareness to those attending the meeting and the public and media that may possibly be also present outside.

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Where's gone?

17-10-2003 14:17

Disappearing websites ...

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Update - Zahid Mubarek Public Inquiry

17-10-2003 11:53

The full Law Lords judgement and detailed background information on the case is posted on the TMG website at:

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Baku-Ceyhan pipeline: urgent action

17-10-2003 11:49


This is if you can bring yourself to do a little lobbying. I met my MP last week - a leftie Labour one - and she was very onside, offering to put down an EDM (for whatever that's worth, which is probably a little in terms of upping pressure on funders) in the Commons. Actually, I'd recommend it in this specific circumstance.
Anyway, this below from the Bretton Woods Project may also be of interest, if you have a minute or two. Feel free to radicalise or personalise the suggested text...

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Newcastle anti-McDonalds report

17-10-2003 10:53

A really quite inspiring anti-mcdonalds action took place on the main shopping street in Newcastle upon Tyneside, featuring a crowd of 50-plus people! Free organic potatoes and apple pie was given out, along with the usual banners, leaflets, and speech bubbles on the window ( 'yum yum, mcslurry' ). Such a big crowd gathered that the police decided to arrest one man for obstruction of the highway - and nick all the potatoes! Loads of support and conversations were had with interested joe public.

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London Anti-Mcd's Report

17-10-2003 08:51

Report from yesterday's action

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17-10-2003 04:47

A giant multitude have sieged the Presidential Palace throughout Thursday demanding Bolivia's President resignation as around a million people from all walks of life have joined on a national hunger strike until Sanchez de Lozada steps down.

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Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony

17-10-2003 04:07

The Last Essay.
I am honored to post with my name and hopefully what respect Real Democracy teaches by its practice in a civil society.

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The picture which shames US army

17-10-2003 01:50

A secretly taken picture of an American soldier frisking an Afghan child has shocked human rights campaigners across the world.

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pix from gm

17-10-2003 00:15


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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 10/17/03 ¡Listen Globally!

17-10-2003 00:09

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.1MB) and quick download (3.2MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, Germany, and Cuba.

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Cardifff Anti McDonalds Acition...

16-10-2003 23:05

Fat Ronald McDonald causes chaos in Cardiff fast food outlet...

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16-10-2003 22:27

In December, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will take place in Geneva. The call: "Wsis? We seize!" adresses artists, grassroots, media and community groups to create a platform for actions and debates. Preparations are well under way.

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Director of Center for Global Development links Bolivian uprising to IMF rage

16-10-2003 22:14

"We have to see what is happening in Bolivia as part of a larger set of problems in the Andean region and in overall Latin America," says Nancy Birdsall, director of the Washington-based Center for Global Development.

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Al Jazeera article on Thessaloniki Prisoners

16-10-2003 21:23

Al Jazeera article on Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki Hunger Strikers

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Liverpool Alert

16-10-2003 21:18

This sort of privatisation has real implications for campaigners. When the
streets are privatised we won't be able to hand out flyers if the management
don't want us there. If there were a shop selling sweatshop goods or
involved in environmental destruction, the simple act of trying to inform
the public would become an act of trespass.

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Stop Funding Terror

16-10-2003 20:32

What the fuck

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The Murder of David Kelly; Part One, an Analysis

16-10-2003 19:56

This first part lays out the case from the evidence presented in the Hutton inquiry why the death of Dr. David Kelly was not by suicide. Part two will show the reasons, in this writer's opinion, Dr. Kelly was killed.
(This article has been re-sent. Surprised that this IMPORTANT article was deleted from the news-list. ok it's not news, but can't we make exceptions for very important articles like this one?)

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We interrupt this docfest...

16-10-2003 19:24

We intrupt this docfest...
Sheffield Indymedia is screening 'We interrupt this Empire' on Saturday 18th October at 9pm.

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Anti-Bush in Huddersfield

16-10-2003 19:05

Its time to make History.

Want to get involved in a creative anti bush action?