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23-06-2004 21:11

Moses Room, House of Lords, Parliament, on Tues 6 July, 6.30pm. The meeting will be hosted by Lord Rea and is supported by Liberty and Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.

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Commuter Cyclists' Triumph

23-06-2004 20:08

Oxford Commuter Challenge 2004
The Oxford Commuter Challenge 2004 showed that for short city journeys using a car is by far the slowest way to get around – a real waste of time unless you’re carrying a heavy load. Cycling and walking are convenient, fun and healthy – and they’re actually quicker, too. At 8.15 am on 15 June, cyclists took 10 mins to cross the city, while doing the same journey by car took the same amount of time as walking. See report and photos, follow links below.

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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2004 Pictures

23-06-2004 19:29

A jaunt out to another 'Managed Access' at Stonehenge, at the permission [and conditions] of English Heritage.
I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it.

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Big Brother Says Hello: Post-modern Management

23-06-2004 18:25

"Once businesses simply expected their employees to be present. Today they demand complete openness. Management seeks to increase `total efficiency' by operational organization in the form of nets and virtual offices. Team, task force, incentive and fringe benefit are the new slogans.." Stephane Haefliger is a sociologist at the University of Lausanne.

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police do dawn raid to evict squatters

23-06-2004 16:47

at 6 this morning police turned out in force evict the squatted flats on kentish town high street

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Community Theatre: Burning Issues - The Miners 1984-2004

23-06-2004 16:24

Date: Monday 5th July
Address: The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham SW12 9HD
Doors: 7.30pm for 8pm
Tickets: ₤10/₤6 from Isobel 020 8675 4744 or mcmillan28 (at)

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Reclaim the streets-Hull

23-06-2004 15:07

Reclaim the streets-Hull
26th June@12
Meet up in Pearson Park

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Open Letter from Western Shoshone

23-06-2004 15:06

June 22, 2004 Message from Hugh Stevens, Chairman Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone. For
more information call Te-Moak Tribal Office at 775-738-9251.

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View New Jihadi video issued: Fallujah Volcano

23-06-2004 15:00

The newest grahic Al Qaeda video is a chilling reminder of dangers that the American military personnel and contractors face in Iraq on a daily basis.

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Cops Evict Kentish Town Squat

23-06-2004 14:33

At 6 this morning riot cops evicted the Kentish Town Squat which has been resisting eviction for 3 months

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Union to vote on link with Labour

23-06-2004 13:53

Union bosses claim elements in the government want to smash the FBU

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Israel is working in Kurdistan

23-06-2004 13:10

Current and former intelligence officials in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe confirm that "Israeli intelligence and military
operatives are now quietly at work in Kurdistan," in Iraq,

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23-06-2004 12:47

In a surprising move, last week the president of
Botswana personally visited New Xade, one of the
government sites where the 'Bushmen' were taken
after being expelled from their ancestral land.
Although it was only 3 weeks before the Bushmen
take his government to court for the right to
return to their land, President Festus Mogae was
accompanied by Sidney Pilane, the lawyer acting
for the government in the case.

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Embassy of Greece sending out infected e-mails

23-06-2004 11:22

The press office at the Embassy of Greece have been sending e-mails to members of the public who sent e-mails in protest over their countries treatment of Simon Chapman who was released earlier this year without charge.

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Wimbledon faces Burma Protests

23-06-2004 10:45

Clothes worn by elite international tennis superstars at Wimbledon are made in sweatshops under Burma's military dictatorship. Protesters will highlight this, and have launched a boycott of sportswear company Sergio Tacchini.

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Please help us

23-06-2004 09:43

Look beyond your minor problems and please help us

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Ambassador of Death, Right-Wing Death Squads, Drug Smuggling: George Bush's Plan

23-06-2004 01:36

Right wing death squads and a hub for drug smuggling is Bush's vision of democracy in Iraq all orchestrated by the ambassador of death, Negroponte. The old Iran Contra gang are all in place once again ready to flood the streets of America and Europe with cheap heroin from Afghanistan. The Bush administration's reluctance to hand Saddam over to the interim government of Iraq maybe based not on a fear of Saddam's military capabilities but on a fear of him telling what he knows about drug smuggling.

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noteworthy development scottish parliamentary political scene

23-06-2004 01:15

you heard him!
the following text is not advocating parliamentary politics.

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dissent! meeting in bradford July 3/4

22-06-2004 23:16

Early notice of Bradford meeting of the UK-wide anti-G8 network dissent!
More details to come in the following days.

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Chemical Makers Inform on One Another in Cartel Cases, WSJ Says

22-06-2004 21:54

(Bloomberg) -- Bayer AG, Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. are among companies targeted in price-fixing probes by European and U.S. investigators that were triggered by ``whistle- blowers,'' the Wall Street Journal reported, citing lawyers close to the investigations.
Investigators are now looking into alleged conspiracies to fix prices of several chemicals used in plastics, rubber and synthetic materials in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Japan, the paper said.