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How to set up a grey water recycling system using bath tubs and straw.

17-08-2007 23:16

How to set up a grey water recycling system using bath tubs and straw.

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SOCPA - assaults and arrests tonight at parliament square

17-08-2007 22:48

aqil shaer, a long-standing supporter of brian was viciously assaulted and arrested by the known thuggish parliamentary policeman nicknamed 'fatgut'. another unknown man was arrested by police after assaulting brian's supporter 'barbara tucker'.

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Welsh Republican Army

17-08-2007 22:21

Prince Charles must move out of his Welsh palace by 11th December 2007 or face reasonable protests and action from republican supporting groups

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Witness/photographs/videos of FIT at camp needed

17-08-2007 21:48

During the last few days there has been lots of people who have witnessed and documented the actions of the FIT Teams and FIT Watch, mainly around the entrance to camp, whose evidence could help court cases.

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Northern Anarchist Network

17-08-2007 21:22

Northern Anarchist Network Conference

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Defusing The Methane Timebomb

17-08-2007 21:22

Methane may one day lead this planet to catastrophe, but it could also be a way of giving us a bit more time to prevent catastrophe. This article will tell you (almost) everything you need to know about methane, and how it can be controlled.

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countering rubbish about the camp!

17-08-2007 19:03

20 inspired climate activists, inspired by the initiative of the Scottish Barrio, surreptitiously made their way out the camp main gate this morning, towing wheeling bins and wielding loads of recycling bags...

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Police on PeeWatch at Climate Camp

17-08-2007 18:15

A first timer at Climate Camp discovers that eco loos aren't safe from the zoom lens of an overbearing and intimidating police operation

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This Week In Palestine – Week 33 2007

17-08-2007 17:55

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 11th through August 17th, 2007.

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Talk in the Main Marquee thursday night.

17-08-2007 17:23

Talk with George Monbiot, Richard Hawkins, Sophie and Ollie in the Main Marqueee
Talk on "Ways to two Degrees"

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Leaving on a Jet Plane video of a Plane Stupid performance

17-08-2007 16:43

This is a song sung to the arriving mainstream journos and climate campers. Complete with drunk pilot the performers are rocking it out here in a retro jet style.

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Polar Bear on the Climate Camp site

17-08-2007 16:37

It's a polar bear on the climate camp. Check out the short video.

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Funny video of mainstream media at the Climate Camp

17-08-2007 16:31

This video shows a video activist talking to the mainstream media at the Climate Camp. But it looks like there's a bit of lost paperwork!

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Campaigners Occupy XL Airways Offices in Crawley

17-08-2007 15:49

16:30 Friday 17th August 2007

Ten campaigners have just occupied the offices of XL Airways, a private charter company based in Crawley. One person is locked on inside the building and others are inside leafleting workers.

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Pics of Biggin Hill blockade

17-08-2007 14:57

Pics from the blockade of Biggin Hill airport - thursday 16th august 2007

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SOCPA - pics of this morning's parliament square raid

17-08-2007 14:54

fenced in
when brown seized power he promised a lifting of socpa conditions on the right to protest near parliament. today, in preparation for the visit of nelson mandela, his henchmen helped ken livingston's henchmen to crack down even more on brian haw's protest, forcing their support tents into an impossibly small area in another expensive police operation.

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WMD in Aldermaston, not Iraq: Protest at East London Court

17-08-2007 14:45

Peace campaigners demonstrated outside Stratford Magistrates’ Court in east London on Thursday 16th August as a local activist surrendered to a no bail arrest warrant received two weeks previously.

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Local Scouts visit Climate Camp + other photos

17-08-2007 14:38

scouts learn about renewable pedal power
Today, Friday 17th August, several local groups toured the climate camp, along with several local residents who moved onto the site to camp.

One group was a local scout group with some of them doing their environment badge. They came for a tour around the infrastructure including the solar showers, compost toilets, solar panels, wind generators and power providers, the indymedia computer tent and rinky dink the pedal powered bicycle sound system. Living locally their homes are under threat from the Heathrow airport expansion.

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DEADLINE screening at the Custrad Factory

17-08-2007 14:32

Sharing Films for free

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Climate Camp YouTube videos

17-08-2007 14:18

Easily viewable flash vdersion of climate camp video uploaded to Indymedia.