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Drought report from five continents

30-07-2002 18:28

Southern Europe, North America, India, Africa and Australia are hit with the worst droughts in recorded history...

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Appeal against internment 'suceeds'

30-07-2002 16:11

The nine men held under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act have sort-of won their appeal against detention

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noborderZONE in Kassel

30-07-2002 15:51

publix theatre caravan moves on to the dokumenta 11 in kassel

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30-07-2002 12:21

Protest at Dungavel Detention centre in Scotland.
Asylum seekers kept here

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Iraq, Iran and terrorism

30-07-2002 12:01

Today in Global Observer you can find articles about economic consequences and juridical aspects of a war against Iraq, about the opening of a second front in the war against terrorism and about US-Iran relations.

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Learning to love Big Brother

30-07-2002 11:46

George W. Bush channels George Orwell

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30-07-2002 11:23

The trial of four supporters of the Simon Jones Memorial campaign following a protest last December has been adjourned until September. The adjourment was sought by the Crown Prosecution Service to allow them to comply with
their statutory duty of disclosure.

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Turkish Film, Documentary, Poery night, Liverpool. TONIGHT

30-07-2002 11:18

Tonight - Tuesday 30th july 7.30 at Casa. A multi Media event about the struggle fro justice in Turkish Prisons. Poetry , music, Doumentary and multi media film

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30-07-2002 09:53

A traitorous evildoer sees the U.S. President as just another fraudulent, white-collar, preppy, Yankee Doodle Dimwit, yahoo, nouveau-riche classist, cocaine snorting idiot. Operation TIPS to the rescue.

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time to stop the war is now!

30-07-2002 09:45

former arms inspector warns us of a terrible catastrophe in iraq

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IS COLOMBIA THE NEXT VIETNAM? An essay by former Green Baret Stan Goff

30-07-2002 09:22

Imperialism is the enemy of us all, and the FARC is on the front lines against imperialism. It's very simple to an old soldier. Remember Vietnam!

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30-07-2002 09:11

The regeneration RIP OFF in Liverpool carries on unhindered. The Liverpool City Council, helped by the OLD BOY BRIGADE, all Freemasons of course, makes preposterous decisions. If their not putting our money into the pockets of property developers, they are putting it into the pockets of useless consultancy companies which are being run in many cases by ex council officers.

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Emisión por internet

30-07-2002 09:04

Radio Klara, emisora libre y libertaria que lleva emitiendo desde 1982 en la ciudad de Valencia.

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With the Zapatistas

30-07-2002 08:03

A Black Flag Public Meeting
With the Zapatistas:
An eyewitness who spent 6 months with the Zapatistas talks about his experiences.

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I lost a friend (by Latuff)

30-07-2002 06:33

I lost a friend (by Latuff)
Only yesterday I read about murder of Efraín Varela in Colombia. He was a friend.

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Popular Power Movement in Oaxaca Mexico Demands Justice

30-07-2002 05:53

Popular Power Movement in Oaxaca Mexico Demands Justice
Good story on Oaxacan popular power movement
just press link

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Bristol indymedia meeting

30-07-2002 01:18


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Protect Freedom--Propaganda T-shirts

30-07-2002 00:18

Protect Freedom--Propaganda T-shirts
These t-shirts are wake-up call propaganda pieces to be worn in all company...

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Italian Police officer admits he planted molotov cocktails at Genoa Social Forum

29-07-2002 23:47

"I have been the one who brought the two molotov bottles found at the Diaz School. I have obeyed to an order of one of my superiors." The shocking confession of A.B., 25 years old, a driver of the Polizia di Stato deployed in Genoa during the G8 meeting, has been recorded in great secret few days ago in the offices of Genoa's District Attorney.

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Anti-sweatshop clock's still ticking in Manchester

29-07-2002 23:20

If you live in Manchester, you may have noticed clocks on buildings counting down the days to the opening of the Commonwealth Games.

Now the Games have started, the clocks have ground to a halt, but the No Sweat clock is still ticking.